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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Survey of 2010 Senate campaign websites

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    from Survey of 2010 Senate campaign websites (number of quotes indicated):
  • Alan Khazei (23) Democratic Challenger Massachusetts
  • Alexander Snitker (7) Florida Libertarian Lt. Governor Challenger
  • Alexi Giannoulias (23) 2010 Democratic Senate Challenger; currently State Treasurer Illinois
  • Alvin Greene (5) 2010 Democratic Challenger South Carolina
  • Andrew Romanoff (5) 2010 Democratic Challenger (lost primary) Colorado
  • Bernard DeCastro (14) 2010 Constitution Party Challenger Florida
  • Bob Smith (7) 2010 Challenger; lost FL GOP primary; previous NH Senator Florida
  • Cal Cunningham (5) 2010 Democratic challenger; previously State Senator North Carolina
  • Cam Cavasso (5) Republican Challenger Hawaii
  • Carly Fiorina (7) California SBA Director
  • Charles Melancon (1) 2010 Democratic Senate Challenger; currently US Rep. Louisiana
  • Charlie Crist (5) Florida Democratic Governor Challenger
  • Chris Coons (9) Democratic Jr Senator Delaware
  • Christine O`Donnell (3) Republican Senate Challenger Delaware
  • Curtis Coleman (4) Republican Senate challenger Arkansas
  • Dino Rossi (6) Republican Challenger (2010) Washington
  • Elaine Marshall (13) 2010 Democratic Challenger North Carolina
  • Eric Deaton (5) 2010 Constitution Party challenger Ohio
  • Eric Wargotz (10) Former Republican Primary Challenger (2012) Maryland
  • Jack Conway (9) Kentucky Democratic 2015 Gubernatorial candidate
  • Jack Orchulli (3) Republican challenger Connecticut
  • Jane Norton (9) Republican Senate Challenger (2010); previously Lt. Gov. Colorado
  • Jay Townsend (8) Republican Challenger (2010) New York
  • Jennifer Brunner (16) 2010 Dem. Senate Challenger; currently Secretary of State Ohio
  • Jim Bender (19) 2010 Republican Senate Challenger New Hampshire
  • Jim Huffman (9) 2010 Republican Challenger Oregon
  • Joe DioGuardi (12) 2010 Republican Challenger New York
  • Joe L. Kennedy (14) Libertarian Senate challenger Massachusetts
  • Joe Manchin III (1) West Virginia Former Democratic Governor (Until 2010)
  • Joe Miller (6) Challenger and previous Republican Nominee Alaska
  • Joe Sestak (11) Democratic Senate Challenger Pennsylvania
  • John Hoeven (1) North Dakota Former Republican Governor (2000-2010)
  • Kelly Ayotte (12) Republican Jr Senator New Hampshire
  • Ken Buck (8) Republican Challenger (withdrawn) Colorado
  • Kendrick Meek (8) 2010 Democratic Senate Challenger; currently US Rep. Florida
  • Kirsten Gillibrand (1) Democratic Jr Senator New York
  • Lee Fisher (20) 2010 Democratic Senate Challenger; currently Lt. Gov. Ohio
  • Len Britton (9) 2010 Republican Challenger Vermont
  • Linda McMahon (17) Connecticut Small Business Administration
  • Lisa Johnston (11) 2010 Democratic Challenger Kansas
  • Marco Rubio (12) FL Senator; Republican Presidential candidate
  • Mark Kirk (12) Republican Jr Senator Illinois
  • Mark Myles (10) 2010 Democratic Challenger Oklahoma
  • Martha Coakley (18) Massachusetts Democratic Challenger
  • Michael Bennet (8) Democratic Jr Senator Colorado
  • Michael Capuano (10) Former Democratic Primary Senate Challenger (2009) Massachusetts
  • Mike Lee (18) Republican Jr Senator Utah
  • Mike Thurmond (2) 2010 Democratic Challenger Georgia
  • Mullins McLeod (8) 2010 Democratic challenger South Carolina
  • Nancy Turbak Berry (3) Withdrew as 2010 Dem. challenger; currently State Senator South Dakota
  • New Testament (1)
  • Pat Toomey (9) Republican Jr Senator Pennsylvania
  • Peter Konetchy (9) Republican Challenger Michigan
  • Rand Paul (13) Republican 2016 Primary Challenger
  • Richard Blumenthal (19) Democratic Sr Senator Connecticut
  • Rob Portman (7) Republican 2016 Primary Challenger
  • Rob Simmons (6) 2010 Senate Challenger (lost GOP primary); formerly US Rep. Connecticut
  • Robin Carnahan (9) 2010 Democratic Senate Challenger; Secretary of State Missouri
  • Rodney Glassman (14) 2010 Democratic Challenger Arizona
  • Ron Johnson (9) Republican Sr Senator Wisconsin
  • Roxanne Conlin (16) 2010 Democratic Challenger Iowa
  • Roy Blunt (5) Republican Jr Senator Missouri
  • Rudy Garcia (2) 2010 Democratic challenger (lost primary); previously Mayor Arizona
  • Sam Granato (2) 2010 Democratic challenger Utah
  • Scott Brown (5) Previously MA Republican Jr Senator New Hampshire
  • Scott McAdams (7) 2010 Democratic Challenger Alaska
  • Sharron Angle (12) Republican Senate Challenger Nevada
  • Stephen Pagliuca (16) Former Democratic Primary Senate Challenger (2009) Massachusetts
  • Steve Pearce (4) New Mexico Republican candidate for New Mexico Governor
  • Tom Alciere (7) 2010 GOP challenger (lost primary); formerly State Rep New Hampshire
  • Tom Sullivan (6) 2010 Democrat Challenger Idaho
  • Tracy Potter (4) 2010 Democratic Challenger North Dakota
  • Trey Grayson (8) Republican 2010 Senate Challenger; Secretary of State Kentucky
  • William Barnes (4) 2010 Democratic Challenger Alabama
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Steve Pearce: 100% pro-life; stand up for life.
    Curtis Coleman: Supports umbilical stem cell research, but not embryonic.
    Jim Bender: Let states decide; no federal funding.
    Joe Miller: Unequivocally pro-life from moment of conception.
    Joe Miller: No destruction of living human embryos for medical research.
