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Brad Little: Replace ObamaCare with local control

ObamaCare regulations have made Idahoans' healthcare costs soar beyond all reason. Idahoans need more control over our healthcare along with fewer federal mandates, and I will pledge to every Idahoan that I will fight to control and lower healthcare costs in Idaho.
Source: 2018 Idaho Gubernatorial website Sep 1, 2017

Tommy Ahlquist: ObamaCare has been a disaster for doctors and patients

As a doctor, Tommy knows firsthand that ObamaCare has been a disaster for Idaho families. It's destroying the doctor-patient relationship. Premiums continue to rise while federal mandates change the very essence of medicine. We must implement solutions based on personal accountability, protect the doctor-patient relationship and promote competition between providers and insurance companies so Idahoans will receive the best care at a fair price.
Source: 2018 Idaho Gubernatorial website Aug 8, 2017

Butch Otter: Incentivize health care professionals to come to Idaho

We must address our shortage of primary care physicians. So I encourage you to keep funding our physician residency slots and we must keep attracting healthcare professionals by providing medical loan reimbursement incentives for primary care doctors who agree to serve our rural communities. In the meantime, I'm asking the Board of Education to work with our medical community and higher education institutions to develop a new plan for addressing future demand for healthcare providers.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Idaho legislature Jan 11, 2016

Jim Risch: ObamaCare is a regulatory quagmire

Q: Do you favor repealing ObamaCare? And what would replace it?

A: Yes. I fought against ObamaCare originally and I voted for and cosponsored every attempt to repeal it. This regulatory quagmire is not the solution for America's healthcare problems. We need more jobs and its small businesses that create those jobs. ObamaCare has discouraged small businesses from expanding. It has instead encouraged small business owners to cut hours, hire more part-time employees, increase the amount the employees contribute to healthcare, and in some instances, even quit providing healthcare coverage. When so many Americans are seeking stable sustainable employment, we do not need this law with thousands of pages of federal mandates and its chilling effect on job growth. I would replace ObamaCare with market-oriented reforms; a plan that gives individual Americans greater control over their healthcare and reduces the cost. The Patient CARE Act proposed by republican senators is a better alternative.

Source: Idaho Statesman Voter Guide on 2014 Idaho Senate race Jun 25, 2014

Nels Mitchell: Most of ObamaCare is good; fix the parts that aren't

Q: Do you favor repealing ObamaCare? If so, what should replace it?

A: Certainly, there are problems with the ACA, and they need to be addressed. We should keep what works and fix what doesn't work. In the U.S. Senate, I will work with colleagues from both parties to repeal, or amend, those parts of the ACA that do not make sense and to retain those provisions that are working well. Most Idahoans I've talked to tell me they are relieved that coverage can no longer be denied because of pre-existing conditions and that they appreciate the fact that coverage can no longer be limited by annual or lifetime caps on benefits. Parents are glad to know that their young adult children can remain on the parents' health care policies until they turn 26. But the ACA still needs work; consideration should be given to removing individual mandates and raising the cap on employer mandates. And, of even more importance, the ACA has not put the breaks on escalating health care costs in this country.

Source: Idaho Statesman Voter Guide on 2014 Idaho Senate race Jun 25, 2014

Butch Otter: State-based health exchange, not federal one-size-fits-all

[I recently decided] to pursue a state-based health insurance exchange rather than defaulting to total federal control of that process. Rejecting the opportunity to assert ourselves will result in an unresponsive, one-size-fits-all federal exchange wreaking havoc on some of America's most reasonable costs of coverage. At its core, this is a matter of state's rights. You all know how I feel about Obamacare. I will continue encouraging and supporting efforts by our Idaho congressional delegation and many others to repeal and replace the law. But the fact remains that for now and for the foreseeable future it is the law. And as responsible elected officials we're sworn to uphold the rule of law--not just those laws that we support. So I urge you to look beyond the important work of changing a misguided federal law to the essential task at hand--preserving for Idaho citizens the option of having a voice in how one element of that law is implemented.
Source: Idaho 2013 State of the State Address Jan 7, 2013

Rocky Raczkowski: Repeal ObamaCare

Gary Peters and his opponent, Rocky Raczkowski, are like two bad sports talk radio partners: they simply disagree on everything. (Except immigration, a hot button issue in which pandering to either side can seriously jeopardize your campaign.)

The two candidates have become cartoon caricatures of their respective parties. Peters gets painted as a flaming liberal who kowtows to the "socialist" liberal agenda and Raczkowski is deemed a tin-foil hat wearing ultra right-wing lunatic. Case in point: this Freep summation of their positions on the only other 3 issues in this election:

Source: Michigan Lawyers Weekly on 2010 Idaho House race Sep 10, 2010

Jerry Brady: Health care is national problem & needs national solution

    In visiting countless health care providers around Idaho during my campaign, I have been constantly learning how our state can foster a better healthcare system. There are five principles that form the core of my approach to our healthcare system:
  1. Adults need access to a primary care provider. If they have one, visits to emergency rooms and expensive operations later will decrease, along with state costs.
  2. The state needs to protect the viability of its hospitals. Non-profit and rural hospitals in particular constitute one of the cores of rural economic development.
  3. The state has an interest in insuring not only an adequately supply of doctors but also of nurses, paramedics and other health professionals.
  4. Health care is a national problem and needs a national solution.
Source: 2006 Gubernatorial campaign website, Nov 7, 2006

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