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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Richard Douglas: Defending unborn life is not extremist.
    Tim Kaine: Don't weaken or subvert the basic holding of Roe v. Wade.
    Scott Howell: Abortion only for rape, incest, or maternal health.
    John MacGovern: Don't force religious institutions to violate moral values.
    Dave Weldon: Roe v. Wade is greatest assault on human life.
    Wendy Long: Pro-life from conception to natural death.
    John Brunner: Life is providentially determined, and to be cherished.
    Kurt Bills: Protect the unborn.
    Cynthia Dill: I support a woman's right to reproductive freedom.
    Kevin Wade: Our rights are given to us by our Creator at our conception.
    Dan Liljenquist: Protect unborn children.
    Duane Sand: Safeguard innocent human life.
    Deb Fischer: Support a culture of life.
    Mark Neumann: Absolutely against abortion.
    Sam Rohrer: Life is a gift of God and is sacred.
    Tom Smith: Pro-life, period.
    David Dewhurst: Require women seeking abortions to view a sonogram.
    Richard Carmona: Give every woman access & choice in reproductive healthcare.
    Steve Welch: Individual choice on family issues; government protects life.
    Tim Kaine: Increased access to contraceptive coverage.
    Michael Baumgartner: Let Catholic Church provide health care according to values.
    Anthony Hernandez: Protect the natural right to life from conception.
    Dan Severson: Pro-life; restore a moral compass to DC.
    George Maragos: Human life is precious.
    Gwen Diakos: Unborn Americans have the right to live.
    Scott D`Amboise: Supports sanctity of life.
    Susan Bysiewicz: Required "Plan B" contraception at Catholic hospitals.
    George Allen: For parental notification; against funding abortions.
    George Allen: For adult stem-cell research; against embryonic research.
    Jamie Radtke: Right to life is also the most important civil right.
    Jamie Radtke: Oppose all Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
    John Schiess: Oppose 98% of abortions, and all government funding.
    Scott Noren: Pro-choice; some abortions are ethical.
    Tim Donner: Protect the most innocent and defenseless among us.
    Barry Hinckley: Support woman's right to choose, but urge to NOT terminate.
    Don Stenberg: Pro life; ban on partial birth abortions.
    Elizabeth Ames Jones: I am pro-life; I will support pro-life legislation.
    Elizabeth Ames Jones: Supports umbilical cord blood stem cells.
    Jon Bruning: Life begins at conception, period.
    Kevin Coughlin: Protect the unborn.
    Pat Flynn: Our problems are in proportion to our number of abortions.
    George LeMieux: Pro-life; don't lose the values that make us special.
Budget & Economy
    Richard Douglas: Balanced federal budget is an eminently achievable goal.
    John MacGovern: Our most serious problem is skyrocketing national debt.
    Rob Sobhani: Morally wrong to spend more than government takes in.
    Dan Bongino: Economic principles: reduce taxes; push foreign investment.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Balance the budget by cutting government spending.
    Joe Kyrillos: It's not a political problem; it's a math problem.
    John Barasso: Rein in wasteful spending; reduce size of government.
    Richard Carmona: Invest in long-term jobs, not just speculator profits.
    Tommy Thompson: Addressing runaway spending is defining issue of our day.
    John MacGovern: Rein in out-of-control spending.
    Dave Weldon: Trillions in debt is immoral and reckless.
    Elizabeth Emken: To jumpstart economy, recognize central role of job creators.
    Kurt Bills: Printing money causes inflation; so audit the Fed.
    Kurt Bills: Curb unsustainable spending by lowering spending.
    Bob Marshall: Opposed taking federal stimulus money; stop the hemorrhage.
    Dan Liljenquist: Vocal supporter of cut, cap and balance.
    David Ruben: Live within our means & pay down our debt.
    Deb Fischer: Strongly support a federal balanced budget amendment.
    Elizabeth Emken: Supports balanced budget amendment.
    Charlie Summers: Bailouts and stimulus create $16T debt with no end in sight.
    Zach Poskevich: Cut spending; economy is on verge of collapse.
    Tim Kaine: Reverse the sequester: harmful, across-the-board budget cuts.
    John Raese: Don't choke a fragile economy with a bigger tax burden.
    Josh Mandel: Balanced budget without raising taxes.
    John Sanchez: Cut spending & cap budget without raising taxes.
    Tim Donner: Limit federal budget to 18% of America's GDP.
    Tim Kaine: Opposes "Cut, Cap and Balance" as all cuts & no balance.
    Heather Wilson: Signed the Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge.
    Hector Balderas: Fiscal accountability in state and local government.
    Marc Scaringi: Balanced Budget Amendment; and don't increase size of budget.
    George LeMieux: Balance budget by 2013, while extending Bush tax cuts.
    Jeff Flake: Debt-Buy Down Act: designate 10% of taxes for national debt.