    Joe DioGuardi: All life is precious; abortion is an unfortunate symptom.
    Richard Blumenthal: Fight to protect a woman's right to choose.
    Bernard DeCastro: Man is made in image of God; so sanctity of all human life.
    Ken Buck: Oppose federal funding & protect the unborn.
    Elaine Marshall: Protect reproductive choice.
    Eric Wargotz: Respect God and preserve Life.
    Linda McMahon: Pro-choice but with limited federal funding.
    Roxanne Conlin: Support women's right to reproductive freedom.
    Mike Lee: Return to states the power to protect unborn human life.
    Rand Paul: Life begins at conception.
    Sharron Angle: All human life is precious.
    Ron Johnson: Pro-life & pro-family.
    Peter Konetchy: No moral right to kill unborn babies in the womb.
    Marco Rubio: No right to privacy, that resulted in the Roe v. Wade.
    Marco Rubio: Require ultrasounds before performing abortions.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Protect Roe v. Wade; fund prevention and contraception.
    Jane Norton: Pro-life and oppose all federal funding of abortion.
    Joe Sestak: Right to choose is part of securing future for women.
    Lee Fisher: Committed to upholding the rights guaranteed in Roe v. Wade.
    Pat Toomey: Pro-life; encourage adoption over abortion.
    Rob Portman: Ban Partial Birth Abortion & Overseas Abortion funding.
    Trey Grayson: Supports a Human Life Amendment.
    Jennifer Brunner: Support a woman's right to choose.
    Alan Khazei: Right to safe & legal abortion is indispensable.
    Alan Khazei: Champion stem cell research for its great promise.
    Martha Coakley: Steadfast champion of Roe v. Wade.
    Michael Capuano: Strongly supports a woman's right to choose.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Pro-choice including federal funding.
    Martha Coakley: Streamline approval process for stem cell research.
Budget & Economy
    Jack Orchulli: Enforce the constitutional spending CAP backed by facts.
    Len Britton: Eliminate earmarks and set balanced-budget targets.
    Jim Huffman: Flawed premise: government cannot be source of growth.
    Cam Cavasso: Transition to currency backed by intrinsic value.
    Eric Wargotz: For balanced budget amendment; against bailouts.
    Joe DioGuardi: 1992: Wrote a book warning of fiscal responsibility.
    Joe DioGuardi: Strong advocate of "Paygo".
    Roxanne Conlin: Hold Grassley accountable for Wall Street greed.
    Scott McAdams: Never print more money to fund big bank bailouts.
    Mike Lee: A balanced budget amendment is essential.
    Mike Lee: Constitutional amendment for balanced budget.
    Rand Paul: No federal bailouts of private industry.
    Ron Johnson: Washington went on $13T spending spree; now adding $3T more.
    Bob Smith: I oppose bailouts for private industry.
    Cal Cunningham: Recession resulted from risky investment behavior.
    Nancy Turbak Berry: People-friendly economic development.
    Eric Deaton: Supports Balanced Budget and a strong U.S. dollar.
    Tom Alciere: Adopt the gold standard, & metric system for monetary policy.
    Tom Alciere: Against all un-Constitutional federal spending.
    Tom Alciere: Against FDIC bank deposit insurance.
    Marco Rubio: Support balanced budget amendment and line-item veto.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Bush-Cheney policies bailed out banks & created crisis.
    Jack Conway: IRS bailouts reward banks for poor business practices.
    Jane Norton: Economic recovery depends on lower taxes & balanced budget.
    Jim Bender: $11.4 trillion debt is unsustainable and reckless.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Audit the FED, and perhaps end it for mishandling funds.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Answer to majority of problems is free-market economy.
    Joe Sestak: State revenue has declined due to lower employment.
    Kendrick Meek: $800B stimulus helps, while 95% get tax cuts.
    Lee Fisher: Reduce deficit with pay-as-you-go budget rules.
    Mark Kirk: Create bipartisan oversight panel for stimulus trillion.
    Rob Simmons: Oppose reckless spending & higher taxes of failed "stimulus".
    Robin Carnahan: Heart of our economy is Main Street--not Wall Street.
    Trey Grayson: Bush Administration not responsible for wasteful 'stimulus'.
    Jennifer Brunner: Oversight of stimulus funding & caps on credit card fees.
    Alan Khazei: End recession by creating jobs and consumer spending.
    Martha Coakley: Increase safe, affordable housing; end predatory lending.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Transparency & accountability in regulating financial system.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Create jobs via robust economic growth.
    Michael Bennet: Transparency on paying for tax cuts and spending programs.
Civil Rights
    Steve Pearce: Stand up for traditional marriage.
    Curtis Coleman: Marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
    Rodney Glassman: Protect against age, race, & gender discrimination.
    Rodney Glassman: Women veterans earn $10K less than male vets.
    Jim Bender: Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Lisa Johnston: Embracing diversity strengthens us as a nation.
    Richard Blumenthal: Support the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
    Bernard DeCastro: The Bible is clear: marriage is one man & one woman.
    New Testament: OpEd: Bible is clear: marriage is one man & one woman.
    Mark Myles: Government should never deny anyone their fundamental rights.
    Elaine Marshall: End Defense of Marriage Act and sexual discrimination.
    Elaine Marshall: Enacting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
    Lee Fisher: Same rights regardless of sexual orientation.
    Roxanne Conlin: 1970s: Discrimination on basis of pregnancy made illegal.
    Roxanne Conlin: Pass Paycheck Fairness Act to close gender pay gap.
    Roxanne Conlin: Supports marriage equality for same-sex couples.
    Scott McAdams: No outside interest should impedes who we love.
    Ron Johnson: Marriage is between one man and one woman.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Repeal DOMA; make all civil marriages equal.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Narrow the pay disparity for women.
    Jane Norton: Define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Let each religion determine rules of same sex marriage.
    Joe Sestak: Equal LGBT rights.
    Joe Sestak: Create new contract opportunities for MWOB small businesses.
    Lee Fisher: Equal Pay for Equal Work: fair pay for women.
    Pat Toomey: Protect the institution of marriage.
    Jennifer Brunner: Marriage equality for same sex and transgendered couples.
