Joe Biden on Technology

Former Vice President; previously Democratic Senator (DE)


Infrastructure decade: we used to have the best in the world

America used to have the best roads, bridges, and airports on Earth. Now our infrastructure is ranked 13th in the world.

That's why it was so important to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law--the most sweeping investment to rebuild America in history. We're done talking about infrastructure weeks. We're going to have an infrastructure decade.

It is going to transform America and put us on a path to win the economic competition of the 21st Century that we face with the rest of the world-- particularly with China. As I've told Xi Jinping, it is never a good bet to bet against the American people.

We'll create good jobs for millions of Americans, modernizing roads, airports, ports, and waterways all across America. We'll build a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations, begin to replace poisonous lead pipes. And tonight, I'm announcing that this year we will start fixing over 65,000 miles of highway and 1,500 bridges in disrepair.

Source: 2022 State of the Union address , Mar 1, 2022

Stop tech companies collecting personal data on our children

We must hold social media platforms accountable for the national experiment they're conducting on our children for profit. It's time to strengthen privacy protections, ban targeted advertising to children, demand tech companies stop collecting personal data on our children.
Source: 2022 State of the Union address , Mar 1, 2022

Largest investment ever to restore crumbling infrastructure

PROMISE MADE:ˇ(JoeBiden.com 2020 campaign website):

PROMISE KEPT:ˇ(NBC News): President Joe Biden has delivered on a key campaign promise to deliver the largest investment ever in restoring crumbling roads, bridges and other types of physical infrastructure. Biden said that the bill would have a direct impact on people's daily lives by creating union jobs, and expanding broadband internet access. The bill also puts money toward clean water initiatives at a time when studies have shown that millions of people are exposed to unsafe tap water.

Source: NBC News "Infrastructure Win": Biden Administration promises , Nov 7, 2021

We have to develop and dominate future technologies

We'll see more technological change in the next 10 years than we saw in the last 50. And we're falling behind the competition with the rest of the world. Decades ago, we used to invest 2% of our gross domestic product in research and development. Today, that's less than 1%. China and other countries are closing in fast. We have to develop and dominate the products and technologies of the future, the advanced batteries, biotechnology, computer chips, clean energy.
Source: 2021 State of the Union address , Apr 28, 2021

Appoint National Security Advisor for Cyber Technology

We'll take on directly the challenges posed by our prosperity, security, and democratic values by our most serious competitor, China. We'll confront China's economic abuses; counter its aggressive, coercive action; to push back on China's attack on human rights, intellectual property, and global governance. But we are ready to work with Beijing when it's in America's interest to do so.

We've elevated the status of cyber issues within our government, including appointing the first Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology. We're launching an urgent initiative to improve our capability, readiness, and resilience in cyberspace.

Source: Manchester Ink Link on 2020 New Hampshire Senate race , Feb 4, 2021

Good-paying jobs via new green infrastructure

We can get to net zero, in terms of energy production, by 2035. Not only not costing people jobs, creating jobs, creating millions of good-paying jobs. Not 15 bucks an hour, but prevailing wage, by having a new infrastructure that in fact, is green. And the first thing I will do, I will rejoin the Paris Accord, because with us out of it, look what's happening. It's all falling apart.

The rainforests of Brazil are being torn down, are being ripped down. More carbon is absorbed in that rainforest than every bit of carbon that's emitted in the United States. Instead of doing something about that, I would be gathering up and making sure we had the countries of the world coming up with $20 billion, and say, "Here's $20 billion. Stop tearing down the forest. And If you don't, then you're going to have significant economic consequences." It's going to create thousands and millions of jobs. Good paying jobs.

Source: First 2020 Presidential Debate, moderated by Chris Wallace , Sep 29, 2020

NASA has cancer expertise: they know most about radiation

The president asked me to do the Cancer Moonshot. I visited every major cancer hospital in the world; I had access to go anywhere in the world I wanted. When the president gave me access to the whole Cabinet, everybody wondered, "Why did Biden put together this group that had NASA as part of it?"

Well, guess what? NASA knows more about radiation than any doc in the world knows about radiation, and whether or not the damage done--what's the present protocol? You go in, you find the tumor, you excise it. You use radiation to try to kill the bad stuff, but you kill a lot of good stuff on the way in.

