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Drew Ferguson: Constitutional amendment for term limits

A New Amendment for Our Constitution: I have signed the U.S. Term Limits pledge to vote for a term limits constitutional amendment.

America's confidence in the federal government has eroded to the point that it is nearly non-existent. Restoring the nation to a true citizen-legislature where members of all facets of our communities represent their neighbors for a short time then return home to live under the laws they wrote is absolutely necessary to moving our country forward.

Our founders never envisioned a permanent political class, but we have one and it insulates lawmakers from the consequences of their decisions in Washington. Voters don't believe that their representatives 'get it,' and I fear that the professional politicians have even forgotten what 'it' is.

Source: 2016 Georgia House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Jim Barksdale: Repeal Citizens United and ban Super PACs

On issue after issue, from the pharmaceutical giveaways, bailouts to bad actors on Wall Street, bad foreign trade deals that harm wages and job opportunities in Georgia and across America, to the Washington crowd's inability to pass comprehensive immigration reform, our elected leaders in Washington are doing the bidding of the special interests and their lobbyists rather than listening to people.

Campaign finance reform: Our broken campaign finance system rewards elected leaders to put the interests and campaign contributions of the special interests and their lobbyists ahead of the people and good governance. Jim supports repealing the disastrous Citizens United decision through a constitutional amendment that bans Super PACs and also takes large anonymous donations out of our electoral system. Jim believes it's time to elect new leaders that will hold Washington accountable and that is why he's running for U.S. Senate.

Source: 2016 Georgia Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Allen Buckley: Our country faces excessive debt, entitlements, & regulation

Buckley lost bids for the Senate in 2004 & 2008, and lieutenant governor in 2006. Buckley said this time around he thinks he can "possibly" win the election on a campaign of cutting the size of federal government and reining in programs. "My campaign will emphasize the real issues and provide solutions to the significant problems our country faces, including excessive debt, entitlements, regulation and foreign intervention," Buckley said. "I do not believe any opponent I will face shall do the same."
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution on 2016 Georgia Senate race Oct 7, 2015

Amanda Swafford: Photo ID for voting

Question topic: People should be able to vote without photo identification.

Swafford: Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Georgia Senate race Sep 30, 2014

David Perdue: Absolute power corrupts; support check and balance system

Question topic: What in the nature of mankind caused America's Founders to carefully define, separate, and limit powers within the Constitution?

Perdue: The Founders saw firsthand that danger of entrusting too much authority in any one individual. They recognized that absolute power corrupts. Therefore, they drafted a Constitution that delineated specific duties and powers between the three branches of government so that there was a check and balance system preventing one person or branch from amassing absolute power.

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Georgia Senate race Sep 30, 2014

David Perdue: Photo ID for voting

Question topic: People should be able to vote without photo identification.

Perdue: Strongly Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Georgia Senate race Sep 30, 2014

Rick Allen: Enact congressional term limits

Q: What in the nature of mankind caused America's Founders to carefully define, separate, and limit powers within the Constitution?

Allen: The Founders secured our rights by establishing three branches of government, as the government itself is an entity from which the citizens need protecting. In the vein of checking government power, I want to enact term limits on those serving so that we can stop sending politicians that think they are above the law to Congress and replace them with ordinary people who have served their communities and want to go to Washington to secure every citizen's natural rights and make a difference.

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Georgia Senate race Sep 30, 2014

Rick Allen: Require photo ID to vote

Q: The founders established pure democracy in the Constitution because they believed that it is the best form of government to ensure the safety and equitable treatment of all citizens?

Allen: Strongly Agree

Q: People should be able to vote without photo identification?

Allen: Disagree

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Georgia Senate race Sep 30, 2014

Andrew Hunt: Erase laws instead of creating new ones

Law Erasers: Move away from the law-making mindset: The more laws there are, the less Freedom people and companies have. About 50% of our elected officials are attorneys, while attorneys only make up less than 2% of the population. Deal and Carter are both attorneys, and the laws they help create mark their successes. I will reduce laws and regulations, increasing freedom and reducing the cost of simply living life and doing business.

I will establish an open and transparent government. This means keeping Georgians informed. I will let people know what bills are being written and who is writing them. If any changes are being made to the bills, who made them? Most importantly, if any individuals or businesses receive perks from a bill, I want people to know who they are and what the benefits constitute of. That way, voters can be more informed as to whom they'd like to reelect. I'm here to serve the people, not my party or special interest groups. I will say no to deception and corruption!

