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Never disclosed DUI arrest out of concern for his daughters

Bush aides said he had not disclosed the [drunk driving] incident previously out of concern for his twin daughters. “He has always been very forthcoming in acknowledging that he drank too much in the past, before he quit drinking 14 years ago,” his communications director said. “He had made a decision as a father that he did not want to set that bad example for his daughters or for any other children,” she said

She was asked if she would have considered it acceptable for President Clinton to have denied involvement with Monica Lewinsky out concern for his daughter Chelsea. “The only time the governor was directly asked if he’d ever been arrested for drinking and driving and he replied, and I quote, ‘I do not have a perfect record,’ ” she replied.

She added, “He has been very forthcoming with the American people that he made mistakes as a youth.” When asked if 30, Bush’s age at the time, qualifies as youthful, she said, “It was before he was married. It was before he had children.”

Source: Mike Allen and Dan Balz, Washington Post, p. A1 Nov 4, 2000

Information about Bush DUI was put out by partisan Democrat

I understand through you’re reporting that a Democrat official has, in Maine, put this information out. I believe most Americans are going to come to the conclusion that this is dirty politics, last-minute politics. I don’t know whether my opponent’s campaign is involved, but I do know the person who’s admitted doing this at the last minute is a Democrat in Maine -- a partisan in Maine.
Source: Speech in Pittsburgh Nov 4, 2000

A leader learns from his mistakes and shares wisdom

It’s become clear to America over the course of this campaign that I’ve made mistakes in my life, but I’m proud to tell you I’ve learned from my mistakes. And that’s the role of a leader -- to share wisdom, to share experience with people who are looking for someone to lead.
Source: Speech in Michigan Nov 4, 2000

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