    Keith Holbrook: Less government; less spending; less taxes.
Civil Rights
    Richard Douglas: Traditional marriage produces healthy well-adjusted children.
    Tim Kaine: Strong supporter of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
    Scott Howell: No LGBT discrimination, but no gay marriage.
    Mark Clayton: AGAINST national ID cards.
    Dave Weldon: Strong record of preserving traditional marriage.
    Wendy Long: Marriage should be between a man and a woman.
    Elizabeth Emken: Define marriage as between one man and one woman.
    Kurt Bills: Marriage is man & woman, but let states decide civil unions.
    Cynthia Dill: Close the gender pay gap.
    Cynthia Dill: Legalize marriage equality.
    John MacGovern: Don't mandate private business pay levels for women.
    Dan Liljenquist: Traditional pillars of civil society under assault.
    Mark Neumann: Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Pat Flynn: Federal Marriage Amendment; no extra rights to gay couples.
    Susan Bysiewicz: Same-sex couples deserve same rights as straight marrieds.
    David Dewhurst: Define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.
    Steve Welch: Marriage is a bedrock principle of our civilization.
    Anthony Hernandez: Let people decide on marriage law.
    George Maragos: Marriage should be between a man and a woman.
    Gwen Diakos: Gay community should have the right to marry.
    Scott D`Amboise: Supports the reasonable policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
    Elizabeth Warren: Repeal DOMA; repeal DADT; support ENDA.
    George Allen: Defense of Marriage Act does not fully protect marriage.
    John Schiess: Homosexual sodomy is a crime against nature.
    Scott Noren: Supports a national civil union bill.
    George LeMieux: Pro-family supporter of traditional marriage.
    Charlie Summers: Create a national small business advocate.
    Elizabeth Emken: Foster free market capitalism; promote business growth.
    John MacGovern: Entrepreneurs are engine of growth for creation of jobs.
    Mark Clayton: Multinationals legalize slave labor abroad.
    Dave Weldon: US corporate tax rate is the highest in the developed world.
    Wendy Long: Stimulus spending stimulated corporate cronyism.
    John Brunner: Eliminate regulations which strangle our job creators.
    Deb Fischer: Federal government overburdens small business owners.
    Elizabeth Emken: Balance new regulations by repealing old ones.
    Susan Bysiewicz: End corporate welfare & Bush tax cuts for wealthy.
    Scott Howell: IBM executive for 34 years.
    Matt Dunlap: Plenty of people looking out for the big corporations.
    Don Bivens: Close corporate tax loopholes & agribusiness subsidies.
    Richard Carmona: Tax cuts for corporations are wrong & unconscionable.
    Susan Bysiewicz: Small businesses are CT's economic engine.
    Bryan Hackbarth: Tax breaks for small business and large companies.
    Elizabeth Emken: Relentlessly pursue free market capitalism.
    Hector Balderas: Impose tax penalties when American jobs shipped overseas.
    Orly Taitz: Tax credits for repatriation of corporate funds overseas.
    Elizabeth Warren: Rebuild the middle class instead of CEO tax breaks.
    Elizabeth Warren: Plenty of people look out for billion dollar corporations.
    Elizabeth Warren: Small businesses need a level playing field.
    Barry Hinckley: Get government out of the way of job creators.
    Alan Khazei: Reform corporate taxes to create American jobs.
    Tim Kaine: Focus attention on the overuse of incarceration.
    George LeMieux: Argued in favor of death penalty in Supreme Court case.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Give civil authorities power to put away sexual predators.
    David Dewhurst: Mandatory 25-year-to-life sentence for first-time child rape.
    John Schiess: Pro-death penalty: shape up, ship out, or die.
    John Schiess: We need a system of restitution & a system of banishment.
    John Schiess: We need a system of restitution & a system of banishment.
    Cynthia Dill: Decriminalize and regulate marijuana for personal use.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Battled drug dealers as Attorney General.
    Elizabeth Ames Jones: Secure our borders against Mexican drug cartels.
    Chris McDaniel: Give students right to organize religious groups at school.
    Gwen Diakos: Honor and cherish our school teachers.
    Scott Howell: We must provide good jobs for our college graduates.
    Peter Lumaj: Expand charter schools and the voucher program.
    Wendy Long: Self-interested bureaucracies corrosive on public schools.
    Bob Marshall: Vouchers or tax credits for healthy competition.
    Dan Liljenquist: Let parents pick home, private, charter, or public.
    Elizabeth Ames Jones: Advocate of parental choice in education.
    Linda Lingle: More federal funding for education will help public schools.
    Scott Howell: Work to improve public education.
    Josh Mandel: Allow parents to choose their children's schools.
    Sam Rohrer: Tax credit for scholarships to private and public school.
    Sam Rohrer: Educational decisions should be local, not by bureaucrats.
