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Shortest Way Home,
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Higher Loyalty,
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The Making of Donald Trump,
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Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
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Outsider in the White House,
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State of Connecticut Politicians: secondary Archives

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    from State of Connecticut secondary Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Al Gore (1) Democrat
  • Ann-Marie Adams (7) Democratic candidate for Connecticut U. S. Senate Connecticut
  • August Wolf (16) Republican Senate Challenger Connecticut
  • Bob Stefanowski (5) Connecticut Republican candidate for governor of Connecticut
  • Catherine Templeton (7) South Carolina Republican candidate for South Carolina Governor
  • Chris Murphy (6) Democratic Challenger Connecticut
  • Christopher Shays (1) Republican challenger (Lost primary) Connecticut
  • Dan Carter (16) Republican candidate for Senate Connecticut
  • Dan Malloy (43) Connecticut Democratic Governor
  • Danny Drew (2) Connecticut Democratic candidate for Governor
  • David Walker (2) Connecticut Republican candidate for Governor
  • Heidi Heitkamp (3) Democratic Challenger North Dakota
  • Jack Orchulli (4) Republican challenger Connecticut
  • Jahana Hayes (2) Democrat U.S. Rep Connecticut- 5
  • Joe Visconti (4) Connecticut Republican candidate for Connecticut Governor
  • Joseph Lieberman (14) Democrat
  • Linda McMahon (14) Connecticut Former Small Business Administration
  • Maggie Hassan (9) New Hampshire Democratic Governor
  • Mark Lauretti (7) Connecticut Republican candidate for Connecticut Governor
  • Matthew Corey (20) Republican Candidate for Connecticut U.S. Senator Connecticut
  • Ned Lamont (28) Connecticut Democratic Candidate for governor
  • Peter Lumaj (7) Connecticut Republican candidate for Connecticut Governor
  • Prasad Srinivasan (3) Connecticut Republican candidate for Governor
  • Richard Blumenthal (10) Democratic Sr Senator Connecticut
  • Rick Berg (1) Republican Challenger North Dakota
  • Tom Foley (35) Connecticut Republican challenger
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Bob Stefanowski: Don't make abortion illegal; but parental notification ok.
    Dan Malloy: Free birth control coverage.
    Catherine Templeton: 100% pro-life; won't back down.
    Matthew Corey: Pro-choice.
    August Wolf: Pro-choice but no federal funding for abortion.
    Tom Foley: Pro-choice.
Budget & Economy
    Ned Lamont: No more funny math in budget; balanced for future.
    Bob Stefanowski: Smart, responsible fiscal reform will turn around economy.
    David Walker: 2007: deficit spending saddles millennials with debts.
    Matthew Corey: Washington's unbalanced budget affects all states.
    Matthew Corey: Wasteful spending and regulations crippling jobs.
    Joe Visconti: Unfunded liabilities crush our financial plans.
    Dan Carter: Too much of our economy is controlled by federal government.
    Tom Foley: Tax credits are spending; oppose $400M job expansion credits.
    Maggie Hassan: Invest to keep economy moving forward post-Recession.
    Tom Foley: AdWatch: Malloy's policies drive jobs out of state.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Quit playing blame game & pass Balanced Budget Amendment.
    Rick Berg: We need a budget that comes to closure, and reins in deficit.
    Christopher Shays: OpEd: Spent $200M on "Bridge to Nowhere".
    Dan Malloy: Vision for economic revival, not just recovery.
    Jack Orchulli: Enforce the constitutional spending CAP backed by facts.
Civil Rights
    Bob Stefanowski: I'm a civil rights Republican, not a white nationalist.
    Joe Visconti: Labelled Chinese candidate as "Kim Jong Tong".
    Ann-Marie Adams: President of the Conn. Association of Black Communicators.
    Matthew Corey: Supports same-sex marriage.
    Dan Malloy: Prohibit "conversion therapy" of gay youth.
    Prasad Srinivasan: Prohibit "conversion therapy" of gay youth.
    August Wolf: Signed Supreme Court amicus brief favoring same-sex marriage.
    Maggie Hassan: Women earn only 77 cents on the dollar compared to men.
    Ann-Marie Adams: Racial injustice:Black student debt disproportionately worse.
    Dan Malloy: Include gender identity in anti-discrimination law.
