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James Comer: Vocally in support of building a wall on the southern border

I have been very vocal in my support of building a wall on the southern border, opposing any illegal amnesty, and locating every illegal in the US and quickly returning them to wherever they came from. I believe that the free market is the best environment for industry to grow, and that the government needs to get out of the way of industry to let the free market prosper. We need to significantly reduce the regulatory burden on our US businesses.
Source: 2016 AFA Action iVoterGuide on Kentucky House race Nov 8, 2016

James Comer: Support the wall; oppose amnesty & sanctuary cities

The inflow of illegal aliens is a serious problem. I am opposed to amnesty, sanctuary cities, and believe the best solution to our immigration problem is to build a wall to protect our borders.
Source: 2016 Kentucky House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Alison Grimes: Supports bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform

In her first specific comments on what would be a priority for her if elected, Grimes singled out immigration reform. "My hope is that our current senior senator will not block the efforts of the bipartisan work that the Gang of Eight is trying to do for immigration reform," Grimes said in an interview with WHAS11.

"As the issues are going on, especially the ongoing negotiations and meetings, I look forward to having further substantive conversations with you about those," Grimes said. In a key procedural vote on Monday afternoon, McConnell voted against cloture, saying the immigration reform bill was flawed.

Source: WHAS-11 coverage of 2014 Kentucky Senate debates Jul 24, 2013

Mitch McConnell: Border security first: the key to getting a final outcome

Q: How important is it to you to act this year to get some kind of immigration reform?

McCONNELL: Well, I hope we can. As you know, I'm the proud husband of an immigrant. A young girl came here at age eight, not speaking a word of English. In fact, her parents didn't have enough money for a plane ticket. They came over on a freighter with the freight. And my wife, Elaine Chao, became secretary of labor, and was in President Bush's cabinet. Look, I'm a big fan of what legal immigration has done for our country. The Senate bill, in my view, is deficient on the issue of border security.

Q: How do you deal with 11-12 million illegal immigrants in the country now without a pathway to citizenship?

McCONNELL: Well, you know, I think the stickiest issue actually is border security. The question is can we actually get the border secure and not have this happen again? That's the stickiest issue. We need to seriously beef up the border security part. I think that's the key to getting a final outcome.

Source: Meet the Press 2013 on 2014 Kentucky Senate race Jul 14, 2013

Rand Paul: Obamacare treats illegal aliens because it's illegal to ask

Q: You want to repeal Obamacare and replace it with what you call market-driven principles.

PAUL: We had 45 million people nationwide that were not receiving or didn't have health insurance. A third of them were in the country illegally and were illegal aliens. And I don't think we should be giving illegal aliens health insurance.

Q: No, that's not true. Illegal aliens are not covered by "Obamacare."

PAUL: I know, but it's illegal to ask them if they're illegal, so it's sort of a Catch-22. The Republicans kept introducing an amendment to Obamacare to say, "You can ask if they're illegal aliens," and the Democrats kept shooting it down, saying, "No, you can't ask whether they're here legally or illegally."

Source: Fox News Sunday, 2010 Kentucky Senate debate Oct 3, 2010

Jack Conway: Be tough & sensible; increase border security

As far as immigration, Conway says we need to increase border security and be "tough, sensible, and fair."

When it comes to the mosque in New York City he feels we should lean more towards the sensitivities of the 9/11 families.

Source: WBKO coverage of 2010 Kentucky Senate debate Aug 24, 2010

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