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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Ross Spano: Support 24 hour waiting period for abortion.
    Jared Moskowitz: Oppose 24 hour waiting period for abortion.
    Greg Steube: Support 24 hour waiting period for abortion.
    Matt Gaetz: Support 24 hour waiting period for abortion.
    Darren Soto: Oppose 24 hour waiting period for abortion.
    Aaron Bean: Support 24 hour waiting period for abortion.
    Rick Scott: Signed 24 hour waiting period for abortion.
    Alexander Snitker: Government must define when life begins & then protect it.
    Alexander Snitker: No federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
    Andrew Gillum: Defunding Planned Parenthood jeopardizes women's health.
    Andrew Gillum: Decision should be made by women & their doctors.
    Annette Taddeo: Defends a woman's right to make choices about her own body.
    Augustus Invictus: Leave abortion decisions to the states.
    Bernard DeCastro: Prohibit federal funds for elective abortions.
    Betty Castor: Abortion should be rare, safe and legal.
    Betty Castor: Abortion is a personal matter that should not be interfered.
    Bill Nelson: Supports a women's right to choose.
    Brian Mast: Defend life at every stage.
    Brian Mast: Only allow abortion for rape, incest, and maternal life.
    Brian Moore: Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right.
    Charlie Crist: Tea Party is too extreme on outlawing abortion.
    Charlie Crist: Vetoed bill requiring ultrasound exams before abortions.
    Charlie Crist: 2006: I'm pro-life; 2014: That was for Republicans.
    Darren Soto: Women have a right to control their own bodies.
    Edward Janowski: Men imposing on pregnant women makes them breeding stock.
    Francis Rooney: Cherish and respect life.
    Fred Thompson: Lobbied for Planned Parenthood,but always voted against them.
    Jeb Bush: Restrict abortions to incest, rape, & health.
    Jeb Bush: Funded adoption counseling, but not abortion counseling.
    Jeb Bush: Prevent use of public funds for stem cell research.
    John Rutherford: All life is sacred, period.
    Kendrick Meek: I have a 100% voting record on abortion, unlike Gov. Crist.
    Marco Rubio: Voted against funding stem cell research.
    Matt Gaetz: Ban taxpayer-funded abortions under ObamaCare.
    Matt Gaetz: Roe v. Wade was a terrible decision.
    Mel Martinez: Opposed to abortion--life begins at conception.
    Mitt Romney: Would be delighted to sign federal ban on all abortions.
    Neal Dunn: Fight for the sanctity of life.
    Neal Dunn: Only allow abortion for rape, incest, and maternal life.
    Nikki Fried: Require half the legislature be female for new abortion laws.
    Philip Levine: Women have the right to be pro-choice, government keep out.
    Rick Scott: Abortion is wrong & Roe versus Wade should be overturned.
    Ron DeSantis: Ban abortions after fetal heartbeat detected.
    Ron DeSantis: Reject loosening law on late term abortions.
    Ron DeSantis: Anti-choice on abortion; pro-choice on vaccinations.
    Ron Paul: Get the federal government out of abortion decision.
    Ronald Reagan: Abortion on demand must be outlawed.
    Ross Spano: Protect survivors of abortion procedures.
    Rudy Giuliani: Would probably not sign federal ban on all abortions.
    Charlie Crist: Voted for Women's Health Protection Act after Roe overturned.
    Ron DeSantis: FactCheck: Only 1.3% of abortions take place after 21 weeks.
Budget & Economy
    Adam Putnam: Don't make Florida into California & their debt.
    Al Lawson: We are still rebuilding from the Recession; focus on jobs.
    Andrew Gillum: Stimulus better than market-led recovery.
    Annette Taddeo: Budget should help struggling families, not make it harder.
    Augustus Invictus: Fight for balanced budget & against Federal Reserve.
    Betty Castor: No tax cuts to the wealthy while we are facing huge deficits.
    Bill Nelson: Budget sequestration avoided national default.
    Brian Mast: Balance budget & overhaul federal spending caps.
    Brian Moore: Stimulus better than market-led recovery.
    Carlos Curbelo: Chronic budget deficits threaten our economy & security.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: As Lt. Governor: focus on job creation and tax reduction.
    Charlie Crist: Florida HOPE taskforce to help victims of housing crisis.
    Charlie Crist: Supports economic stimulus and some parts of ObamaCare.
    Charlie Crist: $8B stimulus funds saved or created 87,000 jobs in Florida.
    Charlie Crist: OpEd: As incumbent, blamed for Florida's weak economy.
    Charlie Crist: Worked to pass the American Rescue Plan.
    David Jolly: We've doubled our national debt in the last 8 years.
    David Jolly: Balance the budget: morally bound and for national security.
    Edward Janowski: Stimulus is short-lived; reduce barriers to market growth.
    Francis Rooney: $20 trillion dollars national debt is a national disgrace.
    Jeb Bush: Supports constitutional balanced budget amendment.
    Jeb Bush: Florida budget grew by 27% during Bush's terms.
    Jeff Greene: Everyone knew housing crash was coming; Congress did nothing.
    John McCain: Republicans have forgotten how to control spending.
    John McCain: I'm well-versed in economics; I was at the Reagan Revolution.
    John McCain: FactCheck: Said--then denied--he needed economics education.
    John McCain: Impose some fiscal discipline to revive the economy.
    John McCain: Will be able to reduce war costs & have a stable Middle East.
    John McCain: Reform insurance to cover violent weather patterns.
    John Rutherford: Entrepreneurs create jobs--not the government.
    Kendrick Meek: For economic stimulus, ObamaCare, & repealing Bush tax cuts.
    Kendrick Meek: Grow the economy rather than applying ideology.