    Dan Carter: NO on including gender identity in anti-discrimination law.
    Dan Malloy: CT shattered the glass ceiling with first female governor.
    Tom Foley: Maintain gay marriage law, although personally against it.
    Linda McMahon: Allow gays to openly serve in military, but do it cautiously.
    Richard Blumenthal: CT statutes do not allow same-sex marriage licenses.
    Mark Lauretti: Top priority: don't over-burden business.
    Matthew Corey: Government regulations stifling small businesses.
    August Wolf: Not everyone who works on Wall Street is a criminal.
    Dan Malloy: Invest state funds in businesses that preserve in-state jobs.
    Tom Foley: We pay huge sums in corporate welfare to keep jobs in CT.
    Tom Foley: Investigate Economic and Community Development loan fraud.
    Dan Malloy: Businesses should suggest which state regulations to abandon.
    Dan Malloy: Small Business Express Program: grants for 944 companies.
    Tom Foley: Small Business Express Program is too generous with aid.
    Dan Malloy: First Five program: leverage public to private funding.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Fought attempt to weaken ND bank privacy laws.
    Tom Foley: Criticized for bankruptcy of a Georgia textile mill.
    Dan Malloy: Prison population has dropped AND recidivism has declined.
    Matthew Corey: Supports capital punishment but not mandatory minimums.
    Dan Carter: Empower both law enforcement and communities together.
    Tom Foley: Veto efforts to repeal the death penalty.
    Tom Foley: Arrested twice for motor vehicle incidents.
    Ned Lamont: Work with legislature on legalization of marijuana.
    Mark Lauretti: Law enforcement AND treatment to fight opioid abuse.
    Matthew Corey: Attack drug companies & prescribing doctors first.
    Tom Foley: Recreational marijuana use is a gateway drug.
    Maggie Hassan: Experience & data suggest legalizing marijuana does not help.
    Dan Carter: Voted NO on medical marijuana for debilitating conditions.
    Dan Malloy: Palliative medical marijuana use for debilitating conditions.
    Linda McMahon: 1989: WWE exonerated unanimously of steroid doctor misdeeds.
    Linda McMahon: Husband acquitted of steroid distribution in WWE.
    Matthew Corey: Wants vouchers for school choice, empower states.
    Catherine Templeton: School money & school control should be local.
    Mark Lauretti: Get the government out of the classroom.
    Dan Carter: Bottom-up decisions on schools, not top-down politicians.
    August Wolf: Support home-school, charter schools, & parochial schools.
    Dan Malloy: $22M for new charter schools over three years.
    Tom Foley: Ran on platform of school choice.
    Tom Foley: In-district public school choice, money follows the child.
    Tom Foley: Charters are part of the solution, but not whole solution.
    Tom Foley: Local control instead of Common Core mandates.
    Ann-Marie Adams: Lack of minority teachers led to achievement gap.
    Peter Lumaj: Expand charter schools and the voucher program.
    Dan Malloy: Had learning disability when there were no support programs.
Energy & Oil
    Dan Malloy: Aggressively pursue clean energy.
    Danny Drew: Enacted sustainable, green energy policies.
    Matthew Corey: Yes to Keystone; no to funding renewables.
    August Wolf: Support domestic exploration for clean coal, oil, and gas.
    Tom Foley: No gas tax increase to pay for rail transport.
    Dan Malloy: Moving Canadian oil thru the US is not best for the economy.
    Dan Malloy: Leverage private capital to deliver renewable energy.
    Peter Lumaj: Develop our vast natural gas and oil reserves.
    Joseph Lieberman: Cheney energy bill was imperfect but good for CT.
    Ned Lamont: Cheney energy bill keeps us dependent on foreign oil.
    Danny Drew: Restored Middletown's waterfront & public parks.
Families & Children
    Ned Lamont: Proposed 12 weeks paid family leave from 1/2% payroll tax.
    Ned Lamont: Paid time off to new parents and caregivers.
    Jahana Hayes: Supports gay marriage & equal constitutional rights.
    Matthew Corey: Investigate Hollywood's systematic sexual abuse.
    Dan Malloy: 21-year-old son arrested in robbery, suffering depression.
    Dan Malloy: Permanently establish the Office of Early Childhood.
