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Tommy Ahlquist: End excessive and burdensome regulation like EPA's

Tommy will fight to rein in the EPA, stop ObamaCare and eliminate burdensome regulations. Obama failed to understand that the proper role of government is to be limited and local. They stifled growth, and they discouraged innovation. They regulated businesses out of business. Tommy will fight to limit government, get rid of excessive and overreaching regulations and reform our tax code to spur job creation.
Source: 2018 Idaho Gubernatorial website Aug 8, 2017

Jerry Sturgill: Sick of career politicians staying in office forever

Sturgill presents himself as a political outsider, unlike Crapo. "I'm sick of career politicians staying in office forever," Sturgill said.

Sturgill has worked for years in the financial services industry, specializing in overseeing mergers and acquisitions involving small-and medium-sized companies. He has also served as the CEO of a regional armored transportation company. Before going into business, Sturgill worked as a raft guide on some of Idaho's most famous waters.

Source: Post-Register coverage of 2016 Idaho Senate race Jul 1, 2016

Jim Risch: Gridlock results from two very different party philosophies

Asked how to end the gridlock in Washington, D.C., Mitchell said, "The way we get beyond it is by electing different types of people to go back to Washington. The seniority system in the Senate might be part of the problem, because we here in Idaho did not elect Mitch McConnell, nor did we elect Harry Reid."

Risch countered, "The gridlock in Washington, D.C. is caused by the two very different philosophies of the parties and the people who are elected to the United States Senate. They reflect a very different view of what America is and should be. That is what has caused the gridlock today. When you stand up and start talking about spending less in Washington, D.C., they look at you like you've got three heads."

Source: Spokesman-Review on 2014 Idaho Senate debate Oct 8, 2014

Nels Mitchell: OpEd: Pledging just one six-year term means he's "lame duck"

Mitchell said, "I'm running for Senate to replace a career politician with someone who will demonstrate Idaho values of honesty, responsibility and hard work."

Mitchell has pledged if elected to serve just one six-year term, while Risch says he'd like to serve for "a long, long time" in the Senate. Mitchell was asked in the debate why he'd volunteer to start right out as a "lame duck."

"Six years is a long time," he responded. "You can accomplish a lot," he said, particularly if there's no need to focus on fundraising or the next election.

Risch said, "Everything in the U.S. Senate is based on seniority. I'm very fortunate to have gotten there when I did," saying his seniority in the 100-member Senate already is nearing "the low 60s or actually into the 50s now."

Source: Spokesman-Review on 2014 Idaho Senate debate Oct 8, 2014

Nels Mitchell: No junkets; no gridlock; promises one term only

Noting that Risch has held public office for almost 40 years, Mitchell said the Founding Fathers never envisioned career politicians running Washington.

"They conceived of a Senate in which citizen legislators would step forward to serve their country for a limited time before returning to their private lives." Mitchell said. "For that reason, I will run for one term and one term only."

"I am not a politician. I have had a successful career, and it is now my turn to step up," Mitchell said. "Six years is a long time. During that time, I will work as hard as I possibly can to represent Idaho and its people. I will be beholden to nobody but the people of Idaho."

Mitchell said the gridlock in Washington can be addressed. "I do not believe, as Sen. Risch does, that it's impossible to accomplish anything in the Senate," he said. "If that's the case, why do we pay him? I commit to you that I won't make excuses and I won't take junkets. No excuses, no junkets, period."

Source: 2014 Idaho Senate campaign website, Jan 14, 2014

Tom Sullivan: Keep limits on political donations; restrict corporations

Q: Do you support increasing the amount individuals are permitted to contribute to federal campaigns?

A: No.

Q: Should Congress regulate indirect campaign contributions from corporations and unions?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support removing all contribution limits on federal campaigns?

A: No.

Q: Should candidates for federal office be encouraged to meet voluntary spending limits?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support the line item veto?

A: Yes.

Source: Idaho Congressional 2010 Political Courage Test Sep 9, 2010

Brad Little: Term limits for governor but not state reps

Q: Do you support limiting the number of terms for Idaho governors?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support limiting the number of terms for Idaho state senators and representatives?

A: No.

Q: Do you support limiting contributions to state legislative and gubernatorial candidates?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support imposing spending limits on state level political campaigns?

A: No.

Q: Do you support adopting statewide standards for counting, verifying and ensuring accuracy of votes?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support prohibiting the reporting of media exit polling results until all polling locations in Idaho are closed?

A: Undecided.

Source: 2004 Idaho Congressional National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2004

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