    David Dewhurst: Protect student's right to pray and reflect in schools.
    Dan Bongino: Supports school choice vouchers and charter schools.
    Dan Bongino: Supports school choice vouchers and charter schools.
    Matt Dunlap: Invest in public schools and higher education.
    Linda Lingle: Science & math standards in public/charter/private schools.
    Paul Sadler: Support Texas public schools; raised teacher pay 3 times.
    Richard Carmona: Reinvest $1 billion cut from our schools.
    Steve Welch: Competition instead of centralization of education policy.
    Tim Kaine: Invest in education--from preschool to career skills.
    Bryan Hackbarth: Invest in education; especially qualified teachers.
    George Maragos: Competition among states with freedom to innovate.
    Hector Balderas: Fight for and support first-rate public schools.
    Joe Arwood: Remove Washington bureaucrats from your child's education.
    Michael Baumgartner: Invest in public schools and colleges.
    Dan Severson: Feds have no constitutional role in education.
    Dan Severson: Constitutionally protected right to prayer.
    Elizabeth Warren: Focus on public schools & public universities.
    George Allen: School choice & vouchers, over one-size-fits-all.
    John Schiess: Only Muslims can pray at school now.
    Barry Hinckley: Public or private school choice.
    Alan Khazei: $10,000 college tuition for each year of community service.
    Jeff Flake: Long-time advocate for charters & school choice.
    Keith Holbrook: Make education system second to none.
Energy & Oil
    Richard Douglas: Build Keystone and other common sense fossil fuel solutions.
    Rob Sobhani: Untangle national security from our need for oil and gas.
    John MacGovern: Ridge lines threatened by industrial wind power projects.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Use all our rich energy resources wisely.
    Peter Lumaj: Develop our vast natural gas and oil reserves.
    Wendy Long: Gas prices double while they focus on algae energy.
    Cynthia Dill: Raise automotive fuel economy standards to above 50 mpg.
    Bob Marshall: Global warming is a tool to suppress energy production.
    Dan Liljenquist: Develop our own resources in this country.
    Duane Sand: Reduce oil prices by expanding oil production.
    Deb Fischer: Renewable energy like ethanol, plus responsible oil drilling.
    Tim Kaine: Allow Bush tax cuts for wealthy to expire.
    Elizabeth Emken: US should be drilling for oil in ANWR to reduce gas prices.
    Charlie Summers: High gas and oil prices threaten our economy.
    Dan Bongino: Renewables viable if they can compete in private market.
    Sam Rohrer: Cap-and-tax will cause massive damage to free-enterprise.
    Sam Rohrer: We're blessed with nearly endless supply of coal & oil.
    Charlie Summers: Develop oil and natural gas here on American soil.
    Joe Kyrillos: Increased domestic production of oil and gas.
    Tom Smith: Develop Marcellus Shale and clean coal.
    David Dewhurst: Open the Gulf; more hydro-fracking; less "green" energy.
    Don Bivens: Declare energy independence from unsustainable fuel sources.
    Paul Sadler: Invest in alternative forms of energy & conservation.
    Richard Carmona: Make Arizona the solar energy capital of the world.
    Steve Welch: Capture US energy from oil, natural gas, & clean coal.
    Zach Poskevich: No cap-and-tax; stop exporting our wealth.
    George Maragos: Develop all domestic energy sources, including natural gas.
    Joe Arwood: Drilling is not enough; more oil refineries too.
    Joe Arwood: Tap into tremendous untapped supply of oil and natural-gas.
    Michael Baumgartner: Use America's abundant and diverse energy supplies.
    Orly Taitz: Accelerate domestic energy production; tariff on foreign oil.
    Dan Severson: Lift senseless restrictions on abundant energy.
    Elizabeth Warren: Lead the world in using green technology.
    Jamie Radtke: Drill for oil & gas; don't regulate CO2.
    Tim Donner: National energy policy to reduce dependence on foreign oil.
    Barry Hinckley: Domestic energy via offshore drilling and ANWR.
    Dennis Rehberg: All options, including conservation and clean coal.
    Don Stenberg: Defeat Cap and Trade; global warming is unproven.
    Don Stenberg: Open Alaska and offshore to oil and gas development.
    Elizabeth Ames Jones: America needs America's energy.
    Kevin Coughlin: Explore domestically for oil, gas, and coal.
    Marc Scaringi: Responsibly explore domestic sources of energy.
    Pat Flynn: Let oil companies drill and build new refineries.
    Ian Linker: Tap domestic energy resources.
    Jason Carter: Educate residents about water conservation.
    Joe Kyrillos: Tough clean water laws; protect New Jersey's shoreline.
    Elizabeth Emken: Invest in water storage reservoir infrastructure projects.
    David Ruben: Create regulations to support our sustainability.
    Deb Fischer: Agriculture plays a crucial role in our Nebraska economy.