Source: 2014 Georgia gubernatorial campaign website, Aug 31, 2014

Andrew Hunt: Ensure easy access to voting, including electronic

We must ensure that there is easy access to voting, but that there is no improper voting or tabulation. Our current voting machines are aging and do not offer a hard copy record to audit. There are optional modern 'electronic' ways of voting but a person then would be tied to their vote so that voting could be verified (the personal voting record would remain confidential and be deleted once there is no dispute about winner from the candidates). Traditional voting with no name tied to a ballot of course should always be available, but we need to have a better system with audit capability of these. People must know it is a fair system and yields accurate results so they know that their vote matters. Additionally, there should be easier ballot access for all parties wanting to run for office.
Source: 2014 Georgia gubernatorial campaign website, Aug 31, 2014

Michelle Nunn: Amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision

By instilling common-sense, good government reforms, we can stop the revolving door between Congress and lobbyists, and blunt the power of deep-pocketed special interests:
  1. Lifetime Ban On Members of Congress Becoming Lobbyists: I pledge to never become a lobbyist whether or not my proposal becomes law.
  2. No Budget, No Pay: If Congress can't do its job and pass a budget, it shouldn't get paid. And neither should the President.
  3. Get A Price Tag For Every Bill: Congress shouldn't introduce bills without knowing how much they'll cost taxpayers.
  4. End Secret, Unlimited Special Interest Spending In Elections: I would support an amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's decision that allows a few special interest billionaires to secretly spend millions to sway an election.
  5. Pledge To Meet With Every Senator In First Year and Bring Legislators Together: In the Senate, I will work to bring both sides together by meeting one-on-one with every Senator.
    Source: 2014 Georgia Senate campaign website, Jul 2, 2014

    Paul Broun: Photo ID for voting

    Question topic: People should be able to vote without photo identification.

    Broun: Strongly Disagree

    Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 Georgia Senate race Jul 2, 2014

    Michelle Nunn: AdWatch: Michelle helps organizations make changes

    Georgia Senate candidate Michelle Nunn (D) is facing her first attack ad, a sign Republicans are increasingly nervous she has a real chance to win her race. The Ending Spending Action Fund, a GOP-affiliated super-PAC, is launching an ad attacking her for her support of ObamaCare and accusing her of supporting higher taxes, calling her "the last thing Georgia taxpayers need."

    Nunn's campaign fired back. "These ads are exactly the type of dishonest attacks Georgians have come to expect from our broken political system," said a Nunn spokesman. "There's no better contrast to these attacks from deep-pocketed special interests than Michelle's own story of working with businesses, charities and religious organizations to make change."

    The ad has a small $150,000 buy behind it, according to a source tracking the buy.

    Source: AdWatch by The Hill weblog on 2014 Georgia Senate race Apr 1, 2014

    Derrick Grayson: Keep Georgians engaged; keep government transparent

    On the issues, Grayson maintains a common-sense approach to applying classic constitutionalism to the legislative process. An important component of his Senatorial style would include keeping Georgians engaged, he says. "When legislation comes across the floor, if I've got to pay somebody out of my own pocket, we will go through that legislation and we will disseminate what's in it to the American people," he states. "Because when you tell people what's really going on in D.C., they tend to do things a little bit differently."

    "That transparency that Obama was talking about?" Grayson adds. "We didn't get that." Cutting spending, preserving Second amendment rights, and encouraging devolution in the education system hover at the top of Grayson's policy to-do list, which focuses on restoring individual freedoms across the board. "I will not compromise on the liberties and freedoms of the American people. Period," he says. "That's not debatable. It's not optional. It's a job requirement."

    Source: on 2016 Georgia Senate race Mar 24, 2014

    Derrick Grayson: PACs have agendas; don't take their money

    A strong constitutional conservative with the ironclad principles to prove it, Grayson declines to take cash from organizations that would compel him to return the favor down the line. "[PACs] have agendas that they want to see pushed, and I don't want their money," he says. "You want to give, fine. But the only thing I owe you is 100% of the Constitution. That's all I'll owe anybody who donates to this campaign."
    Source: on 2016 Georgia Senate race Mar 24, 2014

    Michelle Nunn: If Congress doesn't pass a budget they don't get paid

    Q. One point of your "5 Ways to Fix Washington" is if Congress doesn't pass a budget they don't get paid, you realize Dems didn't pass a budget for four of the last five years in order to protect ObamaCare, right?

