State of Oklahoma Archives: on Social Security

Mike Workman: Don't transition pensions into privately managed accounts

Q: Should pension plans for federal, state, and local government workers be transitioned into privately managed accounts?

Mike Workman: No

Q: Should physically and mentally capable adults on welfare be required to work?

Mike Workman: Yes

Source: voter guide on 2016 Oklahoma Senate race Aug 31, 2016

Mary Fallin: 401k-style plan for OK Public Employees Retirement System

I am proposing a number of reforms for state employees:
  1. We should begin offering targeted salary increases to some state employees paid below market value.
  2. We should reform our current pay system to one that rewards performance over time-served Doing so will encourage better productivity and services.
  3. And finally, new hires within the Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System should be moved from an outdated, mid-20th century pension system and to the more portable and flexible 401k-style benefits used in the private sector. Businesses made this change a long time ago, recognizing that the old pension model didn't appeal to a today's more mobile workforce. It's time for state government to stop playing catch-up. Moving to a defined contribution model helps us to modernize; allows flexibility for future public employees to take the money they have accrued with them if they change careers; and stabilizes the system for current public employees and retirees.
    Source: 2014 State of the State address to Oklahoma legislature Feb 3, 2014

    Matt Silverstein: Medicare & Social Security are sacred promises to seniors

    We must protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security. These are sacred promises to our seniors who worked hard their entire lives. Partisan gridlock and career politicians are threatening to jeopardize these programs for our children and grandchildren. Matt's practical approach to investing wisely when we can afford it and cutting wasteful spending and attacking waste, fraud, and abuse is an important first step in keeping these programs solvent.

    Instead of protecting and preserving these vital programs, Jim Inhofe plans to end Medicare as we know it: thousands of Oklahoma's current seniors would see their out of pocket costs increased by nearly $6,000 per year and forced back into the prescription drug "donut hole." Jim Inhofe believes that in order to avoid cutting benefits in the future, we must cut benefits now. We must balance the budget and get our fiscal house in order but Matt will not support policies that require senior's to foot the bill.

    Source: 2014 Senate campaign website,, "Issues" Nov 11, 2013

    Joe Dorman: NO on public employee choice of contributions vs. benefits

    Dorman voted NAY on HB 2077, Establishes a Defined Contribution Plan for New Public Employees , Concurrence Vote Passed House (72-20):
    Source: Vote Smart's Synopsis of Oklahoma 2013-2014 voting records May 7, 2013

    Jim Bridenstine: Give younger people option of personal retirement accounts

    Q: Do you support allowing individuals to divert a portion of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts?

    A: Yes. The Social Security system is on an unsustainable financial trajectory. Funds people have paid into the Social Security "trust fund" have be raided to support government spending and replaced by IOUs. For people 55 and older the current social security system should be preserved and deliver the benefits people were promised and planned to receive. However, younger people should have the option of opting out of the social security system and assuming the risk of diverting social security taxes (up to 100%) into personal retirement accounts.

    Source: Oklahoma Congressional 2012 Political Courage Test Oct 30, 2012

    Andrew Rice: I support Social Security Notch reform

    Q: The Senior Citizens League members are to a large extent Notch babies--those individuals who receive lower Social Security benefits because they were born in the years 1917 and immediately thereafter. Do you support Notch Reform?

    A: This arbitrary formula has deprived seniors born during this period of the full earned benefit. I support Social Security Notch reform.

    Source: Senior Citizens League Guide to 2008 Oklahoma Senate Debate Oct 10, 2008

    Andrew Rice: I support CPI-E for COLA Fairness

    Q: We strongly believe that the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) that seniors are currently receiving does not accurately reflect how they must spend their money. Do you support COLA Fairness, based on the consumer price index (CPI) for seniors?

    A: Yes, I support CPI-E.

    Source: Senior Citizens League Guide to 2008 Oklahoma Senate Debate Oct 10, 2008

    Andrew Rice: I do not support privatization in any form

    Q: Do you support Social Security Reform or Privatization?

    A: I support a bipartisan, responsible and comprehensive adjustment to Social Security to ensure its long-term stability, but will not support privatization in any form.

    Source: Senior Citizens League Guide to 2008 Oklahoma Senate Debate Oct 10, 2008

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