    Dan Bongino: Environmental dictates impoverish working families.
    Dan Bongino: Environmental dictates impoverish working families.
    David Dewhurst: Repeal EPA's job-killing regulations.
    Linda Lingle: We can't afford Honolulu Rail Project.
    Tim Kaine: Always work to protect our air, water and land.
    Alan Khazei: More aggressive enforcement of environmental regulations.
Families & Children
    Wendy Long: Work closest to my heart has been taking care of my family.
    Cynthia Dill: Expand family leave; let child-care workers unionize.
    Bob Marshall: Population control advocates want limited energy production.
    Kevin Wade: Let families pass on their faith without recrimination.
    Dan Liljenquist: Restore the traditional family & states' rights.
    Duane Sand: Traditional marriage is the cornerstone of the family.
    Sam Rohrer: Strongest family model is comprised of one man & one woman.
    Tim Kaine: Teach Safe Relationships: prevent sexual assault.
    George Allen: Virginia families are under stress as never before.
    Jamie Radtke: Families are vital; defend marriage.
    Joe Donnelly: Understands Hoosier values of family, faith, and hard work.
Foreign Policy
    Rob Sobhani: Peace through strength.
    Kurt Bills: Don't fund crony capitalism & dictators through foreign aid.
    Bob Marshall: Re-examine our entangling alliances with 60 countries.
    Kevin Wade: Our people will bow to no King and to no mortal man.
    David Ruben: We create resentment abroad by cultural insensitivity.
    Tim Kaine: Strengthen partnerships with Latin America.
    George Maragos: Foreign aid only for worthy allies, like Israel.
    George Allen: Oppose foreign treaties that jeopardize our sovereignty.
    Tim Donner: China is an economic competitor and military threat.
Free Trade
    Rob Sobhani: Free and fair trade plus multilateralism.
    Joe Kyrillos: Strengthen "buy American" provisions.
    Kurt Bills: Export American freedom alongside read goods and services.
    Bob Marshall: Exporting our technology weakens America.
    Dan Bongino: Support and expand free trade to grow economy.
    Matt Dunlap: Protect our future from unfair trade agreements.
    Linda Lingle: Pursue trade in the Asia-Pacific region.
    George Maragos: Buy American at home; demand fair trade abroad.
    Orly Taitz: Sanction China for currency manipulation; fix WTO for jobs.
    Elizabeth Warren: Make things & sell things to the rest of the world.
    Elizabeth Warren: Fair trade respecting worker rights and environment.
    Kevin Coughlin: Free trade with Colombia, Korea, and Panama.
    Pat Flynn: Congress should decide farm trade, not president nor WTO.
    Keith Holbrook: Self-sufficiency with as little importation as possible.
Government Reform
    Rob Sobhani: Public service shouldn't be a life-long career; 2-term limit.
    Cynthia Dill: Stop sending corporate-funded candidates to Congress.
    Elizabeth Emken: Moratorium on new regulations exceeding $100 million.
    John Brunner: Complete and permanent elimination of earmarks.
    Kurt Bills: End federal subsidies; they end up in campaign coffers.
    Cynthia Dill: Establish a public funding system for federal elections.
    Jon Roland: Apply campaign finance restrictions only to incumbents.
    Elizabeth Emken: Good ol' boys in Congress aren't open to citizens.
    Josh Mandel: Tougher penalties for politicians breaking ethics laws.
    Tom Smith: Term limits return to citizen legislature.
    Richard Carmona: Require financial analysts to disclose contacts in Congress.
    Steve Welch: 12-year term limits for House & Senate.
    Anthony Hernandez: 12-year term limit; and no re-election if 3% deficit.
    Gwen Diakos: Politics should not be shrouded by corruption and secrets.
    Elizabeth Warren: Overcome Wall Street's lobbyists & Congress' dirty tricks.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Washington is badly broken.
    George Allen: No activist judges who oppose God in Pledge of Allegiance.
    Scott Noren: We need a National Whistleblower Act.
    Scott Noren: Amend 14th Amendment to exclude money as political speech.
    Barry Hinckley: Limit Congress to two terms.
    Hector Balderas: Frustrated with lack of accountability in state legislature.
    Marc Scaringi: Support and fight for a Term Limit Amendment.
    Jeff Flake: End the egregious practice of earmarking.
    Keith Holbrook: Term limits: 12 years in Senate; 8 years in House.
Gun Control
    Wendy Long: Lifelong shooter and gun owner.
    Cynthia Dill: Responsible gun ownership but not assault rifles or AK47s.
    Cynthia Dill: I battled attempts to put more guns in hands of teenagers.
    Dan Liljenquist: Proud gun owner; fight to keep that right protected.
    Duane Sand: Americans must be enabled to defend themselves.
    Deb Fischer: Advocate for gun owners and our 2nd Amendment rights.
    Mark Neumann: Supports same positions on guns as NRA.
