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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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2007 Democratic primary debate at Drexel University in Philadelphia, sponsored by MSNBC, moderated by Tim Russert

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
Civil Rights
    Barack Obama: The politics of fear undermines basic civil liberties.
    Mike Gravel: Hold accountable war-profiteers like NBC and GE.
    John Edwards: Oppose decriminalizing marijuana; it sends wrong signal.
    Bill Richardson: Commit to extending school day and/or the school year.
    Chris Dodd: Named “Senator of the Decade” by the Head Start Association.
    Dennis Kucinich: Cut the Pentagon budget 15% for tuition-free college.
    Joe Biden: For longer school day & school year, & 16-year minimum.
    John Edwards: Should have universal pre-Kindergarten for all 4-year-olds.
Energy & Oil
    Barack Obama: Fuel efficiency and Middle East stability help on fuel costs.
    Bill Richardson: Need an energy revolution in the US.
    Chris Dodd: Propose a gasoline rebate and move to energy independence.
    Hillary Clinton: Investigate & move toward energy efficiency and conservation.
    Joe Biden: Provide for emergency fuel assistance immediately.
    John Edwards: Investigate the oil companies and ask for conservation.
Families & Children
    Hillary Clinton: A family is a child’s first school.
Foreign Policy
    Chris Dodd: Pakistan is a more immediate problem than Iran.
Free Trade
    Hillary Clinton: FactCheck: for NAFTA while First Lady; now against CAFTA.
    Joe Biden: Shut down any imports of toys from China.
Government Reform
    Chris Dodd: Reform the current system that locks up two million in jail.
Health Care
    Barack Obama: Tackle insurance companies on reimbursement system.
    Barack Obama: Help young people deal with the cost of medical education.
    Bill Richardson: Give students incentives to become health professionals.
    Chris Dodd: Address medical malpractice with universality.
    Dennis Kucinich: Insurance companies make money by NOT providing health care.
    Hillary Clinton: Insurance companies cannot deny people coverage.
    Hillary Clinton: Restore National Institutes of Health funding.
    Joe Biden: Help medical students find ways to finance their tuition.
    John Edwards: Provide incentives for students to go to nursing school.
Homeland Security
    Hillary Clinton: FactCheck: Yes, in 2006 condoned exceptions on torture.
    Joe Biden: Talks about nations acquiring uranium are more complicated.
    Barack Obama: Illegal immigrants’ lack of ID is a public safety concern.
    Chris Dodd: Driver’s licenses ought not be given to illegal immigrants.
    Hillary Clinton: Immigrant license issue needs federal action on reform.
    Hillary Clinton: FactCheck: Denied saying licensing illegals “made sense”.
Principles & Values
    Barack Obama: Don’t know if life beyond earth; focus on life here on earth.
    Dennis Kucinich: This debate is total flop for ignoring practical aspirations.
    Dennis Kucinich: Sighted a UFO in Washington State.
    Joe Biden: Giuliani is truly not qualified to be president.
    John Edwards: The government should help those hit by natural disasters.
    Mike Gravel: Protests being cut out of debate as free speech issue.
Social Security
    Barack Obama: The wealthy should pay a bit more on the payroll tax.
    Hillary Clinton: Have a bipartisan commission on Social Security and its tax.
Tax Reform
    Barack Obama: Restore progressive tax; close loopholes; relief to seniors.
    Hillary Clinton: Freeze estate tax at 2009 level of $7 million per couple.
    Barack Obama: Increase funding for math and science research & education.
    Barack Obama: Airlines got into trouble after deregulation.
    John Edwards: Use technology to protect children on Internet.
War & Peace
    Barack Obama: Committed to Iran not having nuclear weapons.
    Barack Obama: Iran military resolution sends the region a wrong signal.
    Barack Obama: Clinton has not been consistent on the Iraq War.
    Bill Richardson: Pledge that Iran will not develop a nuclear bomb.
    Bill Richardson: Negotiate with Iran without any conditions.
    Chris Dodd: A military action resolution on Iran is dangerous.
    Dennis Kucinich: There’s no basis for an Iran military resolution.
    Dennis Kucinich: Impeach Bush for violating international law on preemption.
    Dennis Kucinich: The war against Iraq was about oil.
    Dennis Kucinich: Urge Iran to let go nuclear and abolish nuclear in the US.
    Hillary Clinton: Pledge that Iran will not develop a nuclear bomb.
    Hillary Clinton: Rushing to war with Iran vs. doing nothing is a false choice.
    Hillary Clinton: Absolutely oppose the war in Iraq.
    Hillary Clinton: Bring out as many combat troops as quickly as possible.
    Joe Biden: A military action resolution on Iran is a bad policy.
    John Edwards: Iran military resolution enables Bush to invade Iran.
    John Edwards: Keep Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.
    John Edwards: All combat troops out of Iraq in the first year in office.

The above quotations are from 2007 Democratic primary debate at Drexel University in Philadelphia, sponsored by MSNBC, moderated by Tim Russert.

All material copyright 1999-2022
by Jesse Gordon and OnTheIssues.org
Reprinting by permission only.

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