Chris Christie on Jobs


Supports Urban Hub program and Economic Redevelopment Grants

Continuing to act on his commitment to create jobs for New Jersey families, Governor Chris Christie today signed Senate Bill 2972 to expand job-creating tax incentives and provide an immediate economic boost to the state: the Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant (ERGG); the Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Act.

S-2972 expands the ERGG program to make growth areas in the Meadowlands eligible for ERGG grants, adding the Meadowlands to the other areas of the state where growth is encouraged and eligibility for ERGG grants is already provided, including State Planning Areas, Pinelands growth areas, transit villages and closed federal military bases.

In addition, the legislation also makes several changes to the Urban Hub program: increasing the credit for residential projects from 20% to 35% of eligible costs over 10 years; and allowing the tax credits to be carried forward for up to 20 years.

Source: 2011 gubernatorial press release, "Job Creation" , Jul 26, 2011

Garden State Growth Zones to attract new private investment

Source: Campaign website, www.christiefornj.com, "Issues" , Nov 3, 2009

NJ Partnership for Action: attract quality-paying jobs

Under Jon Corzine's watch, New Jersey's unemployment rate has nearly doubled, jobs and businesses are leaving the state and families are struggling to make ends meet. Chris Christie is committed to making New Jersey competitive again by attracting quality-paying jobs, expanding new industries, and promoting New Jersey as a good place to do business.
Source: Campaign website, www.christiefornj.com, "Issues" , Jul 21, 2009

Ok with either unionized state workers or civil service

Lonegan asked Christie, "You don't understand what it is to create a job. I ran a business for 25 years. I employed 50, 60, 70 people. I know what it is to create jobs."

Christie responded, "And, you know what it is to hire illegal immigrants."

Lonegan said the state would be better off without a unionized workforce.

Christie said he wanted either unionized state workers or employees working under a civil service system, but not both, which sometimes have differing rules.

Source: Newark Star-Ledger coverage: 2009 N.J. gubernatorial primary , May 26, 2009

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