    Alan Khazei: Repeal DOMA; work for LGBT right to marry.
    Alan Khazei: $5M/year to support women- and minority-owned businesses.
    Martha Coakley: Repeal DOMA: full rights for same-sex couples.
    Martha Coakley: End discrimination on basis of race, gender, and disability.
    Michael Capuano: Funding to help women who are raped as a weapon of war.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Overturn DOMA, and support marriage equality.
    Len Britton: Obama stimulus wasn't designed for small business.
    Linda McMahon: Reduce the corporate tax rate.
    Rodney Glassman: Tax Wall Street bonuses like we tax regular income.
    Jack Conway: Shut down offshore tax shelters; stop shipping jobs overseas.
    Lisa Johnston: Ensure that U.S. corporations pay U.S. taxes.
    Ken Buck: It's bad when the government owns car companies.
    Sam Granato: Laws should support small business, not just look good.
    Tracy Potter: Voted for corporate income tax relief.
    Richard Blumenthal: End bonuses for companies that owe taxpayer bailout money.
    Bob Smith: Picking industry winners is unconstitutional & immoral.
    Rodney Glassman: It's wrong that half of corporations pay NO income taxes.
    Marco Rubio: Eliminate taxes on capital gains; lower corporate tax rates.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Rein in financial institutions & stimulate small businesses.
    Carly Fiorina: Focus on supporting small family-owned businesses.
    Jim Bender: Extensive experience building businesses in private sector.
    Kelly Ayotte: Understands the importance of small businesses.
    Kendrick Meek: Washington favored Wall Street over Main Street for too long.
    Pat Toomey: Cut tax on capital gains and cut corporate tax rate.
    Rob Simmons: Fight job-killing burden of high taxes and red-tape.
    Martha Coakley: Don't take business for granted; both small and large.
    Jack Conway: Created a Cybercrimes Unit, to crack down on child porn.
    Jim Bender: Some crimes deserve the death penalty.
    Joe Miller: Opposes federal hate crime legislation.
    Richard Blumenthal: Crack down on sexual predators; end domestic violence.
    Linda McMahon: Supports capital punishment.
    Alvin Greene: Make sure the punishment fits the crime.
    Charlie Crist: Stop Turning Out Prisoners: serve at least 85% of sentence.
    Kelly Ayotte: Tough-on-crime prosecutor.
    Kelly Ayotte: Prosecuted first N.H. capital murder cases in over 60 years.
    Lee Fisher: Created Ohio's first DNA database.
    Alan Khazei: Strongly opposes the death penalty as ineffective & wrong.
    Michael Capuano: Opposes the death penalty.
    Scott Brown: Leader in reforming the state's sex offender laws.
    Martha Coakley: Criminal defense lawyer before switching to prosecution.
    Martha Coakley: As Middlesex DA, passionate advocate for public safety.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Let states determine marijuana laws.
    Lee Fisher: Rid our streets of violence and illegal drugs.
    Lee Fisher: Created the award-winning Operation Crackdown program.
    Kelly Ayotte: Enforce our drug laws.
    Peter Konetchy: Teach students that our rights are God-given.
    Peter Konetchy: Replace federal intervention with local controls & vouchers.
    Jay Townsend: Force public schools to compete with private schools.
    Jim Bender: Increase school choice through vouchers and home-schooling.
    Christine O`Donnell: Pledge of Allegiance should include "Under God".
    Lisa Johnston: K-12 education must be a top priority.
    Richard Blumenthal: More resources for teaching as a profession.
    Bernard DeCastro: Put God and patriotism back in our public schools.
    Bernard DeCastro: Dismantle the NEA and give parents the right to choose.
    Alexander Snitker: Something similar to vouchers as an interim solution.
    Mark Myles: Our country was built on the notion of public education.
    Tom Sullivan: Smaller classrooms and increased funding.
    Tom Sullivan: I firmly believe in a separation between church and state.
    Cam Cavasso: Remove the monopoly of public education.
    Chris Coons: Every student deserves a quality public education.
    Elaine Marshall: Sound public education starts with fair teacher pay.
    Joe DioGuardi: Rethink our funding formulas for schools.
    Linda McMahon: Supports competition, charters, and teacher review.
    Roxanne Conlin: Invest in education: fund K-12 & retain teachers.
    Scott McAdams: One-size-fits-all policies have no place in rural schools.
    Alvin Greene: More Parental Involvement and Better Facilities.
    Mike Lee: No federal role in education.
    Rand Paul: Support homeschooling and parental responsibility.
    Sharron Angle: Decisions are best made by local teachers & parents.
    Ron Johnson: One-size-fits-all approach doesn't fit Wisconsin.
    Cal Cunningham: Every student is entitled to the resources they need.
    Mullins McLeod: Improve public education by cutting class size & reforms.
    Nancy Turbak Berry: Invest in early development; enhance public education.
    Andrew Romanoff: Public-private partnerships for education, R&D, and science.
    Andrew Romanoff: Our workforce & our democracy depend on free public schools.
    Rodney Glassman: Reward great teachers who will make a difference.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Invest in early childhood education.
    Charlie Crist: As Commissioner of Educ., implemented school accountability.
    Charlie Crist: Father served on the Pinellas County School Board.
    Joe L. Kennedy: The "No Child Left Behind" program should be left behind.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Eliminate the Federal Department of Education.
    Joe Sestak: Improve our nation's schools and make college accessible.
    Lee Fisher: Where you grow up should not determine where you end up.
    Mark Kirk: Improve public education with local Education Advisory Board.
    Jennifer Brunner: Mainstream public education for kids with disabilities.
    Alan Khazei: Make public education the civil rights issue of 21st century.
    Alan Khazei: Double the federal charter school investment.
    Martha Coakley: Supports well-funded public education system.
    Martha Coakley: Concerned about financial impact of charter schools.
    Alan Khazei: ServiceNation: volunteers for improving education& mentoring.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Healthy mix of private, charter, and public schools.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Reward performance and aptitude in teachers.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Universal pre-kindergarten, regardless of parents' income.
Energy & Oil
    Peter Konetchy: I believe in natural Climate Change, not caused by humans.
    Curtis Coleman: Use every American energy source to end external dependency.
    Curtis Coleman: Cap-and-trade is a massive tax on energy consumption.
