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No Apology
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Young Guns
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The Path to Prosperity
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The Audacity of Hope
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2012 Virginia Senate Debate

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  • Jamie Radtke (17)
  • Tim Kaine (25)
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    Virginia Senate debates:
  • Dec 7, 2011 debate hosted by the Richmond Times Dispatch and other state media outlets.
  • April 28, 2012 coverage of the Republican Senate Primary Debate hosted by Republican Party of Virginia,in Roanoke, coverage by WSET-TV Lynchburg
  • May 5, 2012; Republican Senate Primary Debate; at the Sheraton Roanoke Airport Hotel; moderated by Jay Warren of WSLS-10 and three panelists; coverage by WSLS-10 Roanaoke
  • May 11, 2012 GOP primary forum sponsored by the Republican Party of Virginia at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach; Moderator Nicole Riley, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business; coverage by Richmond Republican Examiner, Washington Post, Hampton Roads Daily Press, and The Virginian-Pilot.
  • May 25-26, 2012; final GOP primary debate in Falls Church; moderator Bob Holsworth, retired political science professor; covered by 4-NBC.
  • June 28, 2012, Washington Post coverage of Allen-Kaine debates
  • July 22, 2012, CNN State of the Union, moderated by Cindy Crowley
  • July 22, 2012, Roanoke Times coverage of Allen-Kaine debate at The Homestead resort in Hot Springs
  • Sept. 20, 2012, NY Times and NBC-12 coverage of televised Allen-Kaine debate
  • Oct. 9, 2012, Martinsville Bulletin coverage of Meet the Press Allen-Kaine debate, hosted by David Gregory at the Capital One Conference Center in McLean.
  • Oct. 18, 2012, WSLS-TV-10 coverage of final televised Virginia Senate debate in Blacksburg.

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    George Allen: Define that life begins at conception, but contraception ok.
    Tim Kaine: If life begins at conception, we must outlaw contraception.
Budget & Economy
    Tim Kaine: Tea Party's reckless economic policies create uncertainty.
    Jamie Radtke: Congress should have reformed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
    Jamie Radtke: Focus on cutting spending; Allen voted to spend trillions.
    Jamie Radtke: We need someone who is going to focus on cutting spending.
    George Allen: No future debt-limit increases until spending is restrained.
    George Allen: Stimulus spending failed to create promised jobs.
    Jamie Radtke: If we do not deal with spending, nothing else matters.
    Tim Kaine: I cut state spending $5B while investing in infrastructure.
Civil Rights
    George Allen: Gay judges ok; activist judges not ok.
    Bob Marshall: Blocked gay judge's nomination.
    Tim Kaine: No discrimination against nominating gay judges.
    Tim Kaine: GOP agenda on gay marriage is divisive social legislation.
    George Allen: Encourage corporations to repatriate their foreign earnings.
    George Allen: Focus on small business and job creation.
    Jamie Radtke: Would vote against No Child Left Behind as too expensive.
    George Allen: Lower student loan rates; freeze tuition rates.
    Jamie Radtke: Feds should not be in the student loan business.
    Tim Kaine: More student loan interest cuts; more tuition assistance.
Energy & Oil
    George Allen: If you use electricity, you should vote for me.
    Tim Kaine: Cut subsidies to big oil companies.
    George Allen: Energy independence instead of cap-and-trade.
    George Allen: Use the blessings of our plentiful American energy.
    George Allen: We are blessed to be #1 in energy resources: so use them.
    Tim Kaine: We are producing more energy than ever; find alternatives.
Foreign Policy
    George Allen: End foreign aid to Egypt until they join War on Terror.
Government Reform
    Jamie Radtke: Country's biggest problem is activist judges.
    George Allen: Sexual orientation not a factor in judges' qualifications.
    George Allen: Judges shouldn't invent law or impose their political views.
    Jamie Radtke: Line-item veto to get rid of earmark spending.
    Jamie Radtke: No more blank checks for Congress.
Gun Control
    George Allen: Instant criminal records check on all gun purchases.
    George Allen: Endorsed by NRA for record of defending Second Amendment.
    Jamie Radtke: Oppose the Clinton-Feinstein gun ban.
    Jamie Radtke: Second Amendment avoids infringement on civil liberties.
Health Care
    George Allen: ObamaCare hurts seniors by taking $700B from Medicare.
    Tim Kaine: Let Medicare negotiate rates for prescription drug prices.
    George Allen: I want to be the deciding vote to repeal ObamaCare.
    Tim Kaine: Inaction was not a solution for healthcare.
    Jamie Radtke: Repeal Obama's health care overhaul.
Homeland Security
    Tim Kaine: Budget cuts made us vulnerable to Libya embassy attack.
    Tim Kaine: Let Bush tax cuts expire instead of automatic defense cuts.
    Bob Marshall: Against "don't ask, don't tell" as Navy officer in 1990s.
    George Allen: Military readiness more important than congressional consent.
    George Allen: More concerned with army's readiness than war authorization.
    George Allen: Spending necessary to bolster the military, post-9-11.
    Tim Kaine: All-cuts approach leaves TRICARE & nat'l defense vulnerable.
    George Allen: 52,000 earmarks, but mostly for defense & security.
    Jamie Radtke: Creating Department of Homeland Defense was not necessary.
    Tim Kaine: Make it easier for foreign students to get green cards.
Principles & Values
    Tim Kaine: Smash-mouth partisanship is yesterday's politics.
    Tim Kaine: Served as a missionary in Honduras.
    Jamie Radtke: Career politicians are part of the problem.
Social Security
    George Allen: Raise retirement age, plus options for younger people.
    Tim Kaine: Fight against any privatization proposals.
    George Allen: Raise retirement age & end benefits to wealthy.
    Tim Kaine: Lift the payroll tax cap.
    George Allen: Raise retirement age; more retirement security options.
    Jamie Radtke: Raise retirement age; private retirement security options.
    Tim Kaine: No dangerous privatization schemes for Social Security.
Tax Reform
    George Allen: Letting Bush tax cuts expire is a tax hike.
    Tim Kaine: Keep Bush tax cuts except for the wealthy.
    George Allen: No tax increases; no defense cuts; no bargaining.
    Tim Kaine: Open to some minimum income tax level for everyone.
    George Allen: Freedom-to-choose flat tax: present tax code or flat rate.
    Tim Kaine: Balance taxes: let Bush tax cuts expire at the top end.
    Tim Kaine: No need for millionaire's tax: just let Bush cuts expire.
    George Allen: Keep taxes off Internet.
    George Allen: No online sales tax for out-of-state websites.
    Tim Kaine: Force online retailers to collect sales taxes.
War & Peace
    George Allen: Iran is a threat; prevent getting nuclear weapons.
    Bob Marshall: No US military in Libyan war without congressional consent.
    Jamie Radtke: No US military in Libyan war without congressional consent.
    Bob Marshall: Opposes sending troops overseas without declaration of war.
    Jamie Radtke: Opposes sending troops overseas without declaration of war.
    Tim Kaine: Supported Obama's stopping the Iraq War.

The above quotations are from 2012 Virginia Senate Debate.

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