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Stop cramming animal rights agenda onto Alaskan dog racing

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) seems to be pursuing an increasingly fringe agenda to cram its animal rights agenda down throats of every American.This time, PETA complains that Iditarod volunteers and a Fairbanks musher should face criminal charges because her dog died while awaiting transport. The musher's dog was "dropped" at the Unalakleet checkpoint and the musher continued on to Nome. A storm hit Unalakleet; Iditarod volunteers then placed her dog, as well as a number of others that had been dropped, in an area protected from wind. Transportation for the dogs was delayed by the storm, several were buried by the snowfall, and the musher's dog died. There's absolutely no evidence of criminal intent.

But here's the kicker: PETA hypocritically slaughtered 90% of the cats and dogs brought to one of its "rescue" facilities last year. PETA's hypocrisy reflects how morally bankrupt the group really is. Alaskans should reject its meddling in the Last Frontier.

Source: 2014 Senate campaign website joemmiller.us "Message to PETA" , Mar 22, 2013

Alaska has resource wealth; develop it & wean off of feds

Miller has said that the country cannot sustain deficit spending and that Alaska must wean itself off federal dollars because money is rapidly drying up. Miller said that "things have got to change. The deficit has reached a point where we're on the verg of hitting the same catastrophe that Greece had, that right now Great Britain is experiencing."

He added it was an idea recognized by former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens earlier this year. Alaska is sitting on a wealth of natural resources, Miller said, and promised to fight for development just as Stevens, who served in the U.S. Senate representing Alaska for 40 years, fought to bring home federal dollars.

McAdams questioned Miller's ability to follow through on his claims, saying, "I think he'll find more opponents in the Senate than he'll find allies." Murkowski called Miller's plans simplistic. She said she was not sure how Miller could force areas to be opened for resource extraction, given that the federal government owns two-thirds of Alaska.

Source: Anchorage Daily News coverage of 2010 Alaska Senate debate , Oct 26, 2010

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