    A: There's blame on both asides of the equation for the failure of getting things done in Washington.

    Q. So are you equally happy to run against Democratic dysfunction as you are Republican dysfunction?

    A: I'm running against dysfunction in Washington and I'm running against the polarization and I'm running for a spirit of focus on common ground and problem solving, which I think would be helped by sending more people to Washington with those commitments also with a lens that's outside of Washington and brings a new perspective.

    Source: Time Magazine interview on 2014 Georgia Senate race Mar 6, 2014

    Michelle Nunn: Bar members of Congress from becoming lobbyists

    Q. One point one of your "5 Ways to Fix Washington" bars members from becoming lobbyists. You realize, that most former members who lobby aren't technically lobbyists, right?

    A: I'm not saying that I don't want people in Congress to not continue to influence things for the public good. I think what I'm pointing out is that we should not have congressmen and women use the privilege that they have through their service and apply it parochial or special interests.

    Source: Time Magazine interview on 2014 Georgia Senate race Mar 6, 2014

    Jason Carter: Verifiable paper trail important for credibility in voting

    Q: Do you support a voter verified paper audit trail in electronic voting?

    A: I would rather see a paper trail. I have personally monitored elections in other countries. One of the most important aspect and credibility of those elections is a verifiable paper trail that people can look at and see that their votes have been counted. In order to achieve it, we have to figure out how much it costs. We have to do all the things that are required to make a real policy out of it. As a concept, I wish we had a paper trail. I would certainly call for it. I think it's important for credibility of that system. People need to know that their votes are counted.

    Source: Atlanta Progressive News Q&A: 2014 Georgia Governor's race Feb 13, 2014

    Nathan Deal: Fulfill true purposes of government then get out of the way

    Last year, I told you that I had a goal: To fulfill the truest purposes of government--the ones for which Georgians need their government most--"and then get out of the way so that they can live their lives in freedom and as they see fit."

    So far, I believe we have done that well. We have made communities safer, improved educational opportunities, provided for infrastructure improvements, driven workforce development, generated a better business environment and created jobs.

    Source: 2013 State of the State address to Georgia Legislature Jan 17, 2013

    Doug Collins: Increased transparency about campaign contributions

    Q: Do you support the regulation of indirect campaign contributions from corporations and unions?

    A: I do believe there is room for reform and increased transparency inside the election process, especially on the national level.

    Source: Georgia Congressional Election 2012 Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2012

    Sonny Perdue: Make government more responsive, efficient, & value-driven

    We spent the first six years of my administration, before this recession even began, making government more responsive, more efficient, more value-driven. And then came the biggest state revenue drop since the Great Depression.

    It would be easy to sit back and point fingers at Washington. But we must reject the course forward that promises the next generation little more than an expensive bill--crushing entitlements and unfunded mandates.

    Source: Georgia 2010 State of the State Address Jan 13, 2010

    Vernon Jones: Increasing individuals donation limits for federal campaigns

    Source: Georgia Congressional Election 2008 Political Courage Test Jul 2, 2008

    Alan Keyes: Congress should have the last word, not the Supreme Court

    When they put the whole thing together for the federal court system, they gave jurisdiction to the Supreme Court of the US, and then they gave it appellate jurisdiction over all other cases arising under the Constitution, “with such exceptions and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.” When they tell you that the Supreme Court has the last word, they lie! The last word belongs to the representatives of the people, and it’s time for them to speak in defense of our right to honor God Almighty
    Source: Rally in Blairsville, Georgia Oct 21, 2003

    Alan Keyes: Obeying the dictate of federal judges means no Constitution

    If we must lock-step, knee-jerk obey the dictate of judges on the federal bench when their orders have no basis in law or the Constitution, then we have no laws and we have no Constitution! We have only tyranny and oppression! We reached this point on an issue that is not the least important issue that a free people can face. Indeed, if we look at the example of the folks who wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we would be justified in asserting that it may be the most important right of all.
    Source: Rally in Blairsville, Georgia Oct 21, 2003

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