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Danny Drew: Utah needs someone who is not beholden to PACs

His thought process is simple: Just as the United States is exceptional in the world, Utah and her people are exceptional in the United States. They deserve a Senator who will represent their best interests who is:
Source: 2018 Utah Senatorial campaign website Jul 12, 2017

Danny Drew: Big campaign donations are the tip of the iceberg

PhRMA donated $172,000 to the Utah Families Foundation, which is founded in part by Orrin Hatch. Nothing to see here?

"This is the tip of a very large iceberg," said Danny Drew, a school administrator from Utah who is building up a war chest to battle the Goliath of incumbents: Orrin Hatch.

Source: on 2018 Utah Senatorial race Apr 19, 2017

Misty Snow: There is too much money in politics: it's legalized bribery

The most important issue facing our country is that there is too much money in politics. Corporations can spend almost limitless money to influence the election process, which gives them enormous power over our democracy. Not only does this money limit which candidates can get elected, it also affects which bills candidates support once in office; candidates are much more likely to support bills that are favorable to donors who helped them get elected. This is a system of political corruption and legalized bribery and it needs to end.

I would sponsor a constitutional amendment that establishes that corporations are not natural persons, that money is not speech, and that the government shall regulate campaign expenditures so that all people can participate in the political process equally, regardless of economic status.

Corporate money and corporate influence are undermining our democracy. It's time to end corporate personhood. It's time to get money out of politics and save our democracy.

Source: 2016 Utah Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Mike Weinholtz: More restrictive campaign finance laws are necessary

The majority of Utahns believe that more restrictive campaign finance laws are necessary. The governor should be an ethical example, not sell his time to lobbyists and special interest groups for the sake of an election. I refuse to accept donations from corporations and special interests, and will be a voice for the people who can't afford their own lobbyist. I pledge to be available to the public two days a month, no appointments or checkbooks necessary.
Source: 2016 Utah gubernatorial campaign website Jun 17, 2016

Jonathan Swinton: Limit congressional terms & campaign donations

88% of Utahns want to reduce corruption among elected officials. I am with you! I am not afraid of addressing this problem. Some things I plan to work on to address potential corruption problems in Washington:
Source: 2016 Utah Senate campaign website, Oct 9, 2015

Jonathan Swinton: Term limits for members of Congress

Swinton said if he takes office he plans to fight for term limits for members of Congress and wants to tweak tax laws to help small business owners, such as reducing the amount of Social Security tax an entrepreneur has to pay.
Source: Salt Lake Tribune on 2016 Utah Senate race Aug 17, 2015

Gary Herbert: Ongoing review of election laws to upholding public trust

Let me take time to recognize the Lieutenant Governor's Office, as well as the Legislature, for their recent investigations of campaign and election law violations. We must continue to require ongoing review of our election laws to ensure strict compliance. Upholding the public trust in elected office starts with demonstrating our election laws must be adhered to--and when they are not, there will be serious consequences.
Source: 2014 State of the State address to the Utah legislature Jan 29, 2014

Dan Liljenquist: Congress should pass regulations, not executive agencies

Liljenquist spent time talking about how Congress has slowly delegated more and more authority to the president and several different bodies who now write and put into law, through regulation and executive order, most of the new laws in our country. He talked about how the Founding Fathers didn't mean for it to be this way and said that he would push to change it so that the regulations, even if they are put together by other organizations, would have to be passed by Congress.
Source: on 2012 Utah Senate debate May 20, 2012

Dan Liljenquist: Sprinklers in every house are out-of-hand regulation

Liljenquist gave an example of a regulatory body that got out of hand when he was in the state Senate. Someone noted that the newest edition of the state building code was going to require that every house have sprinklers installed in the ceiling to put out fires. Liljenquist then said that in his own house, with his own family, that would lead to sprinklers going off frequently as he has six kids and it is common to have someone burn a bag of popcorn in the microwave and set off the smoke alarm.
Source: on 2012 Utah Senate debate May 20, 2012

Pete Ashdown: Refuses any money from political action committees

Ashdown pledged to draw more contrast between himself and Hatch by refusing any money from political action committees--contending that Hatch is too beholden to monied interests. "Senator Hatch has raised almost $8 million in his race, and less than 1 percent has come from small individual donation. I'm asking for 100 percent of that in my race" to come from individuals.
Source: Salt Lake Tribune on 2012 Utah Senate debate Apr 13, 2012

Mike Lee: Reclaim right to constitutionally limited government

Granato charged that Lee is too extreme for Utah as a darling of the tea party. But Lee said most Utahns cheer his push to return to constitutionally limited government."Utahns have a real opportunity this year to either elect a mainstream candidate or an extreme candidate," Granato said.

Lee said that his views match Utahns who "are reclaiming their right to constitutionally limited government. We have to focus on limiting the size, scope, reach and power of the federal government."

Source: Salt Lake Tribune coverage of 2010 Utah Senate debate Sep 17, 2010

Gary Herbert: Commission to Optimize State Government: do more with less

We created the Advisory Commission to Optimize State Government. The goal of this group is to help the state do more with less in order to benefit all. It is headed by former Governor Norm Bangerter. This diverse and bipartisan group of civic and busines leaders is taking an inside-out look at all areas of the state. Their efforts will improve our already well-managed state, and, now more than ever, we must achieve new levels of efficiency in state government.
Source: Utah 2010 State of the State Address Jan 26, 2010

Gary Herbert: Guidelines on gifts, lobbying, & conflicts of interest

Today I signed an Executive Order that reaffirms and clarifies guidelines about accepting gifts, participating in lobbying efforts and identifying conflicts of interest. Now is as good a time as any to remind all state employees what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable conduct.

I encourage you, as lawmakers, to remove any perception of possible ethical issues by implementing meaningful and substantive ethics reform.

Source: Utah 2010 State of the State Address Jan 26, 2010

Jon Huntsman: Two-year cooling-off period before State employees can lobby

We all want a State equal to its promise. A State with more dreams than memories--one that is responsive, open and accessible. Tonight, as part of this administration's commitment to enhancing ethics in government, through an Executive Order, I will enact a cooling-off period of two years before State employees can lobby their previous place of work. In the interest of a transparent government, we will prohibit nepotism in hiring or contracting for all Executive Branch departments. Also, from this point on, I am asking for a complete ban on gifts to any Executive Branch employee. Ethics and integrity should be a requirement within all branches of government. Tonight, I reinforce my pledge to build an Executive Branch that holds itself to a higher standard.
Source: Utah 2007 State of the State address Jan 16, 2007

Mike Leavitt: Count missionaries abroad in census; gain Congressional seat

Last week we brought another lawsuit to give Utah the 4th Congressional seat it deserves. The issue is clear: how can 15,000 easily identifiable Utahns on humanitarian or religious service not be counted when others in government service are? Our cause is just; the census count was not.
Source: 2001 State of the State address to the Utah legislature Jan 16, 2001

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