Foreign Policy
    Dan Carter: Policy of stupefied bystander erodes America's stature.
    Linda McMahon: Sustainable 2-state solution in Israel; no settlement freeze.
    Richard Blumenthal: 2-state solution in Israel after Palestine stops terrorism.
    Joseph Lieberman: North Korean missiles were provocative, but donít over-react.
    Ned Lamont: Biggest threat to US is rogue nation with nukes.
Free Trade
    Dan Carter: Oppose TTP as neither free trade nor fair trade.
    August Wolf: Ratify fast-track trade authority and TPP.
    Maggie Hassan: N.H. is fastest-growing state in the nation for exports.
    Dan Malloy: Trade trips to China to promote aerospace & bioscience.
    Dan Malloy: Make sure entire world knows: CT is open for business.
    Joseph Lieberman: Connecticut jobs rely on exports.
    Ned Lamont: Lieberman never saw a trade agreement he didnít like.
    Ned Lamont: Negotiate strong labor & enviro into trade agreements.
Government Reform
    Ned Lamont: Easier absentee ballots, early voting should be permanent.
    Joe Visconti: State & feds should pay for construction inspection failures.
    Dan Malloy: Cut state agencies by 28% and cut state workforce by 9%.
    Matthew Corey: Don't regulate union/corporate campaign contributions.
    Dan Carter: Democrats do nothing but raise campaign cash for re-election.
    Peter Lumaj: Peter's Plan: require voter ID; end same-day registration.
    Dan Malloy: Fully fund the Citizens' Election Fund (public finance).
    Dan Carter: Fully fund the Citizens' Election Fund (public finance).
    Prasad Srinivasan: Fully fund the Citizens' Election Fund (public finance).
    Mark Lauretti: Opposed publicly finance campaigns, but will participate.
    Tom Foley: AdWatch: Complains about ethics, but was fined for PAC.
    Tom Foley: 2010: criticized public campaign financing; 2014: accepts it.
    Dan Malloy: Require state government to use GAAP accounting principles.
    Joseph Lieberman: Public has right to know candidateís personal income taxes.
    Joseph Lieberman: Earmarks are great for Connecticut.
    Ned Lamont: Earmarks should be outlawed as lobbyist over-influence.
    Jack Orchulli: Wonít accept a dime of special interest money.
Gun Control
    Dan Carter: Represented Newtown; but opposed gun control after shooting.
    Jahana Hayes: Constituents want gun control, and Hayes will work on it.
    Chris Murphy: Teachers don't want to be armed; nor do parents or students.
    Chris Murphy: Stricter gun control laws on a federal level.
    Bob Stefanowski: No more gun controls; gun owners have been persecuted.
    Ned Lamont: We learn first hand the cost of unregulated gun ownership.
    Ned Lamont: Ban bump stocks, and other common sense restrictions.
    Dan Malloy: NRA has developed into a terrorist organization.
    Prasad Srinivasan: It is person behind AR15s that bring about massacres.
    Dan Malloy: Close loopholes; ban bump stocks.
    Dan Malloy: Allow early voting, explore vote by mail.
    Matthew Corey: Gun control needs more mental health programs.
    Catherine Templeton: Gun owner & NRA member.
    August Wolf: Never disarm law abiding Americans.
    Tom Foley: Newtown law added inconveniences on law-abiding citizens.
    Tom Foley: Let stand current gun laws, but no specific proposals.
    Maggie Hassan: Background check system to avoid gun sales to mentally ill.
    Tom Foley: Enough on gun control; focus on preventing another Newtown.
    Dan Malloy: Restrict sales of "long guns" and ammunition capacity by age.
    Dan Carter: Voted NO on restricting sales of "long guns" and ammo by age.
    Dan Malloy: More guns are not the answer to gun violence.
    Ann-Marie Adams: Newtown massacre exposes race and class prejudice.
    Chris Murphy: NRA has more control over Congress than any other group.
    Tom Foley: Supports 2nd amendment but require reporting stolen firearms.
Health Care
    Dan Malloy: Healthcare a fundamental right.
    Matthew Corey: Let health care be governed by the free market.
    Dan Carter: Government-run ObamaCare screams out to repeal & replace.
    August Wolf: Repeal ObamaCare: all of it; immediately.
    Tom Foley: Post costs for treatments to give consumers options.