    Pat Flynn: Second amendment protects against tyranny.
    Sam Rohrer: Individual right to carry; no right to gun registry.
    David Dewhurst: Strongly supports our constitutional right to bear arms.
    Tom Smith: Strong supporter of the Second Amendment.
    Steve Welch: Punish criminals but don't prevent responsible gun ownership.
    Zach Poskevich: 2nd amendment protects all of our liberties.
    Tim Kaine: Gun violence causes unbearable pain; stand up to gun lobby.
    Dan Severson: NRA member and squirrel hunter.
    George Maragos: I support safe and responsible gun ownership.
    Scott D`Amboise: Right to bear arms, and nominate justices who agree.
    George Allen: Allow concealed carry in National Parks.
    Jamie Radtke: Defend our second amendment rights.
    Scott Noren: Pro-gun but limited gun control measures are ok.
    Tim Donner: Constitution is specific on right to bear arms.
    Barry Hinckley: Preserve our Second Amendment rights.
    Don Stenberg: Supports Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
    Elizabeth Ames Jones: Defend right to purchase and possess firearms.
    Jon Bruning: Be vigilant in our defense of the Second Amendment.
    Kevin Coughlin: Protect our Second Amendment rights.
    George LeMieux: Staunch believer in Second Amendment right to bear arms.
Health Care
    Richard Douglas: ObamaCare corrodes American consensus and consent.
    Rob Sobhani: Invest $500M in Maryland hospitals for R&D.
    George Allen: Root out $50 billion a year in Medicare waste.
    Joe Donnelly: Protect Medicare for future generations.
    John Barasso: Preserve and strengthen Medicare for future generations.
    John MacGovern: Reform Medicare to reduce out-of-control spending.
    Peter Lumaj: Repeal ObamaCare; create market-based health care system.
    Dave Weldon: Autism is an epidemic; direct funding to defeat and cure it.
    Kurt Bills: Eliminate mandates under Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid.
    Cynthia Dill: ObamaCare is a much needed program; explore single-payer.
    Bob Marshall: Patron of VA Health Care Freedom Act: challenge ObamaCare.
    Jon Roland: Repeal ObamaCare as unconstitutional legislation.
    Dan Liljenquist: ObamaCare facilitates government takeover of healthcare.
    Duane Sand: Dismantle ObamaCare; it is not affordable health care.
    Deb Fischer: Repeal ObamaCare; reform tort system.
    Josh Mandel: ObamaCare is unconstitutional and economically damaging.
    Charlie Summers: 100% deductible cross-state insurance instead of ObamaCare.
    Dan Bongino: Supports Medicare vouchers and private providers.
    Sam Rohrer: Federal role in healthcare must be dramatically reduced.
    Sam Rohrer: ObamaCare's centralized system is dangerous & costly.
    Joe Kyrillos: Replace ObamaCare with common-sense options.
    Tom Smith: Repeal ObamaCare; too expansive & too intrusive.
    Matt Dunlap: ObamaCare was one step; much more needs to be done.
    David Dewhurst: Reduce medical lawsuit abuse clogging our court system.
    David Dewhurst: Replace ObamaCare with free-market healthcare.
    Elizabeth Emken: The federal government should not provide healthcare.
    Paul Sadler: Quality affordable healthcare is a fundamental value.
    Richard Carmona: Preserve Medicare benefits, but modernize it.
    Steve Welch: Replace ObamaCare with tort reform & competition.
    Zach Poskevich: One of my top priorities is to repeal ObamaCare.
    Hector Balderas: No preventative care cuts: it improves health & lowers costs.
    Sarah Steelman: ObamaCare gives government too much control.
    Anthony Hernandez: No one-size-fits-all approach to health care.
    Bryan Hackbarth: Obamacare is not good for this country.
    Dan Severson: Repeal ObamaCare.
    George Maragos: ObamaCare must be repealed.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Spearheaded lawsuit against big tobacco.
    Joe Arwood: Remove government from your relationship with your doctor.
    Michael Baumgartner: Replace Obamacare with more competition and flexibility.
    Scott D`Amboise: Deregulation to increase competition in the marketplace.
    Jamie Radtke: Replace ObamaCare with health savings accounts.
    John Sanchez: ObamaCare drives costs up & will bankrupt the country.
    John Schiess: Individual account that go from employer to employer.
    Scott Noren: Drastic overhaul over 3-5 years towards universal inclusion.
    Tim Donner: Begin with the absolute necessity to terminate Obamacare.
    Barry Hinckley: Replace ObamaCare with competition.
    Don Stenberg: ObamaCare violates the Constitution.
    Jon Bruning: ObamaCare's mandate oversteps Constitutional bounds.
    Kevin Coughlin: Repeal ObamaCare; create consumer-based competition.
    Marc Scaringi: Repeal ObamaCare.