    Marco Rubio: Oppose Obama stimulus package; it's bad for America.
    Marco Rubio: Paycheck Protection Program most effective relief program.
    Matt Gaetz: Balance budget by cutting spending & reforming entitlements.
    Mel Martinez: Promote growth and job creation to reduce the deficit.
    Mike Huckabee: To reduce spending, get rid of IRS & revamp DHS.
    Mike Huckabee: Stimulus plan is $150B from China, to spend on Chinese goods.
    Mitt Romney: Fundamentally change how Washington works, to reduce pork.
    Mitt Romney: Make sure that we rein in spending.
    Mitt Romney: Support some kind of national catastrophic fund.
    Mitt Romney: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were source of housing bubble.
    Neal Dunn: Cut excessive regulation; rein in wasteful spending.
    Newt Gingrich: We balanced the budget four times in the 1990s.
    Newt Gingrich: We balanced the budget four times in the 1990s.
    Nikki Fried: We need to be bringing in new industries to our state.
    Philip Levine: An economy that works for all Floridians.
    Rick Scott: 777 economic plan: 7 Steps to 700,000 Jobs in 7 Years.
    Rick Scott: Supply chain problems due to regulations, not infrastructure.
    Rick Scott: I cut taxes and balanced budget; you can do both.
    Ron Paul: Maintain the value of the dollar, unlike Federal Reserve.
    Ron Paul: Economic stimulus ok, but not via spending & printing money.
    Ron Paul: Dollar crashing due to trillions spent on maintaining empire.
    Ron Paul: Waving a flag the whole time on spending.
    Ron Paul: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be auctioned off.
    Rudy Giuliani: Across-the-board spending cuts; zero out failing programs.
    Rudy Giuliani: Get economy back on track based on growth principles.
    Ted Yoho: Keynesian economics is no way to stimulate the economy.
    Marco Rubio: Supports emergency relief to be spent immediately.
Civil Rights
    Greg Steube: Support "Pastor Protection Act" on gay marriage.
    Ross Spano: Support "Pastor Protection Act" on gay marriage.
    Matt Gaetz: Support "Pastor Protection Act" on gay marriage.
    Jared Moskowitz: Oppose "Pastor Protection Act" on gay marriage.
    Darren Soto: Oppose "Pastor Protection Act" on gay marriage.
    Aaron Bean: Support "Pastor Protection Act" on gay marriage.
    Rick Scott: Signed "Pastor Protection Act" on gay marriage.
    Al Franken: Apologized for comic routines that offended women.
    Alexander Snitker: Open gays ok in military; don't define marriage.
    Alexander Snitker: End affirmative action programs.
    Andrew Gillum: Take down Confederate monuments.
    Andrew Gillum: Staunch supporter of LGBT rights.
    Andrew Gillum: Oppose discrimination based on gender identity.
    Andrew Gillum: Supports same-sex marriage.
    Andy Martin: Discontinue affirmative action programs.
    Annette Taddeo: State must value everyone no matter their sexual orientation.
    Augustus Invictus: Who one marries is not the concern of the Government.
    Augustus Invictus: Friends with white supremacists, but denies affiliation.
    Bernard DeCastro: Define marriage as one man and one woman.
    Betty Castor: Support basic protections for gay couples, but not marriage.
    Bill Nelson: Favors requiring companies to hire more women & minorities.
    Charlie Crist: Lifetime member of NAACP.
    Charlie Crist: Opposed gay adoption; then praised Court overturning ban.
    Charlie Crist: 2010: Backed gay marriage ban; 2014: supports gay marriage.
    Charlie Crist: I left GOP because they bash Obama's race.
    Charlie Crist: I support same-sex marriage.
    Darren Soto: Embrace our proud LGBT community.
    Edward Janowski: Focus on corporate benefits for same-sex couples.
    Greg Steube: Don't force agencies to adopt to gay couples.
    Greg Steube: Trans women do not belong in women's sports.
    Gwen Graham: Fight to pass Paycheck Fairness Act.
    Jeb Bush: Supports Affirmative Action; against quotas.
    Jeb Bush: No hate-crimes status for gays; no gay marriage.
    Jeb Bush: Provide licensure exams in Spanish, for free.
    Jeb Bush: OpEd: "One Florida" scrapped affirmative action.
    Kendrick Meek: Sit-in to protest "One Florida" end of affirmative action.
    Lois Frankel: Affirmative action in state hiring and college.
    Marco Rubio: Men's bathrooms are for men & women's bathrooms for women.
    Mel Martinez: Support the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.
    Mitt Romney: MA Constitution, by John Adams, has no same-sex marriage.
    Nikki Fried: Banning transgender kids in sports is peddling hate.
    Nikki Fried: Updated personnel policies to ban LGBTQ discrimination.
    Pam Keith: Racists are sad aberrations, but they still exist.
    Philip Levine: History of being a fierce champion for LGBTQ rights.
    Rick Scott: $36 million for community-based disabled help.
    Rick Scott: I support traditional marriage.
    Ron DeSantis: Backs bill impeding voting by ex-felons.
    Ron DeSantis: Those who got violent need to be held accountable.
    Ron Paul: Protect all voluntary associations; don't define marriage.
    Ronald Reagan: Supports constitutional amendment to allow prayer in schools.
    Ross Spano: Don't force agencies to adopt to gay couples.
    Rudy Giuliani: No Marriage Amendment needed now, but maybe if DOMA fails.
    Rudy Giuliani: Comfortable with trying to reach voters in Spanish.
    Val Demings: To cops after George Floyd:"What in the hell are you doing?".
    Adam Putnam: Cut regulations & taxes for farms & businesses.
    Andrew Gillum: Corporate tax cuts can create jobs, support training.