    Ann-Marie Adams: Expand Medicaid and reduce disparities.
    Peter Lumaj: Repeal ObamaCare; create market-based health care system.
    Jack Orchulli: No billions for public option; keep skin in the game.
    Ned Lamont: Why hasnít Lieberman ever signed onto universal healthcare?
Homeland Security
    Chris Murphy: Russia never stopped interfering in American politics.
    Matthew Corey: Veterans cannot be ignored or forgotten.
    Dan Carter: Restore troops to being nimble, smart and relentless.
    August Wolf: VA administration has been sorely mismanaged.
    August Wolf: Demand accountability in Department of Veterans Affairs.
    Dan Malloy: Pledge to end homelessness for veterans by end of 2015.
    Maggie Hassan: Thank veterans for unyielding dedication to our freedom.
    Tom Foley: Appoint veteran-friendly Commissioner of Veterans Affairs.
    Peter Lumaj: Peace through strength to defeat terrorism.
    Richard Blumenthal: Apologizes again for having said he served in Vietnam.
    Linda McMahon: Terrorists only need to succeed once; we must succeed always.
    Joseph Lieberman: Last thing we want is to release dangerous Gitmo detainees.
    Ned Lamont: Gitmo, wiretaps, & Haditha have weakened our moral authority.
    Matthew Corey: Build border wall; deport those illegally present.
    Dan Malloy: Muslim ban harkens back to darkest times in our history.
    Ann-Marie Adams: Immigrants need their voices to be heard.
    Catherine Templeton: Cracked down on undocumented workers.
    Peter Lumaj: Albanian refugee but opposes sanctuary cities.
    August Wolf: Build a wall & aggressively enforce immigration laws.
    Dan Malloy: Loosen in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.
    Dan Carter: NO on loosening in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.
    Tom Foley: House child refugee immigrants at Southbury Training School.
    Tom Foley: We need a federal comprehensive immigration policy.
    Linda McMahon: More merit-based system for green card & citizenship.
    Linda McMahon: No amnesty; enforce immigration laws.
    Richard Blumenthal: Enact comprehensive solution; piecemeal approach fails.
    Joseph Lieberman: Now itís too easy to come in across our border.
    Joseph Lieberman: Earn citizenship only after 11 years of waiting within rules.
    Ned Lamont: Focus on employers hiring, not on building fences.
    Ned Lamont: Give illegal immigrants a path to earned citizenship.
    Ned Lamont: Better training and support for workers: STEM and vo-tech.
    Catherine Templeton: Fought to keep unions out of SC.
    Joe Visconti: Opposes state public employee unions.
    Dan Malloy: Pushed bill to protect advanced manufacturing jobs.
    August Wolf: Minimum wage of $15 per hour is too high; find middle ground.
    Tom Foley: OpEd: His company moved 3,000 jobs to Mexico.
    Tom Foley: Raise minimum wage nationally, but focus on jobs in CT.
    Tom Foley: Pledge not to change public employee collective bargaining.
    Linda McMahon: Six-point jobs growth plan; cut taxes for the middle class.
    Dan Malloy: We created 9,400 new, private sector jobs in the last year.
    Linda McMahon: WWE has created 20 jobs annually for 28 years.
    Richard Blumenthal: Contractors without health insurance aren't good jobs.
    Joseph Lieberman: My seniority helps me deliver contracts and jobs to CT.
    Ned Lamont: Invest in infrastructure to create local jobs.
Local Issues
    Dan Malloy: Connecticut is the land of steady habits, for good & for bad.
    Maggie Hassan: High-end "destination" casino to counter Massachusetts.
Principles & Values
    Ned Lamont: Important to reset relationships with regional states.
    August Wolf: Represented America at 1984 Olympics.
    August Wolf: Participated in 1984 Olympics, as shot-put athlete.
    Tom Foley: 1981: Arrested for 1st-degree attempted assault in car crash.
    Tom Foley: Will not participate in primary debates.
    Dan Malloy: Don't listen to the critics; Connecticut is moving forward.
    Maggie Hassan: We do democracy better: we argue but then solve problems.
    Mark Lauretti: Denies involvement in two Shelton development scandals.
    Tom Foley: AdWatch: NYC residents should move to CT under new governor.
