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Virginia Senate debate on Meet the Press, moderated by Tim Russert, Sept. 17, 2006

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Civil Rights
   George Allen: Using "macaca" was a mistake, but not intended as an insult.
   George Allen: In 1984, opposed MLK holiday; in 1993, honored Confederacy.
   George Allen: Kept Confederate imagery in Governor's office; for heritage.
   James Webb: Affirmative action should apply to African-Americans only.
Homeland Security
   George Allen: Continue terrorist interrogations but without torture.
   George Allen: Wrong to bar women from VMI; did it to be gentlemanly.
   James Webb: No draft; 5% tax break to recruit soldiers.
   James Webb: Continue terrorist interrogations within Geneva Accord rules.
   James Webb: Wrote "Women Can't Fight" in '79; now OK with military women.
   James Webb: Decisions about women in military should be made militarily.
Principles & Values
   James Webb: Endorsed Allen in 2000; turned away because of Iraq blunder.
War & Peace
   George Allen: No second guessing; stand by Iraq war vote despite no WMDs.
   George Allen: Vote for Iraq War to support Bush by showing unity & resolve.
   George Allen: Stay the course: no retreat; fight al Qaeda in Iraq.
   George Allen: More troops to Iraq.
   George Allen: We have created a freer and more just Iraq.
   George Allen: No second-guessing how Iraqi $300B could be better spent.
   George Allen: Keep US forces in Iraq in remote bases for force protection.
   James Webb: Terrorists are in Iraq because we invaded, not vice-versa.
   James Webb: We're burning out our troops in Iraq.
   James Webb: Saddam and al Qaeda were natural enemies.
   James Webb: Iran cooperated with US in Afghanistan, until "Axis of Evil".
   James Webb: $300B better spent on Iraqi containment.
   James Webb: Convene international conference to involve others in Iraq.
   James Webb: No Mideast peace as long as US forces are in Iraq.

The above quotations are from Virginia Senate debate on Meet the Press, moderated by Tim Russert, Sept. 17, 2006.

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