    Andrew Gillum: Raise corporate taxes from 5.5% to 7.75%.
    Andrew Gillum: 90% of businesses pay no corporate income tax, & too little.
    Andrew Gillum: Trump tax cuts gave billions to our richest corporations.
    Brian Mast: Tax businesses less, to spur job creation.
    Gwen Graham: Line item veto to get rid of corporate handouts.
    Jeb Bush: Repeal the mandatory helmet law for motorcyclists.
    Jeff Greene: Sold $21M of condos to CA dealer now facing charges.
    John McCain: Cut corporate income taxes to keep jobs here.
    Marco Rubio: Loser pays, to discourage frivolous lawsuits.
    Marco Rubio: Work across the aisle to make America more business-friendly.
    Marco Rubio: Businesses need certainty to commit to hiring new workers.
    Mitt Romney: Key to economic stimulus: get companies to buy more stuff.
    Philip Levine: Stop special interest tax breaks in Tallahassee.
    Rick Scott: Eliminate thousands of regulations on job creators.
    Rick Scott: Remove the sales tax on manufacturing equipment.
    Rick Scott: Do away with commercial lease tax.
    Rick Scott: Fighting for Florida's Future: cut the commercial lease tax.
    Aaron Bean: Toughen laws against prostitution & sex trafficking.
    Al Lawson: Smart justice for non-violent offenses: system isn't working.
    Alexander Snitker: Supports capital punishment.
    Alexander Snitker: Job-training, substance-abuse, & early-release for prisoners.
    Andrew Gillum: Restorative justice programs to reduce teen recidivism.
    Andrew Gillum: Stricter punishment doesn't reduce crime.
    Andrew Gillum: Ban the box: re-entry of returning citizens into job market.
    Bernard DeCastro: Founded gospel-based Florida Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition.
    Brian Mast: Supports capital punishment & mandatory minimums.
    Brian Moore: Stricter punishment doesn't reduce crime.
    Charlie Crist: Reimagine law enforcement; restore trust with police.
    Charlie Crist: Supports 10-20-Life and Stop Turning Out Prisoners program.
    Charlie Crist: Chain-Gang Charlie: reinstitute prison chain gangs.
    Edward Janowski: Enforce existing sentences; eliminate other crimes.
    Jeb Bush: Build more prisons; private contracts OK.
    Jeb Bush: Alternative sentencing & rehabiliation acceptable.
    Jeb Bush: Supports death penalty.
    Jeb Bush: Stricter penalties for drug, sex, & gun offenses.
    Jeb Bush: Adopted Three-Strike Violent Felony Offender Act.
    Jeb Bush: 10-20-Life: Increase mandatory minimum sentences.
    Jeb Bush: Symbol of crime needs a human face on it.
    Jeb Bush: Passed Habitual Offender Accountability Act.
    John Rutherford: Give law enforcement all tools and resources needed.
    Lois Frankel: Death penalty but also alternative sentencing.
    Marco Rubio: Toughen laws against prostitution & sex trafficking.
    Marco Rubio: Collect DNA of those convicted of sexually deviant behavior.
    Mitt Romney: To reduce black on black crime, get more moms and dads.
    Nikki Fried: Supported posthumous clemency for Groveland Four.
    Philip Levine: Top-down & bottom-up audit of the Department of Corrections.
    Rick Scott: Signs death warrant for murderer.
    Rick Scott: Let's Keep Florida Safe: focus on reductions in crime.
    Ron DeSantis: Don't restore voting rights to former felons.
    Ron DeSantis: Opposes insane fantasy of defunding law enforcement.
    Ted Yoho: Support capital punishment.
    Val Demings: Improve relationships between police & community.
    Val Demings: Police work should be about building communities.
    Val Demings: Support police but we also have to deal with social ills.
    ACLU: Oppose mandatory drug testing of state employees.
    Adam Putnam: Opposes marijuana legalization as a gateway drug.
    Al Franken: Admitted drug use during days as TV comedian.
    Al Franken: Wrote two movies about drug addiction and its horrors.
    Alan Grayson: Exempt high-CBD/low-THC medical marijuana from Drug War.
    Alexander Snitker: No mandatory prison sentences for selling illegal drugs.
    Andrew Gillum: Focus on opioid epidemic as medical issue.
    Andrew Gillum: Marijuana isn't a gateway drug.
    Andrew Gillum: legalize marijuana, and tax it.
    Andy Martin: Decriminalize medicinal marijuana; end War on Drugs.
    Augustus Invictus: Abolishing the DEA is a start to end war on drugs.
    Bernard DeCastro: Convicted of drug related crimes & pardoned after 10 years.
    Brian Moore: Treat drug addiction and mental health on a massive scale.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Random drug testing of state employees.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Require random, mandatory drug testing of state employees.
    Charlie Crist: Supports legalizing recreational marijuana.
    Darren Soto: Oppose mandatory drug testing of state employees.
    Edward Janowski: Ridiculous to consider marijuana a gateway drug.
    Greg Steube: Random drug testing of state employees.
    Greg Steube: Require random, mandatory drug testing of state employees.
    Jeb Bush: Mandatory prison sentences for drug offenses.
    Jeb Bush: Funding to reduce teen substance abuse and tobacco use.
    Jeb Bush: Create a prescription drug tracking system to prevent abuse.
    Marco Rubio: Prove medical benefits to FDA before legalizing marijuana.
    Matt Gaetz: Require random, mandatory drug testing of state employees.
    Mike Ciresi: 2007: acknowledged past marijuana dabbling.
    Mike Haridopolos: Require random, mandatory drug testing of state employees.
    Nikki Fried: Advocated for medical marijuana & legalization.
    Nikki Fried: Advocated for medical marijuana & legalization.