    Linda McMahon: OpEd: Spent $50M of her own money on 2010 Senate race.
    Tom Foley: Partial facial paralysis means he smiles on only left side.
    Joseph Lieberman: Iím not George Bush, but Lamont is running against him.
    Joseph Lieberman: Would run Independent due to Lamontís single-issue candidacy.
    Ned Lamont: I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.
    Ned Lamont: If Lieberman wonít take on George Bush, I will.
    Ned Lamont: My support is grassroots -- stand up and be clear.
    Ned Lamont: Democrats should present constructive alternatives to Bush.
    Al Gore: Stand for the people and against special interests.
Social Security
    Matthew Corey: Social Security isn't an entitlement but a benefit.
    Dan Malloy: 78% of our state pension fund is making up for past mistakes.
    Dan Malloy: Restructure pension benefits to address chronic underfunding.
    Linda McMahon: Don't take benefits away from seniors.
    Joseph Lieberman: I looked at privatization but decided against it.
    Ned Lamont: No common ground with Bush on privatization.
Tax Reform
    Bob Stefanowski: Eliminate the state income tax over the next 8 years.
    Ned Lamont: Middle-class gets hammered by $800B federal deficit.
    David Walker: 2007: higher taxes needed; 2018: not so much.
    Matthew Corey: Wants lower corporate and middle class tax rates.
    Catherine Templeton: Fiscal conservative for low taxes.
    Mark Lauretti: Lower taxes & be business-friendly.
    Dan Carter: Common sense tax policies to unleash power of entrepreneurs.
    August Wolf: Tax reform to allow private industry to create jobs.
    Heidi Heitkamp: Never eliminate home mortgage deduction.
    Peter Lumaj: Simplify the tax code with a Flat Tax.
    Jack Orchulli: End over-spending by self-serving career politicians.
    Linda McMahon: Economy is fragile; don't raise taxes in a recession.
    Richard Blumenthal: Nation's wealthiest don't need extension of Bush tax breaks.
    Linda McMahon: Make Bush tax cuts permanent or CT loses 8.500 jobs.
    Richard Blumenthal: Extending Bush tax cuts for wealthiest 2% is wrong.
    Catherine Templeton: Infrastructure repair a top priority.
    Mark Lauretti: Make repairs; claim abandoned properties.
    Dan Malloy: On-time on-budget completion of Q Bridge project & CTfastrak.
    Tom Foley: No comment on reducing mass transit funding.
    Dan Malloy: Invest in Jackson Labs & Bioscience Connecticut.
    Dan Malloy: Innovation Ecosystem: connect investors for high-skill jobs.
    Ann-Marie Adams: Blend digital technology with underserved areas.
    Dan Malloy: Develop CT's deepwater ports & Bradley airport.
    Richard Blumenthal: Engage private sector to gather intel for homeland security.
War & Peace
    Chris Murphy: It's dangerous that administration is not talking to Iran.
    Chris Murphy: Executing foreign political figures opens Pandora's box.
    Matthew Corey: Increase American intervention in Middle Eastern conflicts.
    Matthew Corey: ISIS must be eliminated at all costs.
    Matthew Corey: Strong proponent of the war in Iraq.
    Dan Carter: ISIS threat is very real both at home and abroad.
    Richard Blumenthal: Cautious support of Iran nuclear deal; needs more oversight.
    August Wolf: We can't trust the Iranian terrorist regime with nukes.
    Linda McMahon: Support sanctions on Iran; keep all options on table.
    Richard Blumenthal: Strengthen sanctions on Iran, adding an arms embargo.
    Joseph Lieberman: Overthrowing Saddam was right, and we canít abandon Iraq now.
    Joseph Lieberman: Getting out too soon will be a disaster for Iraq and for us.
    Ned Lamont: Lieberman is only person confused about my position on Iraq.
    Ned Lamont: 6 months to withdraw from front lines; 12 months out of Iraq.
    Ned Lamont: $250M per day in Iraq better spent on domestic issues.
Welfare & Poverty
    Tom Foley: New urban enterprise zones and urban renewal initiatives.
    Maggie Hassan: Help Out New Hampshire volunteerism tour.
    Dan Malloy: $103 million to maintain the safety net.

The above quotations are from State of Connecticut Politicians: secondary Archives.

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