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The Path to Prosperity
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2013 Massachusetts Special Senate Election Debates

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    from 2013 MA Senate Special Election Debates (number of quotes indicated):
  • Ed Markey (13) Democratic Challenger Massachusetts
  • Gabriel Gomez (23) Republican Challenger Massachusetts
  • Jack Robinson (1) Former Republican Special Election Challenger (2009) Massachusetts
  • Steve Lynch (6) Democrat (Senate run 2013) U.S. Rep Massachusetts-8
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Ed Markey: Endorsed by Planned Parenthood; supports abortion rights.
    Ed Markey: Litmus test for Supreme Court nominees on abortion.
    Gabriel Gomez: I'm personally prolife but I'm not changing any abortion law.
    Gabriel Gomez: 24-hour waiting period for a woman to get an abortion.
    Steve Lynch: Protect Roe v. Wade; it keeps abortion in clinical setting.
    Steve Lynch: Opposes abortion funding but funded Planned Parenthood.
Budget & Economy
    Ed Markey: Home mortgage deduction should not be on the table.
    Gabriel Gomez: Deficit reduction might even include home mortgage deduction.
    Ed Markey: Sequestration is another word for mindless cuts.
    Steve Lynch: Voted for sequestration because debt default was worse.
    Steve Lynch: Supported sequestration and opposed financial bailouts.
Civil Rights
    Gabriel Gomez: I support Paycheck Fairness Act's equal pay for women.
    Ed Markey: History of voting for women's rights.
    Gabriel Gomez: Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.
    Gabriel Gomez: Federal medical marijuana OK; leave the rest to states.
Energy & Oil
    Ed Markey: Simply unneeded to subsidize oil industry.
    Gabriel Gomez: Keystone XL project brings jobs.
    Gabriel Gomez: I'm a "green Republican"; others in GOP deny science.
    Steve Lynch: Help Massachusetts fishermen as working class.
Government Reform
    Ed Markey: Authored laws on Telecomm, insider trading, and Alzheimers.
    Gabriel Gomez: No anti-ad pledge; my only pledge is to Constitution.
Gun Control
    Ed Markey: Expand background checks; ban assault weapons; fight NRA.
    Gabriel Gomez: A lot of people in the GOP are wrong on gun control.
    Ed Markey: Fight the NRA for broader gun control measures.
    Gabriel Gomez: I oppose the NRA on expanded background checks.
    Gabriel Gomez: In favor of closing the gun-show loophole.
    Gabriel Gomez: Tie gun sales to mental health checks.
Health Care
    Gabriel Gomez: Repeal medical device tax in ObamaCare.
    Gabriel Gomez: ObamaCare hurts the middle class & small business.
    Gabriel Gomez: Universal affordable coverage, but repeal ObamaCare.
    Ed Markey: Supported ObamaCare but would repeal aspects of it.
    Steve Lynch: Opposed ObamaCare and would repeal aspects of it.
Homeland Security
    Ed Markey: Don't compromise innocent haystack looking for guilty needle.
    Gabriel Gomez: Only traitors reveal harmful surveillance information.
    Gabriel Gomez: Fight to preserve Western Massachusetts' military units.
    Gabriel Gomez: Make the Senate "Gang of Eight" a "Gang of Nine".
    Gabriel Gomez: Pathway to citizenship should include learning English.
    Ed Markey: $10 an hour minimum wage is just a first step.
Principles & Values
    Gabriel Gomez: FactCheck: Markey authored successful bills over 22 years.
    Jack Robinson: Ran as Republican in past; running as Independent in 2013.
Tax Reform
    Ed Markey: Higher-income people should pay their fair share of taxes.
    Gabriel Gomez: Let the people decide if rail needed to Western Mass.
War & Peace
    Gabriel Gomez: Align with right rebel group and impose no-fly zone in Syria.

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  • Ed Markey Democratic Challenger Massachusetts
  • Gabriel Gomez Republican Challenger Massachusetts
  • Jack Robinson Former Republican Special Election Challenger (2009) Massachusetts
  • Steve Lynch Democrat (Senate run 2013) U.S. Rep Massachusetts-8

The above quotations are from 2013 Massachusetts Special Senate Election Debates.

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