    Len Britton: Wean off fossil fuels; start new nuclear plants.
    Linda McMahon: More nuclear power; more domestic oil.
    Jim Bender: Diversify: nuclear, wind, solar, geothermal, and clean coal.
    Joe Miller: Science supporting manmade climate change is inconclusive.
    Lisa Johnston: Encourage emerging green technology.
    Richard Blumenthal: America must win race for Green Energy.
    Bernard DeCastro: New sources of nuclear power, domestic gas and oil.
    Bernard DeCastro: Cap & Trade is a rip-off from the far left.
    Scott McAdams: Develop resources using highest environmental standards.
    Ken Buck: Continue our traditional sources of energy.
    Jay Townsend: Cap-and-trade bill makes a bad situation worse.
    Jim Huffman: Cap & Trade scheme would produce ruinous uncertainty.
    Mark Myles: Expand offshore drilling and natural gas in the short-term.
    Tom Sullivan: Develop biodiesel, wind, solar, nuclear and geothermal.
    Chris Coons: Buildup of carbon dioxide is unsustainable.
    Chris Coons: Oil drilling poses an environmental risk.
    Elaine Marshall: Reduce carbon emissions & invest in wind & solar.
    Eric Wargotz: Invest in wind, solar, clean coal, nuclear energy, oil & gas.
    Joe DioGuardi: Support alternatives such as wind, solar, & nuclear.
    Kelly Ayotte: Responsibly expand domestic gas and oil.
    Linda McMahon: Oppose cap-and-trade; support offshore drilling.
    Roxanne Conlin: Invest in homegrown alternatives to foreign oil.
    Roxanne Conlin: Focus on the sun, the wind, and biomass.
    William Barnes: Big Oil prevents development of alternative energy.
    Alvin Greene: Implement Alternative Forms of Energy.
    Dino Rossi: Polluters pay for environmental degradation.
    Mike Lee: Drill ANWR; lease shale oil lands; develop clean coal.
    Rand Paul: Energy crisis stems from too much government intervention.
    Sharron Angle: Build our vast domestic coal and natural gas resources.
    Sharron Angle: Ending offshore drilling due to BP is an over-reaction.
    Ron Johnson: Increase domestic oil, clean coal, natural gas, & nuclear.
    Bob Smith: Cap-and-trade has huge costs for utilities & taxpayers.
    Cal Cunningham: Incentivize clean energy technologies.
    Mullins McLeod: New Energy for SC: develop a green economy.
    Andrew Romanoff: National goal of zero net energy use at federal facilities.
    Rodney Glassman: Invest in clean renewable energy.
    Marco Rubio: Cap-and-trade scheme destroys jobs.
    Marco Rubio: Explore ANWR & outer continental shelf.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Put price on global warming pollution to spur investment.
    Carly Fiorina: Use every source, including nuclear and clean coal.
    Jane Norton: Oppose cap-and-trade; support all-of-the-above.
    Joe Sestak: Reduce greenhouse emissions & stop global warming.
    Lee Fisher: 25% advanced and alternative energy by 2025.
    Mark Kirk: Supports nuclear energy, Yucca Mountain, and new refineries.
    Pat Toomey: Drill ANWR; drill offshore; drill Marcellus Shale.
    Rob Portman: Expanding nuclear energy is a safe and practical.
    Rob Portman: Cap-and-trade energy tax will force plants to close.
    Robin Carnahan: Opportunity for clean, homegrown, affordable energy.
    Robin Carnahan: Free ourselves from unhealthy dependence on foreign oil.
    Roy Blunt: Cap-and-trade is a massive new tax, $1,761 annually each.
    Trey Grayson: No cap and trade; it kills manufacturing jobs.
    Jennifer Brunner: Commercialize clean energy for economic well-being.
    Jennifer Brunner: Find energy sources that are abundant and low cost.
    Alan Khazei: Invest in renewable energy like solar, wind, and biofuels.
    Alan Khazei: Implement cap-and-trade to reverse climate change.
    Jack Conway: Opposes cap-&-trade bill; it costs miners $1800 a year.
    Martha Coakley: National cap-and-trade market-based CO2 reduction.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Invest in clean, renewable energy.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Support Cape Wind as America's first offshore wind farm.
    Chris Coons: Protect the environment by becoming environmental stewards.
    Joe Manchin III: Post Mine Land Use bill: restoration plan after mining.
    Mike Lee: Utah suffers from federal control of 70% of Utah land.
    Jim Huffman: Feds own 50% of Oregon and they keep it locked up.
    Mark Myles: Companies like BP spoiling environment pay all cleanup costs.
    Richard Blumenthal: Fought unfair utility rates & environmental wrongdoing.
    Rodney Glassman: PhD in Arid Land Resource Sciences.
    Rodney Glassman: Require new commercial development to harvest rainwater.
    Kelly Ayotte: Served as student Editor of Environmental Law Journal.
    Mark Kirk: Upgrade river & rail systems to expand agricultural exports.
    Robin Carnahan: Provide stability and predictability to family farmers.
    Jennifer Brunner: Help renew Ohio's cities to reach their full potential.
    Martha Coakley: Clean up & redevelop contaminated brownfields.
Families & Children
    Cam Cavasso: Stand up for traditions upon which America was built.
    Sharron Angle: Worked on Constitutional Protection of Marriage Act.
    Rodney Glassman: Raised $1M for children's charitable foundation.
    Eric Deaton: Promote Family Values and Preserve the American Lifestyle.
    Tom Alciere: No gay adoption; you can't make a baby that way.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Strongly supports the Paid Parental Leave Act.
    Jim Bender: Nothing is more important than family.
    Lee Fisher: Wrote Ohio's Missing Children law & Clearinghouse.
    Martha Coakley: Victim-centered prosecution of crimes against children.
Foreign Policy
    Chris Coons: Strengthen international partnerships; responsibly exit Iraq.
    Bernard DeCastro: Non-interventionist foreign policy, plus Monroe Doctrine.
    Alexander Snitker: Bring all the troops home.
    Mike Lee: Shared interest in defending Israel's security.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Remain unwavering partner with Israel in shared struggle.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Reunify Cyprus; bring religious freedom to Istanbul.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Intervening in foreign affairs has damaged our reputation.