[We have to always try new methods]. I have about 17 Nobel laureates that are working on the Biden Cancer Initiative. And we can now do a million, billion calculations per second, so if you're able to take a cancer genome, you get that and you sequence it, you can identify the precise kind of cancer and, in a matter of minutes, you're able to determine the particular therapy.

Source: CNN S. C. Town Hall for 2020 Presidential primary , Feb 26, 2020

Build half million charging stations on highways

Every new plan we have for infrastructure has to be green. For example, we're going to be able to place 500,000 charging stations along every new highway we build. We can afford to do that. We're going to own the electric vehicle market.
Source: CNN N. H. Town Hall on eve of 2020 N. H. primary , Feb 5, 2020

Install 550,000 charging stations on all new highways

Q: What would you do as president to transition America away from oil and natural gas?

Biden: We have to not rebuild to the standard that existed before when we talk about when we come in and help people. We have to rebuild the standard that exists today. For example, we shouldn't build another new highway in America that doesn't have charging stations on it. We have an opportunity to put 550,000 charging stations so that we own the electric vehicle market, creating millions of jobs for people and installing them as well as making sure that we own the electric vehicle market. There's so many things we can do and we have to make sure we explain it to those people who are displaced, that their skills are going to be needed for the new opportunities.

Source: Newshour/Politico/PBS December Democratic primary debate , Dec 19, 2019

High-speed rail & mass transit would remove millions of cars

Q: Should the U.S. ban fossil fuel exports?

BIDEN: I think we should, depending on what it is they're exporting for what they're replacing. Everything is incremental. For example, about transportation. I've been pushing really hard for mass transit and for rail. We can take millions of vehicles off the road if we had high-speed rail. I've been a champion of that for the last 25 years. We know the corridors where we could do that. It would literally take millions of vehicles off the road. But you have to have a rail system that makes people say, "if I get on that rail, I will get there as fast as I would have gotten had I driven and I can afford to do it relative to the cost of my driving." There's a direct correlation. This is something I spent the bulk of my career on, trying to save Amtrak and other things like transportation. But my point is, we can begin to change the arc in a significant way, [by] investing in the science and the technology and the changes that are available.

Source: CNN Climate Crisis Town Hall marathon (10 Democrats) , Sep 4, 2019

In battle for America's soul we choose science over fiction

Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. We have to let them know who we are. We choose science over fiction. We choose hope over fear. We choose unity over division. We choose the idea that we can as Americans, when we act together, do anything. This is the United States of America. We've acted together. We have never, never, never been unable to overcome whatever the problem was.
Source: July Democratic Primary debate (second night in Detroit) , Jul 31, 2019

Full electric vehicle future by 2030

We built the largest wind farm in the world, the largest solar energy facility in the world. We drove down the price of both of those renewable energy sources. I would immediately insist that we build 500,000 recharging stations throughout America, so that we can go to a full electric vehicle future by the year 2030. I would make sure that we invested $400 million in new science and technology, to be the exporter of the green economy that can create millions of jobs.
Source: June Democratic Primary debate (second night in Miami) , Jun 27, 2019

$15B initiative to rebuild energy & water infrastructure

[In 2014], the secretary of energy had been asking me to take the lead in pushing a $15 billion initiative to rebuild the country's aging energy infrastructure. This was a urgent and much-needed fix. Power outages caused by storms, especially along shorelines, were costing Americans billions of dollars a year because the electricity grid needed to be modernized. An inexcusable number of the nation's water pipelines were still made of WOOD. Gas lines around the country were springing leaks, and no wonder. Many had been put in the ground back when Eisenhower was president. Dangerous amounts of methane gas were escaping into the atmosphere at every stage of the natural gas supply chain. My job was to sell the plan to key members of the House and Senate, and I was hoping to get real bipartisan support.
Source: Promise Me, Dad,by Joe Biden, p. 86 , Nov 14, 2017

Double amount of spectrum available for wireless broadband

V.P. Biden announced the release of a new report, "The Economic Benefits of New Spectrum for Wireless Broadband", describing the substantial economic value of aggressively pursuing Pres. Obama's goal of nearly doubling the amount of spectrum available for wireless broadband over ten years and deploying a nationwide interoperable wireless network for public safety.

