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Larry Crim: Oppose President Obama's disastrous Iran Deal

Serving our nation requires a dedication to uphold the Constitution and protect the American People for whom it was adopted. When the time came to address the provisions of The Constitution at the Tea Party Forum in Paris, TN Larry Crim for U.S. Senate was present. Corker was absent. When it came time to invoke the Treaty Clause of the Constitution, Corker was absent to uphold the Constitution, but present to enable President Obama's Iran Deal. Larry Crim spoke out in 2015 that Corker had undermined the Treaty Clause and bargained away the power of the Senate under The Constitution.

In 2016 Larry Crim spoke against Corker 's bid to be considered for Secretary of State because Corker, the Enabler-In-Chief of the Iran Deal--who is fighting to continue it--is not a match for President Trump who rightfully called it a "disaster" and vowed to "dismantle the disastrous Iran Deal".

Source: 2018 Tennessee Senate race website, Mar 3, 2017

David Kustoff: Take the fight to ISIS and other terrorists

The first priority of our government is our nation's security. We must take the fight to ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups, and destroy them. Under President Obama, the influence of the US has waned over the last seven years. Our allies don't respect us and our enemies don't fear us. This must change.
Source: 2016 Tennessee House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Gordon Ball: Time for our service members to come home from Afghanistan

For more than a decade, our country has been engaged in wars abroad--wars that stretched our military, our families, & our finances. We should always exhaust all other options before going to war, and we must never again put the price of wars on a credit card for our grandchildren to pay for. Any war that is unavoidable and in our national interest should be paid for as it is being fought.

I also believe it is time for our service members to come home from Afghanistan. We need to get out as quickly as possible, in a manner consistent with the safety of our troops and with a transition to Afghan control. Ultimately, the Afghans must take responsibility for their own future.

It's been a while since the death of Osama bin Laden, and America's operations have eliminated many of Al Qaeda's affiliates. However, the threat of attack still exists, and America must remain vigilant and continue all of our efforts--political, military, economic, and diplomatic--against Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

Source: 2014 Tennessee Senate campaign website, Aug 7, 2014

Gordon Ball: Critical to avoid nukes in North Korea and Iran

In North Korea and Iran--to name only two--the proliferation of nuclear weapons remains a critical challenge. Every additional finger on the nuclear button makes Americans and the world less safe. Every new country with nuclear weapons creates the very real risk of those weapons being lost or stolen. And every new country with nuclear weapons makes it more likely that their neighbors will also seek to develop nuclear weapons.

In Asia, the leadership transition in North Korea and its failed missile launch in April 2012 are developments that require continued American monitoring and attention, in addition to continued close cooperation with our allies and continued efforts with other nations in the region. To have progress, North Korea must demonstrate good faith, including suspending enrichment, halting missile tests, and allowing international inspectors into the country.

Source: 2014 Tennessee Senate campaign website, Aug 7, 2014

Mark Green: Don't forget soldiers who made capturing Saddam possible

This month marks the ten year anniversary of the capture of one of the world's most feared dictators, Saddam Hussein. It's something State Senator Mark Green (R-Clarksville) won't forget. In 2003 Green was an Army doctor with the Special Forces team that captured Saddam. Green was asked to stay the night with the former dictator to make sure he didn't kill himself.

Green says Saddam was talkative and the two spoke through an interpreter for six hours. Green details the historic encounter in his book "A Night With Saddam."

He says the former dictator viewed himself as superior but was surprisingly charming. While history will remember the capture, Green says we shouldn't forget the soldiers who made it possible.

Source: WZTV-Fox-17 on 2018 Tennessee Gubernatorial race Dec 16, 2013

Bob Tuke: Responsible Plan to End the War

We need to end the war in Iraq with honor while protecting our troops and honoring our veterans. Let’s focus on Afghanistan and bringing Bin Laden to justice.

I’ve endorsed the Responsible Plan to End the War, a strategy endorsed by leading retired Generals and military experts.

Source:, “Issues” Apr 4, 2008

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