    Kendrick Meek: Democratic change in Cuba, but allow visits until then.
    Lee Fisher: Deploy all tools: diplomacy, strength, intel, & military.
    Jennifer Brunner: Sustainable Israel-Palestinian two-state solution.
Free Trade
    Jay Townsend: Capitalism and free market lift people out of poverty.
    Linda McMahon: Implement Colombia, Panama, and Korea Free Trade Agreements.
    Jim Huffman: Oregon should compete in thriving global economy.
    Richard Blumenthal: Protect "Made in the USA" and "Made in Connecticut".
    Marco Rubio: Continue reducing barriers to free and fair trade.
    Mark Myles: Restore jobs here instead of outsourcing them overseas.
    Chris Coons: Link fair trade with national security.
    Elaine Marshall: End trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA that send jobs overseas.
    Roxanne Conlin: Stop helping big corporations ship jobs overseas.
    Scott McAdams: Wrong-headed policies have shipped American jobs overseas.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Eliminate $200B in tax loopholes that ship jobs overseas.
    Lee Fisher: Make sure trade agreements export Ohio goods, not Ohio jobs.
    Mark Kirk: Develop ability to export goods to foreign markets.
    Jennifer Brunner: Flawed trade policies have distorted benefits.
    Jennifer Brunner: NAFTA and CAFTA have resulted in huge trade deficits.
Government Reform
    Steve Pearce: Member of WasteWatchers: tax-&-spend is not the answer.
    Len Britton: I intend to serve no more than two terms, not a lifetime.
    Carly Fiorina: Abolish earmarks; limit federal salaries.
    Jim Huffman: People lost confidence in Congress due to backroom deals.
    Lisa Johnston: Fight special interests by plain-language laws on Internet.
    Bernard DeCastro: Repeal 17th Amendment; empower state legislatures.
    Alexander Snitker: Reconsider 17th Amendment and direct election of Senators.
    Eric Wargotz: Fewer laws, greater liberty: support term limits.
    Kelly Ayotte: End earmarks; post donations online.
    Mike Lee: Reduce government bureaucracy to improve economy.
    Mike Lee: Limit congressional terms to 12 years.
    Rand Paul: Lobbyists' sole goal is to rip you off.
    Sharron Angle: Close loopholes in campaign finance system.
    Richard Blumenthal: I have never walked away from a fight against the public.
    Richard Blumenthal: I have never walked away from a fight against the public.
    Nancy Turbak Berry: Responsive, responsible government: people ahead of politics.
    Tom Alciere: Supports the Doctrine of Enumerated Powers.
    Tom Alciere: Shut down numerous cabinet departments.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Public election financing reduces special interest influence.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Wasteful programs go hand-in-hand with campaign contributors.
    Jane Norton: Opposes earmarking in $787 billion "stimulus" plan.
    Jane Norton: Only strict constructionists as federal judges.
    Jim Bender: We don't need more career politicians; impose term limits.
    Mark Kirk: End pay-to-play: no contributions from earmark recipients.
    Rob Simmons: Public trust means no public office for private gain.
    Alan Khazei: Organized successful "Save AmeriCorps" coalition.
    Michael Capuano: Authored bill establishing Office of Congressional Ethics.
Gun Control
    Rand Paul: 2nd amendment is only as good as the fourth amendment.
    Jim Bender: Right to bear arms is a basic Constitutional liberty.
    Christine O`Donnell: Strong support of 2nd Amendment rights.
    Joe DioGuardi: Second Amendment protects an individual right.
    Lisa Johnston: Guarantee both 1st and 2nd amendment rights.
    Bernard DeCastro: I believe in the Second Amendment.
    Charles Melancon: Hunting in Louisiana isn't just a sport--it's a way of life.
    Ken Buck: No federal database of gun owners.
    Alexander Snitker: Second Amendment is self-evident.
    Tom Sullivan: Supports right to own a gun.
    Eric Wargotz: Ardent supporter of second amendment; lifetime member of NRA.
    Kelly Ayotte: Passionate supporter of individual right to bear arms.
    Linda McMahon: Fully supports Second Amendment rights.
    Mike Lee: Individual right to bear arms.
    Rand Paul: Supports 2nd amendment; vote against restricting handguns.
    Sharron Angle: Individual constitutionally protected right to bear arms.
    Scott McAdams: Strongly supports Second Amendment.
    Ron Johnson: Protect the Constitution's 2nd Amendment.
    Peter Konetchy: Criminals prey on weak; they flee when we brandish a gun.
    Bob Smith: I fought the gun grabbers in Congress for 18 years.
    Marco Rubio: 2nd Amendment is a cornerstone of our democracy.
    Jane Norton: Strong supporter of the Second Amendment.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Rather than banning guns, encourage gun education.
    Pat Toomey: Proud supporter of the Second Amendment.
    Rob Portman: Avid outdoorsman and lifelong hunter.
    Trey Grayson: Strong supporter of the Second Amendment.
    Jennifer Brunner: Second Amendment rights except for criminals and juveniles.
    Alan Khazei: Ban assault weapons; strengthen background checks.
Health Care
    Jack Orchulli: No billions for public option; keep skin in the game.
    Peter Konetchy: The federal health care bill must be repealed!
    Len Britton: Start over with a free-market focus.
    Linda McMahon: Malpractice reform is the right approach.
    Linda McMahon: Obamacare is the wrong approach.
    Jack Conway: Repeal sweetheart deals due to pharma lobbying.
    Jim Bender: Repeal ObamaCare; it limits choices by consumers.
    Joe Miller: Repeal ObamaCare; it's unconstitutional and won't work.
    Lisa Johnston: Guaranteed high quality care for all health conditions.
    Richard Blumenthal: New health law is a start but does not do enough.
    Bernard DeCastro: No public option; no government control.
    Ken Buck: Government-run system infringes freedom & rations care.
    Sam Granato: Obamacare is a start, but we still have a long way to go.
    Jay Townsend: Schumer Plan skyrockets premiums; loses jobs; raises taxes.
    Jay Townsend: Free and unfettered competition over European model.
    Jim Huffman: No quasi-government takeover of the health care industry.
    Jim Huffman: Tort reform; cross-state competition; catastrophic coverage.