    Nikki Fried: State should license black farmers for medical marijuana.
    Nikki Fried: As lobbyist, helped legalize smokable medical cannabis.
    Norm Coleman: Opposed to legalizing marijuana despite past usage.
    Patrick Murphy: Protect people complying with state marijuana laws from feds.
    Patrick Murphy: Let states decide marijuana legalization.
    Philip Levine: Combat the opioid epidemic by expanding Medicaid.
    Rick Scott: Drug courts & alternatives to incarceration.
    Rick Scott: OpEd: Requiring drug testing for welfare is unconstitutional.
    Rick Scott: Random drug testing of state employees.
    Rick Scott: Require random, mandatory drug testing of state employees.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Focus on opioids rather than marijuana.
    Ron DeSantis: No recreational marijuana; let voters decide medical usage.
    Aaron Bean: Voted for more scholarships for private schools.
    Aaron Bean: Restrict teaching sexual orientation/gender identity.
    ACLU: Against school prayer even if called "inspirational message".
    Adam Putnam: Parental control of education, not state or federal.
    Adam Putnam: Urges veto of school choice bill.
    Adam Putnam: More emphasis on technical training, not college.
    Al Lawson: College education needs to be attainable and affordable.
    Al Lawson: I believe in all options available in public education.
    Andrew Gillum: End punitive high-stakes testing regime.
    Andrew Gillum: Opposes vouchers for school choice.
    Andrew Gillum: $1B on education: set minimum teacher salary at $50,000.
    Andrew Gillum: Debt-free college in exchange for 4 years' work in Florida.
    Andrew Gillum: $1 billion Fair Share investment in public schools.
    Andrew Gillum: Make college debt-free for nurses & teachers.
    Andy Martin: Supports vouchers for public, private or religious schools.
    Brian Mast: Replace Common Core with school choice.
    Annette Taddeo: Expand state's pre-K program to a full day.
    Annette Taddeo: Don't restrict teaching sexual orientation/gender identity.
    Augustus Invictus: Enemy of Common Core and No Child Left Behind.
    Brian Moore: Opposes vouchers for school choice.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Allow non-compulsory student-led prayer in school.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: $10M for vouchers for private schools for poor kids.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Allow students to deliver inspirational messages.
    Darren Soto: Against school prayer even if called "inspirational message".
    Edward Janowski: Vouchers are regularly abused due to lack of oversight.
    Fred Thompson: Voted for No Child Left Behind, but critics were right.
    Fred Thompson: Allow states to experiment with vouchers & charter schools.
    Greg Steube: $10M for vouchers for private schools for poor kids.
    Greg Steube: Allow students to deliver inspirational messages.
    Gwen Graham: Invest in our public schools and Head Start.
    Hillary Clinton: Solemn vow never to abandon our public schools.
    Hillary Clinton: Hold kids to high standards, starting at home.
    Hillary Clinton: Address teacher shortage with salary increases.
    Hillary Clinton: Teachers need more peer consulting & more recognition.
    Hillary Clinton: Social promotion cheats our children.
    Hillary Clinton: More after-school; smaller classes.
    Hillary Clinton: Reduce size of schools; and modernize.
    Hillary Clinton: Read to young kids 20-30 minutes daily.
    Hillary Clinton: Entire school staff should focus on school safety.
    Hillary Clinton: Vouchers will not improve our public schools.
    Hillary Clinton: Let's build up our schools-not tear them down.
    Hillary Clinton: Charter schools provide choice within public system.
    Jeb Bush: More funding for schools; merit pay for teachers.
    Jeb Bush: Focus on abstinence; end social promotion.
    Jeb Bush: Restrict grade inflation by imposing minimum standards.
    Jeb Bush: Supports charter schools & vouchers.
    Jeb Bush: A+ Plan: Make "F" schools disappear; make more "A" schools.
    Jeb Bush: Push for gains among minority and disadvantaged students.
    Jeb Bush: Social promotion doesn't do our kids any favors.
    Jeb Bush: Voluntary universal Pre-K: fund 9,600 pre-school teachers.
    Jeb Bush: Guarantee college admission for top 20% of high school grads.
    Jeb Bush: Catholic Conference sought more voucher accountability.
    Jeb Bush: 60% of FCAT-passed schools failed to meet NCLB standards.
    Marco Rubio: Voted for more scholarships for private schools.
    Marco Rubio: Incentivize foreign language curriculum in elementary school.
    Marco Rubio: Prepare students for the Global Marketplace.
    Marco Rubio: More options for student and parent choice in education.
    Matt Gaetz: Allow opt-out of Common Core; abolish Dept. of Education.
    Matt Gaetz: Allow students to deliver inspirational messages.
    Mike Haridopolos: Allow students to deliver inspirational messages.
    Neal Dunn: Stopping Common Core is the first step.
    Patrick Murphy: Quality public education is best way to grow middle class.
    Philip Levine: Replace high-stakes testing with more comprehensive scoring.
    Philip Levine: Invest in public schools; stop funds to private/charters.
    Rick Scott: Allow students to deliver inspirational messages.
    Rick Scott: Increase the number of charter schools.
    Rick Scott: Eliminated tenure; with performance pay, give $2,500 raise.
    Rick Scott: $80M for state colleges; hold the line on tuition at $10K.
    Rick Scott: $10M for vouchers for private schools for poor kids.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Keep college graduates in Florida after graduation.
    Ron DeSantis: Expand voucher and charters; stop Common Core.
    Ron DeSantis: Expand both charters & vouchers.
    Ron DeSantis: Fund training for high schoolers who enter workforce.
    Ron DeSantis: Invest in higher ed; focus on job skills.
    Ron DeSantis: Prioritize attracting and retaining great teachers.