The report summarizes the compelling evidence that additional spectrum for wireless broadband is needed to accommodate the surging demand for wireless data traffic, projected to increase by a factor of twenty by 2015. The report also describes the potential for wireless broadband to play a transformative role in public safety and as a platform for innovation in many areas of the economy.

"I've been working on changing the way we allocate spectrum for a long time, because a smarter system is good for our economy, good for innovation, and vital to keeping our cops, firefighters and EMTs safe," said Vice President Biden.

Source: Press Release: Economic Value of Increasing Spectrum , Feb 21, 2012

Internet is new public space; make it a force for democracy

Nearly 1/3 of humankind is online today, something we would have never thought possible 20 years ago: more than 2 billion people and counting. The Internet has become the public space of the 21st century, a sphere of activity for all kinds of activities, open to all people of all backgrounds and all beliefs.

More than 5 billion people will connect to the Internet in the next 20 years. And most of them will live in countries and regions that are now under-represented online. The benefits they'll derive from it are going to depend in large degree on the choices all of us today make. The Internet itself is not inherently a force for democracy or oppression, for war or for peace. Like any public square or any platform for commerce, the Internet is neutral. But what we do there isn't neutral. It's up to us to decide whether and how we will protect it against the dangers that can occur in cyberspace while maintaining the conditions that give rise to its many benefits.

Source: VP's Remarks to London Cyberspace Conference , Nov 1, 2011

No exclusive government control over Internet resources

No citizen of any country should be subject to a repressive global code when they send an email or post a comment to a news article. Now, there are some who have a different view, as you all know. They seek an international legal instrument that would lead to exclusive government control over Internet resources, institutions and content and national barriers on the free flow of information online. But this, in our view, would lead to a fragmented Internet, one that does not connect people but divides them; a stagnant cyberspace, not an innovative one, and ultimately a less secure cyberspace with less trust among nations.

So the United States stands behind the current approach which harnesses the best of governments and private sector and civil society to manage the technical evolution of the Internet in real time. This public-private collaboration has kept the Internet up and running all over the world.

Source: VP's Remarks to London Cyberspace Conference , Nov 1, 2011

WikiLeaks founder is a high-tech terrorist

Vice-President Joe Biden made his case for why WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a "high-tech terrorist" in an appearance on NBC's "Meet The Press."

"This guy has done things and put in jeopardy the lives and occupations of people in other parts of the world," Biden said. "He's made it difficult to conduct our business with our allies and our friends. ... It has done damage."

Biden also claimed the leaks have had a direct impact on his own work when meeting with world leaders. "There is a desire now to meet with me alone rather than have staff in the room," he said. "It makes things more cumbersome."

Biden said the Justice Department is exploring possible legal action against Assange. His comments echoed those made by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell earlier this month. "I think the man is a high-tech terrorist," McConnell said.

Source: Huffington Post, 'High-Tech Terrorist' , Dec 19, 2010

China invests 7% of GDP in infrastructure; we invest only 1%

On infrastructure specifically, we have a huge opportunity. China invests 7%-9% of its GDP in infrastructure projects. We invest just 1%. There's a reason they have a mag-lev train that can go over 200 miles per hour. I may have a bit of a pro-rail bias, but think of the jobs we could create--in both construction and innovation--if we made similarly bold investments here. We should fast-track funding for the thousands of ready-to-go projects across the country that can quickly put people back to work and lay the foundation for long-term growth. In the longer term, we are calling for the creation of a new National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank that will help us make the investments we need to build a 21st century transportation system--while creating jobs and taking the politics out of infrastructure spending. And it has the added benefit of making American business more competitive in the world.
Source: Speech at National Governors Association Meeting , Dec 2, 2008

Proposed $980M for tunnel repair; others have dropped ball

Q: Did you guys in Congress drop the ball on infrastructure?