    Mark Myles: Provide free preventative care.
    Mark Myles: End discrimination based on pre-existing conditions.
    Tom Sullivan: Stop the worst abuses of the insurance industry.
    Cam Cavasso: Incentivize a healthier nation.
    Chris Coons: Longstanding need to fix health care system.
    Elaine Marshall: End lifetime caps & exorbitant co-pays.
    Eric Wargotz: Competition and flexibility will reduce cost.
    Joe DioGuardi: Reduce government involvement in healthcare.
    Kelly Ayotte: Reforms should lower costs and improve quality.
    Roxanne Conlin: Reward quality of care, not quantity.
    Roxanne Conlin: Moral imperative to prevent 45,000 deaths from lack of care.
    Dino Rossi: Replace Pelosi-Reid healthcare with cheaper choices.
    Mike Lee: Defund and repeal Obamacare.
    Rand Paul: Replace over-regulation with free market principles.
    Sharron Angle: Replace Obamacare mandates with tort reform & client pools.
    Ron Johnson: Repeal ObamaCare; use market-based solutions.
    Richard Blumenthal: Led the fight against tobacco companies' deceptive marketing.
    Cal Cunningham: Reform is essential to our competitiveness & to our families.
    Mullins McLeod: Drug re-importation will lower the cost of medicine.
    Andrew Romanoff: Guaranteed coverage via single-payer model.
    Rodney Glassman: Fix system so everyone who wants insurance can afford it.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Supports quality, affordable health care for all.
    Carly Fiorina: Start with medical malpractice reform & more competition.
    Jane Norton: Competition is key to lower costs and increased access.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Personal Medical Savings Accounts & free-market alternatives.
    Joe Sestak: Shift away from fee-for-service programs.
    Lee Fisher: Health care reform is both a moral and economic imperative.
    Lee Fisher: Lower cost; ensure choice; expand coverage; no taxes.
    Mark Kirk: Cut waste & fraud; don't raise taxes; don't cut Medicare.
    Michael Bennet: Committee membership: Health, Education, Labor & Pensions.
    Pat Toomey: Give choices and power to patients.
    Rob Portman: Small business owners are fearful of current health debate.
    Rob Simmons: No bureaucrats between patients and doctors.
    Robin Carnahan: Access to quality, affordable health care for all.
    Robin Carnahan: Stop denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.
    Roy Blunt: Interstate competition among insurers; no denial of coverage.
    Trey Grayson: No government-run insurance; no public option.
    Jennifer Brunner: Everyone needs access to health care, not just wealthy.
    Jack Conway: Require insurance companies to cover mammograms at age 40.
    Alan Khazei: Health care is both a moral issue and an economic issue.
    Martha Coakley: Expand coverage; improve quality; reduce costs.
    Michael Capuano: Strong supporter of a public health insurance option.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Every citizen should have access to quality health insurance.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Computerized records for healthcare payment system.
Homeland Security
    Len Britton: US has the greatest military in the world; give them more.
    Carly Fiorina: Keep Gitmo; don't try foreign terrorists in civilian court.
    Jay Townsend: Expand armed forces to ease burden in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Linda McMahon: Opposed to trying terrorists in civilian court.
    Rand Paul: Warrantless searches overstep Constitutional powers.
    Jim Bender: We must have strongest defensive capabilities in the world.
    Christine O`Donnell: Don't grant terrorists precious Constitutional rights.
    Joe DioGuardi: Focus on intelligence instead of war.
    Lisa Johnston: We should never hastily initiate military conflict.
    Richard Blumenthal: Military tribunals are appropriate for accused terrorists.
    Roxanne Conlin: Opposes 30,000 troop surge in Afghanistan.
    Bernard DeCastro: I believe in a strong military to keep US free.
    Tracy Potter: Bring troops home from 120 countries around the globe.
    Ken Buck: Fight for a strong national defense.
    Alexander Snitker: Non-interventionism in military and in foreign aid.
    Jay Townsend: Replace military retreat with robust defense spending.
    Jim Huffman: No taxpayer-funded lawyers for captured terrorists.
    Mark Myles: Strong national defense with global partners abroad.
    Chris Coons: Link security with development and human rights.
    Elaine Marshall: Focus on Pakistan and Al Qaeda, not Afghanistan.
    Elaine Marshall: Repeal outdated "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.
    Eric Wargotz: Ensure America has the best military in the world.
    Joe DioGuardi: Enhance healthcare and retirement benefits for veterans.
    Linda McMahon: We need a strong national defense second to none.
    Dino Rossi: Make military finest in the world.
    Mike Lee: Continue to develop cutting-edge weaponry.
    Rand Paul: Treat armed service members like heroes.
    Ron Johnson: Patriot Act is a necessary tool for law enforcement.
    Richard Blumenthal: Deeply committed to a strong national defense.
    Cal Cunningham: Focus on soft power: moral, economic, diplomatic & cultural.
    Rodney Glassman: Give veterans the best health care, disability, & pensions.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
    Kelly Ayotte: Husband is an Iraq war veteran.
    Kendrick Meek: No US contracts with companies linked to Darfur genocide.
    Lee Fisher: If you serve your country, your country must serve you.
    Mark Kirk: Don't bring terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to the US.
    Pat Toomey: Our country must have the strongest defense in the world.
    Rob Simmons: Served in U.S. Army and the CIA.
    Rob Simmons: Strengthen our national security both at home and abroad.
    Robin Carnahan: Strong national security policy that strengthens military.
    Roy Blunt: Support strongly the work of defense industry & armed forces.
    Trey Grayson: Primary duty of federal government is national defense.
    Jennifer Brunner: Comprehensive services for veterans, including mental health.
    Alan Khazei: End "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.
    Alan Khazei: Full, mandatory funding for Department of Veterans Affairs.
    Jack Conway: Improve health care and services for rural veterans.
    Martha Coakley: Help veterans receive the benefits they deserve.
    Michael Capuano: Opposed PATRIOT Act to support civil liberties.
    Scott Brown: Culture of patriotism; vigorous homeland defense.
    Scott Brown: Member of Massachusetts National Guard JAG Corps.
    Michael Bennet: Increase military size & strength for new types of conflict.
