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Roy Moore: U.S. shouldn't be restricted by U.N. treaties

We should not be subject to UN control and direction and should not rely on, or support, UN treaties like LOST (Law of the Sea Treaty) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Such treaties only undermine our sovereignty as a nation, as does the very presence of the United Nations on our soil. We must maintain a strong nuclear defense and not rely on nuclear reduction treaties which leave us vulnerable to foreign powers.
Source: 2017-2018 Alabama Senate campaign website Aug 31, 2017

Roy Moore: America and Russia have both promoted bad things

When The Guardian told Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) that Ronald Reagan once called Russia "the focus of evil in the modern world," Moore replied, "You could say that very well about America, couldn't you?" He added: "We promote a lot of bad things," specifically citing same-sex marriage. When the reporter suggested that's an argument Vladimir Putin makes, Moore said, "Well, then maybe Putin is right. Maybe he's more akin to me than I know."
Source: PoliticalWire on 2017 Alabama Senate race Aug 11, 2017

Richard Shelby: Immediate moratorium on Syrian refugees

Q: What would you do to assure the security of Americans?

Shelby: During these uncertain times around the world, we must have a strong military. I have always supported efforts to properly train and equip our men and women in uniform, and will continue to fight to protect the American homeland and its interests.

I would also put an immediate moratorium on Syrian refugees coming into the U.S. President Obama's refugee plan relies on a vetting system that does not do enough to ensure that terrorists are not infiltrating the system. I recently voted against the omnibus because it gave a blank check to the President to continue with his plans that I believe will put Americans in harm's way.

Lastly, I would stop the President's executive action on gun control. In order to ensure the safety of Americans, we must not allow for any action that takes away law-abiding citizens' right to protect themselves.

Source: League of Women Voters: 2016 Alabama Senate Race Sep 19, 2016

Robert Bentley: Sue federal government to reform Refugee Resettlement Act

Radical Islamist carry out carefully planned attacks on innocent lives from Paris to California--and our people, finding little comfort from our federal government, wait and worry for our safety.

The federal government's Refugee Resettlement Act has failed America and its citizens. The outdated program--which pre-dates any recent acts of radical terrorism--allows refugees from the most radical nations to enter countries including the U.S. with little known about them. Among those refugees are those who would commit the most violent, deadly and extreme acts of terrorism.

Following those attacks my administration immediately took a long hard look at the federal government's Refugee Resettlement process. What we, and dozens of other states discovered, is unsettling and alarming. In an effort to reform the Refugee Resettlement Act, my administration filed suit last month against the federal government demanding the involvement of the states in this critical program.

Source: 2016 State of the State address to Alabama Legislature Feb 2, 2016

Marcus Bowman: America has a long-standing role in preserving peace

Q: Do you support or oppose the policy, "Support American Exceptionalism"

A: Strongly support. America has a long-standing role in preserving peace and free travel in the world.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Alabama Senate race with OnTheIssues Jan 21, 2016

Ron Crumpton: Act multilaterally, but with America in military lead

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the statement, "Support American Exceptionalism"?

A: Agree. I believe we should act multilaterally, but the U.S. is best qualified to lead military efforts that we supply troops for.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Alabama Senate race with OnTheIssues Nov 26, 2015

Ron Crumpton: Foreign involvement is appropriate

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the statement, "Avoid foreign entanglements"?

A: Oppose.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Alabama Senate race with OnTheIssues Nov 26, 2015

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