    Pat Flynn: Repeal ObamaCare & address Medicare entitlements.
    George LeMieux: ObamaCare makes broken healthcare system even worse.
    Jeff Flake: Obamacare is not the answer; choice & competition are.
Homeland Security
    Richard Douglas: Senate weakness leaves us vulnerable to threats.
    John MacGovern: No new F-35 fighter jets at Burlington Airport.
    Tim Kaine: Religious liberty without government punishment.
    Gwen Diakos: Benefits for those who have served our country.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Heroes Health Card and tax credit for hiring vets.
    Joe Kyrillos: More ships; newer strategic bombers; fund tanker aircraft.
    Mark Clayton: Fight the neocon war policy that leaves us in debt to China.
    Mark Clayton: Immediate conscription of military "contractors".
    Peter Lumaj: Peace through strength to defeat terrorism.
    Elizabeth Emken: Advocated for support totaling $24 million for veterans.
    John Brunner: Give our brave men and women all the resources they need.
    Kurt Bills: Peace through strength, but no ill-defined missions.
    Cynthia Dill: 56% of discretionary budget: too high for Pentagon spending.
    Dan Liljenquist: Evaluate waste, fraud and abuse in defense spending.
    Deb Fischer: Give our military the tools they need to keep America safe.
    Martin Heinrich: Ensure funding for Kirtland AFB and National Labs.
    Martin Heinrich: Opposed PATRIOT Act; America can be both safe and free.
    Pat Flynn: Make America exceptional again; fund military at 4% of GDP.
    Charlie Summers: Bath Iron Works & Kittery Naval Shipyard are indispensable.
    Dan Bongino: Return troops and expand military at home.
    Josh Mandel: American intelligence must be ahead of the game.
    Sam Rohrer: Maintain a strong defense at home, second to none.
    Dan Bongino: Stop bogging down our intelligence apparatus in bureaucracy.
    Dan Bongino: Stop bogging down our intelligence apparatus in bureaucracy.
    Tom Smith: Top notch benefits for veterans.
    Matt Dunlap: Don't defer the debt we owe our veterans.
    Linda Lingle: Keep military forces at a high state of readiness.
    Paul Sadler: Keep armed forces best trained & best-equipped in the world.
    Richard Carmona: Remain vigilant about terrorism; it still threatens US.
    Zach Poskevich: Keep America's greatest military strength in the world.
    Tim Kaine: Troop Talent Act: ease transition to civilian careers.
    Tim Kaine: Open all combat roles to women.
    Barry Hinckley: The military budget is not a jobs program.
    Bryan Hackbarth: Fight to keep military bases in Arizona.
    Dan Severson: 22 years as a Top Gun fighter pilot.
    George Maragos: More money to NY for fight against terrorism.
    George Maragos: Don't try enemy combatants in civilian courts.
    George Maragos: Europe, Korea, Japan, & Taiwan should pay for own defense.
    Joe Arwood: Protect commonsense defense investment and veterans spending.
    Joe Arwood: Cut unnecessary Pentagon programs; scale back overseas bases.
    Josh Mandel: First in Marine Corps class; two tours in Iraq.
    Scott D`Amboise: Reduce nuclear proliferation and build missile defense.
    Jamie Radtke: A strong military is essential to our security.
    Jamie Radtke: Rove wire tappings & email tracing need judicial review.
    Elizabeth Ames Jones: Maintain strong modern military to face dangerous challenges.
    George LeMieux: World peace comes when America is unrivaled militarily.
    Joe Donnelly: Focus on fiscal discipline and strong national security.
    Rob Sobhani: Immigration system is broken; enforce our current law.
    Joe Kyrillos: High-tech fence but also more high-tech visas.
    John Brunner: Oppose amnesty to those who broken the law.
    Bob Marshall: Schoolyard justice: those who cut in line go to end of line.
    Dan Liljenquist: Secure our borders and enforce our laws.
    Deb Fischer: More troops on our southern border.
    Susan Bysiewicz: Accountability pledge: ensure path to citizenship.
    Tim Kaine: Seeks defined path to earned citizenship, plus DREAM Act.
    Dan Bongino: Enforce law but also make it easier for legal immigrants.
    Sam Rohrer: Illegal immigration is just that--illegal.
    Hector Balderas: DREAM Act provides opportunity and makes America more fair.
    Tom Smith: For secure borders; against amnesty.
    David Dewhurst: Triple the size of the Border Patrol.
    Elizabeth Emken: Against amnesty because it would make problem worse.
    Don Bivens: Secure our porous border; I oppose amnesty.
    Linda Lingle: America needs comprehensive immigration policy.
    Richard Carmona: Secure the border AND pass the DREAM Act.
    Zach Poskevich: Return illegals to their countries of origin.
    Anthony Hernandez: Undocumented immigrants consume public resources.