    Rodney Glassman: Hire more border patrol; more border technology.
    Jim Bender: America should secure her borders tight and solid.
    Joe Miller: Opposes federal hate crime legislation.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Create a real path to earned citizenship.
    Roxanne Conlin: No amnesty; secure the southern border.
    Bernard DeCastro: Federal government has refused to enforce immigration laws.
    Bernard DeCastro: Effective immigration maintains Borders, Language & Culture.
    Ken Buck: Secure the border and say no to amnesty.
    Mark Myles: People desiring citizenship pay a fee & earn citizenship.
    Eric Wargotz: No amnesty; no rewards; more enforcement.
    Joe DioGuardi: Enforce current immigration laws via employers & borders.
    Kelly Ayotte: Stop the dangerous flow of illegal immigrants.
    Linda McMahon: Immigration laws--like all laws--must be enforced.
    Dino Rossi: No amnesty; finish a tall border fence.
    Mike Lee: No guest workers; no amnesty.
    Mike Lee: Secure the southern border with infrastructure investment.
    Rand Paul: No amnesty; respect the law.
    Sharron Angle: Secure our borders & enforce the law.
    Ron Johnson: Secure the borders first; no blanket amnesty later.
    Peter Konetchy: Immigrants must learn English; have sponsors; & be talented.
    Bob Smith: Amnesty is unfair; deny opportunities for illegals.
    Marco Rubio: Oppose amnesty in any reform.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Comprehensive reform with responsible path to citizenship.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Don't punish immigrant kids; DREAM Act yes; REAL ID no.
    Jane Norton: Secure our borders; no amnesty.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Tolerate illegal aliens as long as they contribute.
    Kendrick Meek: Temporary Protected Status for Haitians living in the US.
    Mark Kirk: Upgrade our nation's border security.
    Pat Toomey: Oppose amnesty; respect the rule of law.
    Trey Grayson: Finish the 700-mile fence on our southern border.
    Alan Khazei: Immigration critical to our future; ok to earn citizenship.
    Michael Bennet: Our borders not secure; create a path to citizenship.
    Len Britton: Borrowing program for small business to hire more.
    Linda McMahon: People create jobs, not governments.
    Lisa Johnston: Clean energy technology will create jobs.
    Tom Sullivan: Job growth increases revenue without taxes.
    Elaine Marshall: 15% refundable tax credit for new hires.
    Linda McMahon: Opposed to Card Check legislation.
    Roxanne Conlin: Small business tax credits to create jobs.
    William Barnes: Must take action when unemployment rate exceeds 10%.
    Alvin Greene: Let's Get South Carolina Back to Work!
    Richard Blumenthal: Fight for job creation and aid to small businesses.
    Mullins McLeod: A Plan for Change: Jobs Matter Most.
    Eric Deaton: Job loss affects citizens more than any federal politicians.
    Marco Rubio: Oppose card check & Employee Free Choice Act.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Invest in clean energy jobs which cannot be outsourced.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Evaluate workers on their abilities, not their identities.
    Jim Bender: Member of three labor unions.
    Joe Sestak: Ensure that women are provided fair wages.
    Kendrick Meek: Supports minimum wage, organizing unions, and R&D.
    Lee Fisher: Enforce collective bargaining and prevailing wage laws.
    Pat Toomey: Government cannot create jobs, except by cutting taxes.
    Rob Portman: Toured 16 Ohio manufacturing plants to ask about economy.
    Rob Portman: Great concern about card-check legislation.
    Roy Blunt: So-called "stimulus" has not delivered jobs.
    Jennifer Brunner: Jobs are my number one issue.
    Jennifer Brunner: Secret ballot vote on union collective bargaining.
    Alan Khazei: Jobs Creation Tax Credit: 15% back for new jobs.
    Martha Coakley: Keep historic industries like fishing in Massachusetts.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Job creation will be my number one priority.
Principles & Values
    Steve Pearce: Protect our right to prayer & faith.
    Len Britton: Ninth-generation Vermont businessman.
    Scott McAdams: No outside interest should impede where we pray.
    Eric Wargotz: Traditional American Values & respect God.
    Alvin Greene: BA from USC; USAF veteran for 13 years.
    Rand Paul: A career doctor, not a career politician.
    Mike Thurmond: Desperate need for fundamental change in Washington.
    Richard Blumenthal: I hear your anger, frustration and real hurt.
    Bob Smith: Our Constitution is under siege from all quarters.
    Mullins McLeod: A Plan for Change: New Covenant with people of SC.
    Rodney Glassman: Serves on Tucson City Council and as JAG in USAF.
    Eric Deaton: I have felt unrepresented for too many years.
    Charlie Crist: Humble roots led to values of lower taxes & less government.
    Jim Bender: Led fundraising for a new church in Nashua.
    Jim Bender: Graduate of Lowell Tech and Harvard.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Too many candidates get elected for being not the other guy.
    Kelly Ayotte: Married with two children.
    Michael Bennet: Pragmatism and independent thinking at national level.
    Roy Blunt: Checks and balances destroyed by liberal one-party control.
    Rudy Garcia: Born, raised, and worked in Arizona.
    Rudy Garcia: Recalled entire Bell Gardens City Council then became Mayor.
    Alan Khazei: Co-founder of City Year and Be the Change.
    Alan Khazei: Heritage is Italian and Iranian; raised in Boston and NH.
    Michael Capuano: Heritage is Italian and Irish; born & raised in Somerville.
    Michael Capuano: Served as mayor of Somerville; led MA Mayors' Association.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Government role in advancing economic and social justice.
    Scott Brown: Previously Wrentham Selectman, and State Rep.
    Scott Brown: Graduate of Wakefield High, Tufts, and BC Law.
Social Security
    Rodney Glassman: No risky scheme to benefit Wall Street with retirement funds.
    Jack Conway: Oppose any effort to privatize.
    Joe Sestak: Co-sponsored the Social Security Fairness Act.
    Joe Sestak: Oppose privatization; would have lost income in recession.
    Lisa Johnston: We must protect Social Security.
    Richard Blumenthal: Protecting Medicare and Social Security from cutbacks.
    Tracy Potter: Equalize payroll taxes by removing $106,800 cap.
    Alexander Snitker: Optional individual ownership of retirement funds.