    Ron DeSantis: Expand Tax Credit Scholarships for school choice.
    Ron DeSantis: Boost teacher's minimum salary to $47,500.
    Ron DeSantis: Parents should have public school choice.
    Ron DeSantis: COVID: other states not opening schools a policy blunder.
    Ron DeSantis: Rejects education cuts, launched civics initiative.
    Ron DeSantis: Signed bills to protect religious freedom in Florida.
    Ron DeSantis: Make sure people are not supporting critical race theory.
    Ron DeSantis: Don't sow doubts among children about gender identity.
    Ron DeSantis: Restrict teaching sexual orientation/gender identity.
    Rudy Giuliani: Empower parents to decide parochial, charter, or home school.
    Rudy Giuliani: NYC public school system dysfunctional & should be blown up.
    Ted Yoho: Department of Education should be eliminated over 3-5 years.
    Val Demings: Equal access to quality education regardless of zip-code.
    Val Demings: College for all without facing crushing student loan debt.
    Val Demings: We need to focus more on our children graduating high school.
Energy & Oil
    Adam Putnam: Florida positioned to be oil hub for energy independence.
    Andrew Gillum: Climate change is a real; transition to clean energy.
    Andrew Gillum: Transition Florida to clean energy as rapidly as possible.
    Andrew Gillum: Make Florida world leader in rooftop solar energy production.
    Andrew Gillum: Withdrawal from Paris Climate accord is reckless.
    Augustus Invictus: Find alternatives to dependence on foreign energy sources.
    Betty Castor: We won’t solve this problem with more drilling.
    Brian Mast: Climate change regulations threaten economic growth.
    Brian Mast: Regulate fracking; acknowledge climate change.
    Brian Moore: Prioritize green energy.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Repeal Florida's cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases.
    Charlie Crist: $200M package for solar, wind, & biofuel from citrus.
    Charlie Crist: Open to cap-and-trade plan for carbon emissions.
    Charlie Crist: I'm not a scientists, but I can use my brain & talk to one.
    Darren Soto: Dramatically reduce our carbon emissions.
    David Jolly: I support offshore drilling, but not off Florida's coasts.
    Edward Janowski: Strong supporter of green energy.
    Greg Steube: Repeal Florida's cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases.
    Jeb Bush: Eliminate automobile emissions testing.
    Jeff Greene: Ban offshore oil drilling.
    John McCain: In favor of cap-and-trade.
    Marco Rubio: Tax incentives for energy-efficient appliances.
    Mel Martinez: Allow exploration in areas that support drilling.
    Nikki Fried: Middle of the road policies got C-minus from Sierra Club.
    Nikki Fried: Proposed a state-federal partnership on carbon farming.
    Philip Levine: $24M project to mitigate sea-rise in Miami Beach.
    Philip Levine: Against offshore drilling; invest instead in solar energy.
    Philip Levine: Effectively tackled challenges of climate change in Miami.
    Rick Scott: I'm not a scientist, so I have no proposal on climate change.
    Rick Scott: Repeal Florida's cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases.
    Ron DeSantis: No delay on Keystone pipeline for security & safety study.
    Ron DeSantis: No carbon tax; no wind energy subsidy.
    Rudy Giuliani: Support the technologies that improve alternative energy use.
    Ted Yoho: Department of Energy needs to be eliminated.
    Marco Rubio: Produce more American oil and not buy Russian oil.
    Adam Putnam: Unravel the EPA mess; it kills jobs & increases costs.
    Al Gore: Ban oil and gas drilling off Florida coast.
    Andrew Gillum: EPA protects our families from corporate toxic pollution.
    Andrew Gillum: EPA has critical role in protecting us from toxic pollution.
    Andrew Gillum: Properly fund Florida Forever and Everglades restorations.
    Andrew Gillum: Redirect freshwater flow, with pollution standards.
    Augustus Invictus: Respecting environment over business is a must.
    Bill Nelson: Lake Okeechobee water is murky, but it's a state issue.
    Brian Mast: Repair infrastructure surrounding Lake Okeechobee.
    Brian Moore: Support the EPA.
    Connie Mack IV: Criticizes agricultural tax breaks for grazing land.
    Darren Soto: Named Champion of the Everglades by Audubon Florida.
    Edward Janowski: Rein in EPA along with other bureaucracies.
    Francis Rooney: Stop release of polluted water from Lake Okeechobee.
    Gwen Graham: Protect natural heritage & open space for future generations.
    Jeb Bush: Let industries "self-audit"; compensate for "takings".
    Jeb Bush: Restrict Eminent Domain; most severe of all govt powers.
    Jeb Bush: New marine sanctuary to protect the Florida Keys.
    Jeb Bush: Florida Forever: $1B for environmental land purchases.
    Jeb Bush: Everglades are "crown jewel" of Florida environmental legacy.
    Jeb Bush: Acceler8: $1.5B plan for Everglades restoration.
    Jeb Bush: Declined results of state survey to limit urban sprawl.
    John Rutherford: Hand power back to our community from federal overreach.
    Marco Rubio: Partner with private companies for transportation system.
    Marco Rubio: Hurricane Savings Accounts for homeowners' insurance.
    Matt Gaetz: Environmental regulations are job-killing overreach.
    Nikki Fried: Initiated a plan to phase out the use of Styrofoam products.
    Nikki Fried: State needs to deal with potentially polluting gypsum stacks.
    Nikki Fried: Asks that manatees again be listed as "endangered" species.
    Patrick Murphy: Vital to Florida's future that we protect our environment.
    Rick Scott: Lay off DEP staff; environmental compliance & no enforcement.
    Rick Scott: Base environmental policy on sound science, not politics.
    Rick Scott: Break tourism records while protecting our environment.