    Barry Hinckley: Don't reward people who broke into America illegally.
    Bryan Hackbarth: I want our borders secured and I want it now!
    George Maragos: Enforce all our laws and secure our borders.
    Gwen Diakos: We are a country of immigrants; solve the issue.
    Joe Arwood: Vigorously enforce existing federal immigration laws.
    Scott D`Amboise: Use military to secure our borders.
    Dan Severson: Secure our borders; deport violent immigrants.
    Jamie Radtke: Secure the border; oppose amnesty.
    John Schiess: Illegal immigration is like breaking into our home.
    Scott Noren: Help restore Mexico's economy to reduce immigration pressure.
    Tim Donner: Tighten control of our leaky borders.
    Don Stenberg: Secure our Borders against terrorists & illegals.
    Elizabeth Ames Jones: Greater emphasis on interdiction and deportation.
    Jon Bruning: Enforce existing laws with no option for amnesty.
    Pat Flynn: No amnesty; learn English; require sponsorship.
    George LeMieux: Secure our borders to be secure as a nation.
    Jeff Flake: Most illegal aliens from Mexico have ties to drug cartels.
    Keith Holbrook: No benefits provided to anyone here illegally.
    Ian Linker: Secure our borders; enforce the laws; use E-verify.
    Rob Sobhani: Find private sector funding for Maryland job initiatives.
    Joe Donnelly: Protect American jobs.
    Tom Smith: Jobs are created by the free market, not politicians.
    David Dewhurst: Less federal meddling on labor relations.
    Linda Lingle: Enforce international trade access, for short-term jobs.
    Paul Sadler: Fair pay for an honest day's work.
    Tim Kaine: Close the gender pay gap.
    Susan Bysiewicz: Will create new manufacturing jobs in CT.
    John Raese: Engine for job growth is small and medium sized businesses.
    Michael Baumgartner: Let business create jobs without government red tape.
    Elizabeth Warren: Make it easier for workers who want to organize.
Principles & Values
    Rob Sobhani: I'll keep my promises or I won't run for a second term.
    Colia Clark: Take campaign to the people through dialogue and education.
    Scott Howell: 10 years in State Senate; 8 years as Minority leader.
    Scott Howell: Married for 34 years; 4 sons; 3 grandchildren.
    Orly Taitz: Obama uses forged Social Security number & birth certificate.
    Jason Chaffetz: 2008: Beat 12-year incumbent with grassroots volunteers.
    Jason Chaffetz: 2005: Campaign manager for Jon Huntsman for Governor.
    John Sanchez: Traces NM family roots back hundreds of years.
    Hector Balderas: State rep from Wagon Mound; ADA from UNM Law School.
    Alan Khazei: The Khazei Principles: open process for fact-based positions.
    Eric Wargotz: Lost 2010 election 1.14 million votes to 655,666.
    George LeMieux: Judeo-Christian values make us exceptional as a nation.
Social Security
    Joe Kyrillos: Raise retirement age & reduce increases for those under 55.
    Elizabeth Emken: Never alter or limit current benefits.
    Tommy Thompson: Make Social Security solvent.
    John MacGovern: Serious and courageous reforms of Social Security.
    Kurt Bills: Reform Social Security system or benefits won't be available.
    Dan Liljenquist: Different deal for those who still have time to adjust.
    George Maragos: Protect our sacred commitment to our seniors.
    Elizabeth Warren: Modest changes will save Social Security, not privatization.
    Tim Kaine: Adamantly opposes privatization of Social Security.
    Matt Dunlap: Don't return to fears of being too old or too ill.
    Don Bivens: Don't dismantle or privatize Social Security.
    Linda Lingle: Decrease benefits to future retirees & raise retirement age.
    Richard Carmona: No privatization; no Trust Fund as slush fund.
    Tim Kaine: Make Social Security work for today's seniors and future.
    David Dewhurst: Opposes cutting payroll taxes as harmful to Social Security.
    Bryan Hackbarth: Let young workers invest in Personal Retirement Accounts.
    Hector Balderas: Oppose efforts to privatize Social Security.
    Joe Arwood: Means testing for recipients; opt-out for younger workers.
    Michael Baumgartner: Do not betray the promises made to our grandparents.
    Jamie Radtke: Opt-out to private accounts for younger workers.
    Barry Hinckley: Stop looting the Trust Fund.
Tax Reform
    Rob Sobhani: 15% flat rate for most workers; high earners pay more.
    Angus King: 73,000 pages of tax code is too much.
    John MacGovern: Lower individual and corporate tax rates.
    Peter Lumaj: Simplify the tax code with a Flat Tax.
    Wendy Long: Unwavering on raising taxes; capital creates jobs.
    John Brunner: Smaller, flatter tax rate for everyone.
    Kurt Bills: Simplify the tax code.
    Kevin Wade: We're passing on a lifetime of cruel punitive taxation.