    Mark Myles: Honor our commitment to provide for the elderly.
    Elaine Marshall: Stand firm against risky privatization schemes.
    Roxanne Conlin: Defend Social Security instead of privatizing it.
    Mike Lee: $50 trillion in unfunded entitlements is unsustainable.
    Sharron Angle: Redeem promised IOUs with a lockbox & personal accounts.
    Lee Fisher: Strengthen, preserve and protect Social Security.
    Robin Carnahan: Protect the benefits seniors have earned.
    Martha Coakley: Safety net of Social Security is more important than eve.
    Michael Bennet: Preserve the integrity of entitlement programs.
    Michael Bennet: Strongly opposes privatizing or reducing benefits.
Tax Reform
    Jack Orchulli: End over-spending by self-serving career politicians.
    Linda McMahon: Hold top rates to 35% and keep capital gains rate down.
    Jack Conway: Every child born owes $38,000 of national debt.
    Richard Blumenthal: Extend Bush tax cuts only for people earning under $250K.
    Bernard DeCastro: Repeal 16th Amendment; adopt a FairTax.
    Ken Buck: Endless spending in Congress means higher taxes.
    Alexander Snitker: FairTax: simple, fair, understandable, & encourages growth.
    Jay Townsend: Don't allow Bush tax cuts to expire.
    Cam Cavasso: For Fair Tax and Taxpayer Protection Pledge.
    Elaine Marshall: One-time $1,200 income tax credit for earners under $100,000.
    Eric Wargotz: Flat Tax: Make taxes simple, transparent and pro-growth.
    Dino Rossi: Lower taxes promote economic growth.
    Mike Lee: Supports the FairTax and the flat tax.
    Rand Paul: Lower taxes encourage spending, saving, and investing.
    Sharron Angle: Consistent vote against unnecessary tax increases.
    Tracy Potter: Sponsored $138M income tax relief bill.
    Mike Thurmond: Reward achievement and entrepreneurship.
    Mullins McLeod: Lower the tax burden on SC families.
    Eric Deaton: Support the FairTax; oppose complicated tax systems.
    Marco Rubio: Simplify our tax code; reduce the tax burden.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Extend $8000 homebuyer credit; one-year payroll tax holiday.
    Carly Fiorina: Taxpayer Protection Pledge: no new or increased taxes.
    Jim Bender: Simplify the tax code and other government regulations.
    Lee Fisher: Let tax cuts on wealthy expire, to pay for health reform.
    Mark Kirk: Tax increase is surest way to turn recession into depression.
    Trey Grayson: Make recent tax cuts permanent.
    Peter Konetchy: Replace IRS with excise tax and tax on states, not people.
    Michael Bennet: Target tax cuts to struggling middle class families.
    William Barnes: Replace the internal combustion engine.
    Mullins McLeod: South Carolina is a state of innovation.
    Mullins McLeod: Poor roads slow industrial development and tourism.
    Tom Alciere: Adopt the metric system.
    Carly Fiorina: Post federal budgets on Internet for public comment.
    Charlie Crist: Toughened penalties for identity theft and Internet spam.
    Jim Bender: Helped start a personal computers peripherals business.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Invest in life sciences and green technology.
War & Peace
    Len Britton: No clear mission and strategy in Afghanistan; so depart.
    Chris Coons: Responsibly end the war in Iraq.
    Marco Rubio: 2007 troop surge was the right thing to do.
    Jim Bender: No arbitrary deadline for leaving Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Joe DioGuardi: Afghanistan was a war of choice.
    Lisa Johnston: We have spent gigantic amounts of US taxpayer money in Iraq.
    Richard Blumenthal: Withdraw US combat troops from Iraq.
    Jim Huffman: War on terror is a real conflict against a toxic ideology.
    Elaine Marshall: Bogged down in two wars that drain resources.
    Joe DioGuardi: Iraq was a mistake; develop intelligence instead of war.
    Linda McMahon: Bring home troops from Afghanistan in victory, not defeat.
    Roxanne Conlin: Oppose addition of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.
    Dino Rossi: Ensure victory against jihadists including in Iraq.
    Mike Lee: Militarily pressure Iran to abandon nuclear weapons ambition.
    Mike Lee: Stay in Afghanistan until all targets are neutralized.
    Sharron Angle: Staunch supporter of strong sanctions against rogue nations.
    John Hoeven: Empower commanders to decide when we're done in Afghanistan.
    Bob Smith: No unconditional withdrawal from engagement in Afghanistan.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Stand firmly and unequivocally against Iranian aggression.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Expel al Qaeda from Afghanistan, then end commitment.
    Alexi Giannoulias: Withdraw all combat troops from Iraq by the end of 2010.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Afghanistan: we cannot end a war by escalating it.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Always opposed invasion and occupation of Iraq.
    Joe Sestak: Ensure stability as we draw down our forces in Iraq.
    Kendrick Meek: Consistent advocate of drawdown in Iraq; focus on al-Qaeda.
    Kendrick Meek: Supporter of US aid to Israel, both in peace & conflict.
    Lee Fisher: Responsibly end the war in Iraq; train Afghan troops & exit.
    Lee Fisher: Stop Iran & North Korea from developing or acquiring nukes.
    Mark Kirk: Win the Global War on Terror.
    Mark Kirk: Stop Iran's nuclear & ballistic missile programs.
    Robin Carnahan: Stand up to Iran and North Korea.
    Jennifer Brunner: Targeted sanctions against Iran's developing nuclear weapons.
    Alan Khazei: Strongly opposed Iraq War & Bush doctrine of preventive.
    Martha Coakley: End the war in Iraq by 2011.
    Michael Capuano: Consistent and outspoken opponent of the war in Iraq.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Vocal critic of going into Iraq.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Draw down our forces in Afghanistan.
Welfare & Poverty
    Peter Konetchy: Voluntary charity from family & church, not government.
    Andrew Romanoff: Use the EITC to reward work and reduce poverty.
    Joe L. Kennedy: Replace welfare system with private charities.
    Alan Khazei: City Year modeled as domestic Peace Corps.
    Alan Khazei: Crafted Serve America Act: community and faith-based service.
    Michael Capuano: Preserve and expand affordable housing opportunities.

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