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Phil Scott: Replace dysfunctional Vermont Health Connect with subsidies

Q: How do you think Green Mountain Care should be financed?

Scott: The single-payer proposal under the Green Mountain Care plan was abandoned by the sitting governor in 2014. The models that experts were using indicated that the plan would require an 11.5% payroll tax. I believe the decision to abandon this model was the correct one, and continuing down that road would have generated further uncertainty in Vermont's economy. However, we need to continue to work on proven models that increase access and reduce costs. We need to move off the dysfunctional Vermont Health Connect, which costs millions each year. In 2006, when I was in the State Senate, I supported legislation which expanded access to health care by providing subsidies to uninsured Vermonters to purchase insurance on a sliding scale basis. The act also cut costs through healthy lifestyle discounts to those who participated in programs that improved wellness. Within two years, Vermont's uninsured rate declined by 25%.

Source: LWV's on 2016 Vermont Gubernatorial Race Sep 19, 2016

Scott Milne: Promises of cost savings are likely a pipe dream

The administration missed its Jan. 1, 2013 deadline to reveal the financial plan for our state's health care system, and 19 months later we are no closer to knowing how or whether it will work. The state is hiring more consultants to fix the problem, and there is no end in sight. Promises of cost savings are likely a pipe dream. Vermonters deserve better than to be used as guinea pigs for an experiment that is likely beyond our means.
Source: 2016 Vermont Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2016

Sue Minter: Focus on containing costs in Vermont Health Connect

Rising healthcare costs are burdening our budgets of our schools and families. We must ensure that Vermont Health Connect works, but we cannot stop there. I will focus on containing costs by enhancing primary and preventative care, improving the integration of health care & social services, and supporting the transition to a more efficient healthcare delivery system. Payment reform should reward health outcomes rather than the current system that rewards more visits, procedures and prescriptions
Source: 2016 Vermont gubernatorial campaign website May 25, 2016

Bruce Lisman: Repeal the mandate to purchase insurance

We must repeal the mandate to purchase insurance from Vermont Health Connect and transition to the federal exchange. Our health care system must deliver quality, choice, and security to all Vermonters.
Source: 2016 gubernatorial campaign website, Mar 6, 2016

Phil Scott: Affordable health care? Yes; single-payer? No

Lt. Governor Phil Scott believes Vermont should have affordable health care that covers everyone. Unfortunately, the current system does not achieve these goals. Costs are too high and the peace of mind of having insurance is not available to everyone.

Advocates of single-payer health care, however, have not demonstrated how they will lower costs, guarantee coverage at all times for all medically necessary procedures, enhance the quality of care while preserving access to the doctor and hospital of one's choice, and strengthen the economy. In Lt. Governor Scott's view, these are the criteria that any credible reform plan must meet.

Source: 2016 Vermont Gubernatorial campaign website Sep 9, 2015

John MacGovern: Dislikes President Obama's health care act

On the issues, the two primary contestants tout similar conservative views. Both dislike President Obama's health care act, want a drastically smaller federal government, oppose abortion in most cases and are critical of the use of American soldiers to conduct nation-building in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.
Source: Burlington Free Press, on 2012 Vermont Senate debate Aug 27, 2012

Larry Drown: Healthcare that works for everyone

Source: 2006 Senate campaign website, Jun 24, 2006

Matt Dunne: State should provide universal access to health care

Source: Vermont Congressional 2002 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 2002

Howard Dean: Universal access for all Vermonters; insure the last 6%

I propose that our achievement-the achievement of this biennium-is to design and implement a better system of health care in Vermont. We have one of the lowest numbers of uninsured citizens in the country. But the fact that you are one of only 6% does not pay the doctor’s bill.

This biennium our goals for health care are finding ways to control costs, helping small businesses afford private coverage for their workers, and making government-guaranteed insurance for children, seniors and working Vermonters sustainable.

This also means assuring access to health care for every Vermont citizen. We will never control costs without universal access. Vermont deserves a health care system where small businesses are not bankrupted by trying to treat their employees responsibly, and Vermont deserves a system where all Vermonters have access to health insurance and to quality care.

Source: State of the State Address to 2001 Vermont General Assembly Jan 4, 2001

Howard Dean: Keep “community rating”: insure older people at same rates

Let me talk for a moment about what will not work. Vermont has a system of community rating where all age groups are charged the same for their coverage, despite the fact that older people use more health care than younger people. Some insurance companies left the state because they wanted to avoid insuring older people so they could make plenty of money by only covering low-risk Vermonters. Eliminating community rating will not make health insurance more affordable or accessible. It will simply add on another cost shift, causing those employees over 50 and their employers to pay even more money so that costs can be reduced for those under 35. I don’t believe Vermonters want this solution.

Our challenge is to find solutions that will work. I am appointing a special Governor’s Commission on Health Care Availability and Affordability, to find ways we can achieve the dual goals of controlling costs and guaranteeing universal access.

Source: State of the State Address to 2001 Vermont General Assembly Jan 4, 2001

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