    Rick Scott: Lake Okeechobee water is murky, but it's a federal issue.
    Rick Scott: OpEd: Protestors blame Scott for red tide algae bloom.
    Rick Scott: Repealed mandatory septic tank inspection & cut state DEP.
    Rick Scott: Emergency $9M to cope with red tide algae bloom.
    Rocky De La Fuente: We bear responsibility as stewards of our planet.
    Ron DeSantis: Stop Lake Okeechobee discharges that caused algae crisis.
    Ron DeSantis: Deal with Red Tide: clean the water; build a reservoir.
    Ron DeSantis: Must be bold in tackling Florida's water problems.
    Ron DeSantis: Create Resilient Florida program to deal with flooding.
    Val Demings: Endorsed by League of Conservation Voters.
Families & Children
    Andrew Gillum: Invited same-sex couples to get married in Tallahassee.
    Augustus Invictus: Healthy relations between men and women: opposes deviancy.
    Brian Moore: Comfortable with same-sex marriage.
    Francis Rooney: Marriage is a sacrament ; protected by religious freedom.
    Hillary Clinton: Send message: It is the job of children to learn.
    Hillary Clinton: Early-warning hotlines for homicidal & suicidal students.
    Jeb Bush: Increase KidCare; increase developmentally disabled services.
    Jeb Bush: No Place Like Home initiative: find families for DCF kids.
    Marco Rubio: Parental notification for social networking website use.
    Mike Huckabee: Understand the totality of the American family.
    Neal Dunn: Protect traditional faith-based family values.
    Rick Scott: $1.5 million for safe houses against human trafficking.
    Ron DeSantis: Protect faith-based noncooperation with gay marriage.
    Rudy Giuliani: Conservative record:I drove pornography out of Times Square.
Foreign Policy
    Andrew Gillum: Support American Exceptionalism.
    Annette Taddeo: Even if oil were free, don't go to Maduro regime for help.
    Betty Castor: Bush’s travel restrictions to Cuba are wrong.
    Bill Nelson: Keep the Cuban embargo, but let family members travel.
    Brian Mast: Aggressive NATO response to Russian expansionism.
    Brian Moore: Oppose this false notion of American exceptionalism.
    Carlos Curbelo: When the US shows weakness, bad actors become emboldened.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Defend democracy in Cuba, Venezuela, & Israel.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: After Cuban "normalization," more beatings & more oppression.
    Charlie Crist: Lift the Cuban embargo; it has failed for 50 years.
    Connie Mack IV: Keep the Cuban embargo until Cuba is a free democracy.
    David Jolly: Help create stability in regions where there is none.
    Edward Janowski: Support American Exceptionalism.
    Jeff Greene: 2007: Visited Cuba to repair yacht & support synagogues.
    Mike Huckabee: Law of the Sea Treaty gives away our sovereignty.
    Mitt Romney: Critical time for American century vs. European socialism.
    Newt Gingrich: I supported Helms-Burton to isolate the Castro regime.
    Nikki Fried: I am supporting the American-Israeli relationship.
    Pam Keith: Don't live by fear; we're the most bad-ass nation.
    Pam Keith: Born in Turkey; lived outside US for 9 years.
    Rick Santorum: Stand up for our friends in Latin America, not leftists.
    Rick Santorum: Keep embargo on Cuba--the heart of cancer in Latin America.
    Rick Santorum: Self-determination on statehood for Puerto Rico.
    Rick Scott: Cuba's Castros are terrorists; don't travel there.
    Ron DeSantis: Oppose socialist president of Venezuela; support opposition.
    Ron DeSantis: Pro-Israel; take action against boycott.
    Ron Paul: Stronger national defense by changing our foreign policy.
    Ron Paul: In Latin America, standing up for allies has meant military.
    Marco Rubio: Prisoner swaps put a price tag on Americans.
Free Trade
    Alexander Snitker: No free trade agreements; free trade with all nations.
    Andrew Gillum: Support free trade with restrictions.
    Andrew Gillum: Trump's tariffs threaten Florida's workers, farmers.
    Andy Martin: Opposes NAFTA, GATT, and WTO.
    Brian Moore: Free˙trade˙causes global inequalities & job loss.
    Darren Soto: Free trade is a nice theory, but oppose NAFTA & TPP.
    David Jolly: Yes to Ex-im bank; No to fast-track.
    Duncan Hunter: Let’s buy American this Christmas season.
    Edward Janowski: Trade deals not balanced for US but favor global economy.
    Gwen Graham: End tax breaks for companies that ship job overseas.
    Marco Rubio: Ban Xinjiang trade to fight Communist China on human rights.
    Nikki Fried: Opposed Trump trade deal, foreign produce dumping.
    Patrick Murphy: Yes to Ex-im bank; No to fast-track.
    Ron DeSantis: No to Ex-im bank; Yes to fast-track.
    Ron DeSantis: Trump's tariffs will get concessions from China.
    Ron DeSantis: Expands program to engage new international markets.
    Ron Paul: Free trade helps all of Latin America, even Cuba.
    Rudy Giuliani: China is a great opportunity and a great caution for the US.
    Tom Tancredo: Voted NO on permanent normalized trade relations with China.
    Marco Rubio: Assume something made in China is from slave labor.
Government Reform
    Aaron Bean: Allow transferring surplus campaign funds to other campaigns.
    Aaron Bean: Enact restrictions on vote-by-mail.
    Andrew Gillum: Limit corporate money in campaigns.
    Andrew Gillum: Make voter registration easier.
    Andrew Gillum: Campaign funded by many small donors plus two billionaires.
    Andrew Gillum: Bring it Home Florida: voter registration drive for 2020.
    Andy Martin: State campaign funding for complying with spending limits.