A: I didnít drop the ball. In 1992, I proposed a $20 billion infrastructure bill proposed by the mayors. We donít need any more studies; 560,000 bridges--27% of them are in bad shape. We have been proposing since the day after 9/11 that we spend $980 million to refurbish the tunnels on the East Coast. My colleagues need to get on board. These guys, Republicans, have been irresponsible about our infrastructure, and the safety of this country.

Source: 2007 AFL-CIO Democratic primary forum , Aug 7, 2007

Voted NO on restoring $550M in funding for Amtrak for 2007.

An amendment to provide an additional $550,000,000 for Amtrak for fiscal year 2007. Voting YEA would increase Amtrak funding from $900 million to $1.45 billion. Voting NAY would keep Amtrak funding at $900 million.
Reference: Santorum amendment to Transportation funding bill; Bill S.Amdt.3015 to S.Con.Res.83 ; vote number 2006-052 on Mar 15, 2006

Voted YES on disallowing FCC approval of larger media conglomerates.

Vote to pass a joint resolution expressing congressional disapproval of the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission. The rule would therefore have no force or effect. The rule in question deals with broadcast media ownership and would allow media conglomerates to own more television stations and newspapers.
Reference: FCC Media Ownership bill; Bill S J Res 17/H.J.RES.72 ; vote number 2003-348 on Sep 16, 2003

Voted YES on Internet sales tax moratorium.

Vote against allowing states to require companies who do business in their state solely by phone, mail, or the Internet to collect state sales taxes. [Current law does not require companies to collect sales taxes where the customer is out of state]
Reference: Bill S.442 ; vote number 1998-296 on Oct 2, 1998

Voted YES on telecomm deregulation.

Deregulation of the telecommunications industry.
Status: Telecommunications Competition and Deregulation Act of 1995 Y)91; N)5; NV)3
Reference: Conference Report on S. 625, the; Bill S. 652 ; vote number 1996-8 on Feb 1, 1996

Fund nanomaterial research project for car batteries.

Biden introduced funding nanomaterial research project for car batteries

A bill to promote the future of the American automobile industry, and for other purposes.

    The Secretary shall conduct a program of research, development, demonstration, and commercial application for electric drive transportation technology, including:
  1. high-capacity, high-efficiency batteries;
  2. control system development and power train development and integration for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid fuel cell vehicles, and engine dominant hybrid electric vehicles;
  3. nanomaterial technology applied to both battery and fuel cell systems;
  4. large-scale demonstrations, testing, and evaluation of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in different applications with different batteries and control systems, including military applications; mass market passenger and light-duty truck applications; private fleet applications; and medium- and heavy-duty applications.
Source: American Automobile Industry Promotion Act (S.1055/H.R.1915) 07-S1055 on Mar 29, 2007

Overturn FCC approval of media consolidation.

Biden co-sponsored overturning FCC approval of media consolidation

Congressional Summary:Disapproves the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on February 22, 2008, relating to broadcast media ownership. Declares that the rule shall have no force or effect.

Proponents' Argument in Favor:Sen. DORGAN: The FCC loosened the ban on cross-ownership of newspapers and broadcast stations. We seek with this resolution of disapproval to reverse the FCC's fast march to ease media ownership rules. The FCC has taken a series of destructive actions in the past two decades that I believe have undermined the public interest. [Now they have given] a further green light to media concentration.

The FCC voted to allow cross-ownership of newspapers and broadcast stations in the top 20 markets, with loopholes for mergers outside of the top 20 markets. The newspapers would be allowed to buy stations ranked above fifth and above.

The rule change was framed as a modest compromise. But make no mistake, this is a big deal. As much as 44% of the population lives in the top 20 markets. The last time the FCC tried to do this, in 2003, the Senate voted to block it.

This rule will undercut localism and diversity of ownership around the country. Studies show that removing the ban on newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership results in a net loss in the amount of local news produced in the market as a whole. In addition, while the FCC suggests that cross-ownership is necessary to save failing newspapers, the publicly traded newspapers earn annual rates of return between 16% and 18%.

This Resolution of Disapproval will ensure this rule change has no effect. This is again a bipartisan effort to stop the FCC from destroying the local interests that we have always felt must be a part of broadcasting.

Source: S.J.RES.28&H.J.RES.79 2008-SJR28 on Mar 5, 2008

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