    Dan Liljenquist: Broaden the base; prefer FairTax.
    Deb Fischer: Voted for the largest tax relief package in Nebraska history.
    Dan Bongino: Reduce taxes in all income categories to stimulate economy.
    Sam Rohrer: Pledged in 1992 to never raise taxes; never broke pledge.
    Joe Kyrillos: Simplify, streamline, and lower taxes.
    Tom Smith: Fight to keep taxes and spending down.
    Matt Dunlap: Lower middle class taxes; remove fat cat tax breaks.
    David Dewhurst: Passed the largest tax cut in Texas history.
    Linda Lingle: Simplify & bring down tax rate; then we'll collect more.
    Steve Welch: Simplifying tax code leads to job creation.
    Anthony Hernandez: Supports Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan: end class-warfare.
    Elizabeth Emken: I am committed to lower taxes & reduced federal spending.
    Elizabeth Warren: End tax breaks to the already-rich and already-powerful.
    George Maragos: Our tax code must be simpler and fairer.
    George Maragos: Work towards "Fair Tax".
    Hector Balderas: Tax increases on the wealthiest Americans.
    Joe Arwood: Tax code is too complicated & too burdensome.
    Susan Bysiewicz: Repeal Bush tax cuts and end corporate welfare.
    Jamie Radtke: Simpler and fairer tax structure.
    John Sanchez: For tax cuts; for spending caps; against earmarks.
    John Schiess: Taxes transfer wealth to those who have not earned it.
    Scott Noren: Amend Bush tax cuts to apply to $500,000 and below income.
    Barry Hinckley: Broaden the base with the FairTax.
    Don Stenberg: Fight for no new taxes & to extend Bush tax cuts.
    Elizabeth Ames Jones: When raising taxes, government takes a little more freedom.
    Jon Bruning: Federal government taxes too much & listens too little.
    Kevin Coughlin: Lower tax rates in exchange for closing loopholes.
    Marc Scaringi: Pro-growth policies starting with cutting taxes.
    Pat Flynn: Replace IRS with the FairTax.
    Ian Linker: Make tax code flatter, fairer, and simpler.
    Jason Carter: Invest in buses, trains, bike lanes, and pedestrian paths.
    Paul Sadler: Investing in infrastructure secures economic future.
    Dave Weldon: Fought for Space Shuttle upgrades & Constellation Program.
    Cynthia Dill: Collect sales taxes on the Internet.
    Jon Roland: Repeal oppressive taxation of Computer Contractors.
    David Ruben: Government support of science crucial to growth and survival.
    Scott Howell: Board Member of the United States Internet Council.
    Elizabeth Warren: Increase research for new industries in Massachusetts.
    Elizabeth Warren: Upgrade our aging infrastructure and invest in the future.
    Alan Khazei: Expand internet learning and science education.
    Jeff Flake: Change transportation funding so donor states get more back.
War & Peace
    Joe Kyrillos: Disarm and dismantle al Qaeda in Afghan region.
    Joe Kyrillos: Cannot allow Iran to hold the world hostage with nuke.
    Elizabeth Emken: More US troops to Afghanistan--we must win this war.
    Elizabeth Emken: We are better off for having removed Saddam Hussein.
    Cynthia Dill: Bring the troops home from Afghanistan.
    Bob Marshall: Require congressional authorization for "just war".
    Duane Sand: Win the War on Terror; the fight is not over.
    Deb Fischer: We must fight and win the war on terrorism.
    Martin Heinrich: Opposed war in Iraq; end combat operations in Afghanistan.
    Pat Flynn: America is in an over-extended mess abroad.
    Sam Rohrer: No foreign military engagements without declaration of war.
    Richard Carmona: Consider all options in preventing Iranian nukes.
    Tim Kaine: Redefine War Powers to reflect realities of 21st century.
    Tim Kaine: Nuke deal with Iran is dramatic improvement over status quo.
    John Sanchez: Fight global war on terrorism abroad rather than at home.
    Anthony Hernandez: Bring our troops home unless Congress declares war.
    George Maragos: We must bring all of our troops home now!
    Hector Balderas: Withdraw our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Michael Baumgartner: It is time to end the wars.
    Michael Baumgartner: Military spending is too high and going to war is too easy.
    Barry Hinckley: Exit Afghanistan & defund Iraq.
    Pat Flynn: Out of Libya now; address Iraq & Afghanistan next.
    George LeMieux: Withdraw troops but remain an engaged partner with Iraq.
    George LeMieux: Don't leave Afghanistan while there is still work to be done.
    Hector Balderas: 33,000 out of Afghanistan is good; but there are 70,000 more.
Welfare & Poverty
    Mark Clayton: End tax-exempt registration for churches.
    Dan Liljenquist: Administer welfare programs at a state level.
    Zach Poskevich: Give with a glad heart, through community, not government.

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