    Annette Taddeo: Republican legislature has suppressed voters' rights.
    Annette Taddeo: Don't make vote-by-mail more difficult.
    Bill Nelson: Russians penetrating our elections, but details classified.
    Bill Nelson: Require ads to disclose funders.
    Brian Mast: Regulate "dark money" indirect campaign contributions.
    Brian Moore: Make voter registration easier.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: More disclosure of campaign contributions & fundraising.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Reduce early voting; stricter third party registration.
    Charlie Crist: Extend voting hours across the state for all.
    Charlie Crist: Criticized restrictive elections bill & anti-riot bill.
    Darren Soto: Keep early voting and easy third party registration.
    David Jolly: OpEd AdWatch: Worked for lobbyists associated with Pakistan.
    Democratic Party: $2M to register 200,000 Florida non-voters.
    Doris Haddock: We need fair voting, good candidates, and good citizens.
    Edward Janowski: Voter ID system to end election fraud.
    Francis Rooney: Pledges to serve no more than eight years in Congress.
    Fred Thompson: Tort reform ok for liability lawsuits; leave rest to states.
    George LeMieux: Opposed thousands of earmarks during time in Senate.
    Greg Steube: Reduce early voting; stricter third party registration.
    Jeb Bush: Privatize & outsource govt; fee holidays for contractors.
    Jeb Bush: Keep legislation small and focused: no mammoth "train" bills.
    Jeb Bush: No campaign spending limits; no public financing.
    Jeb Bush: Legislative term limits strengthened Bush's executive power.
    Jeb Bush: OpEd: Foundation for Florida's Future hides campaign donors.
    Jeb Bush: Refused to fund state agency requests for specific services.
    Jeb Bush: Mature society can empty government buildings of workers.
    Jeb Bush: Judges should respect primacy of Legislature & Executive.
    Jeb Bush: Asked judicial candidates: Are you a God-fearing churchgoer?
    Jeb Bush: 2004: Purged felons list from eligible voters.
    Jeb Bush: 2005: Achieved goal of restraining growth in spending.
    John McCain: FactCheck: $35B in pork meant $484 per child, not $1000.
    John McCain: More sunshine on the Working Group on Financial Markets.
    Kendrick Meek: Drafted 70 bills in Congress; some got merged into law.
    Kendrick Meek: Sought earmarks for blighted area which benefited a donor.
    Lois Frankel: Limit campaign contributions and campaign spending.
    Marco Rubio: Allow transferring surplus campaign funds to other campaigns.
    Marco Rubio: Reduce paid petition business in citizen initiative process.
    Matt Gaetz: Reduce early voting; stricter third party registration.
    Mike Bloomberg: Fund voter registration in FL, WI, OH, MI, and PA.
    Mike Haridopolos: Reduce early voting; stricter third party registration.
    Mitt Romney: Use my own money in a campaign to try and change the US.
    Mitt Romney: Not concerned about voters on his campaign self-contribution.
    Nikki Fried: Been transparent on finances including past filing mistakes.
    Nikki Fried: Would reverse restrictions on voting rights.
    Nikki Fried: Republicans engage in voter suppression.
    Rick Scott: Free speech includes financially supporting candidates.
    Rick Scott: Political donations exercise the right to free speech.
    Rick Scott: Reduce early voting; stricter third party registration.
    Ron DeSantis: No to ballot harvesting and private groups spending money.
    Ron DeSantis: Enact restrictions on vote-by-mail.
    Rudy Giuliani: Supports tort reform like "loser pays" rule.
    Ted Yoho: Regulate campaign contributions.
    Val Demings: Members of extremist groups shouldn't be in police, military.
    Marco Rubio: Vice President doesn't have power to overturn election.
    Ron DeSantis: State legislatures decide presidential electors .
Gun Control
    Aaron Bean: Voted YES on new gun control after high school shooting.
    Jared Moskowitz: Voted YES on new gun control after high school shooting.
    Adam Putnam: Expanded concealed weapon licenses program; largest in US.
    Andrew Gillum: Operation Safe Neighborhood: community crime watch.
    Andrew Gillum: Favors strong gun laws.
    Andrew Gillum: No right to guns for domestic abusers or mentally ill.
    Andrew Gillum: Prohibit bump stocks and assault weapons.
    Andrew Gillum: Universal background checks & assault weapon ban.
    Andrew Gillum: Voting rights to former felons: they deserve a second chance.
    Annette Taddeo: Allow municipalities to pass stricter gun regulations.
    Annette Taddeo: Voted NO on new gun control after high school shooting.
    Augustus Invictus: Wants restoration of the Second Amendment.
    Brian Mast: Right to defend ourselves is God-given.
    Brian Moore: No absolute right to gun ownership.
    Byron Donalds: Voted NO on new gun control after high school shooting.
    Darren Soto: Stand up to the gun lobby.
    Duncan Hunter: Bearing arms is a tradition of the American soldier.
    Edward Janowski: Absolute right to gun ownership.
    Francis Rooney: Protect and defend the Second Amendment.
    Greg Steube: Voted NO on new gun control after high school shooting.
    Hillary Clinton: Don't water down sensible gun control legislation.
    Jeb Bush: Concealed carry OK; supports instant background check.
    Jeb Bush: Use a Gun and You're Done.
    Jeb Bush: Violent gun crime rate is down by more than 25%.
    Jeb Bush: Stand-your-ground bill: Deadly force OK when threatened.
    John McCain: I know how to use guns; but I don't own one.
    John Rutherford: Work hard for concealed carry & open carry.
    Matt Gaetz: One of the most pro-gun members of the Florida Legislature.
    Matt Gaetz: Supports open carry and Stand-Your-Ground.
    Mitt Romney: Support the 2nd Amendment AND the assault weapon ban.
    Neal Dunn: Protect the 2nd Amendment.
    Nikki Fried: Kicked the NRA out of weapons license permitting.
    Nikki Fried: Holds medical marijuana card and concealed-weapons permit.
    Nikki Fried: Kicked the NRA out of weapons license permitting.
    Nikki Fried: Supports common-sense gun violence prevention reforms.
    Patrick Murphy: More background checks: close the terrorist gun loophole.
    Patrick Murphy: No civilian access to military-style assault weapons.
    Patrick Murphy: Expand background checks; bar people on watch lists.
    Philip Levine: We need gun control reform with a common sense approach.
    Rick Scott: 21-year-old age requirement & 3-day wait on gun purchases.
    Rick Scott: Raise the legal age to buy all guns to 21 years old.
    Rick Scott: Don't ban AR-15s; fully automatic weapons already illegal.
    Rick Scott: Enacted new gun control after high school shooting.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Prohibit assault weapons; prohibit bump stocks.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Allow open carry in all public places and schools.
    Ron DeSantis: Allow carrying guns openly and on college campuses.
    Ron DeSantis: Concealed carry statewide; open-carry on campuses.
    Ross Spano: Voted NO on new gun control after high school shooting.
    Rudy Giuliani: Government can impose reasonable regulations on guns.
    Val Demings: Biden's measured, evidence-based orders will save lives.
Health Care
    Andrew Gillum: Healthcare should be a fundamental right.
    Andrew Gillum: Extend Medicaid to one million Floridians.
    Andrew Gillum: Expand ObamaCare; Medicare for Al.
    Andrew Gillum: Medicare for all: universal health care is a right.
    Andrew Gillum: Medicare-for-All, paid $1B restoration of corporate tax cuts.
    Andrew Gillum: Expand Medicaid in Florida; work toward Medicare-for-All.
    Annette Taddeo: Override governor; let voters decide on Medicaid expansion.
    Betty Castor: Expand federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.
    Betty Castor: Fight for a meaningful prescription drug plan.
    Brian Mast: Repeal and defund ObamaCare.
    Brian Moore: Opposes ObamaCare because it allows private sector.
    Carlos Curbelo: ObamaCare increases costs; empower patients instead.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Amend state constitution to block ObamaCare in Florida.
    Charlie Crist: Cover Florida: 6,000 uninsured given peace of mind.
    Charlie Crist: Get waste & fraud out of Medicare so program will survive.
    Charlie Crist: AdWatch: unwavering support of ObamaCare.
    Charlie Crist: 2007 & 2010: opposed ObamaCare; now supports fixing it.
    Connie Mack IV: ObamaCare cuts $700 billion out of your Medicare.
    Connie Mack IV: Repeal ObamaCare but preserve pre-existing condition rule.
    Darren Soto: Supports ObamaCare Medicaid expansion in Florida.
    Duncan Hunter: Romney’s plan has 1,000 mandates; drives up cost by 35%.
    Edward Janowski: Dismantle ObamaCare, for personal sovereignty & cost too.
    Francis Rooney: Fight to end the disaster known as ObamaCare.
    Fred Thompson: Less benefits for high-income Medicare beneficiaries.
    Greg Steube: Amend state constitution to block ObamaCare in Florida.
    Gwen Graham: Quality rural healthcare is vital; fix ObamaCare.
    Gwen Graham: Apply ObamaCare to full-time workers, not 30 hours per week.
    Jeb Bush: Leave research funding to feds, not state.
    Jeb Bush: No physician-assisted suicide.
    Jeb Bush: KidCare and Medikids: expand to 1.6M kids and then even more.
    Jeb Bush: Move Medicaid from "defined benefit" to defined contribution.
    Jeb Bush: Provide risk-adjusted premiums (insurance vouchers).
    Jeb Bush: Slashed every request for adult mental health.
    Jeb Bush: OpEd: Medicaid reforms won't cover chronic conditions.
    Jeff Greene: Supports Obamacare.
    John McCain: Give individuals $2500 refundable tax credits for healthcare.
    John Rutherford: ObamaCare is too big, too complex, & too burdensome.
    Marco Rubio: Launch a marketplace of affordable health insurance.
    Marco Rubio: Provide alternatives to employer-based insurance system.
    Matt Gaetz: Replace ObamaCare with a fiscally responsible system.
    Mel Martinez: Support Bush's plan to provide prescription drug benefits.
    Mike Haridopolos: Amend state constitution to block ObamaCare in Florida.
    Mike Huckabee: We don't have a healthcare system; it's a healthcare maze.
    Mitt Romney: Let states create their own private, market-based insurance.
    Mitt Romney: Removing most mandates drove down premium cost by half.
    Mitt Romney: Get everyone some form of catastrophic health coverage.
    Neal Dunn: Full and immediate repeal of ObamaCare.
    Nikki Fried: Criticized Florida AG for joining anti-ACA lawsuit.
    Patrick Murphy: We can improve ObamaCare, but it has hugely positive impact.
    Philip Levine: Expand Medicaid; give healthcare access to everyone.
    Rick Scott: AdWatch: "Let's Get to Work" opposing ObamaCare.
    Ron DeSantis: No right to health care; that's just a bureaucratic right.
    Ron DeSantis: Repeal ObamaCare; health care isn't a right.
    Ron DeSantis: Against Medicare-for-all; keep private insurance.
    Ron DeSantis: COVID: We will not close schools, jobs, businesses.
    Ron DeSantis: Supports $5000 fines for businesses demanding vaccine proof.
    Ron Paul: Insurance companies & gov't make healthcare unaffordable.
    Ron Paul: Transfer funds from debt & empire-building to healthcare.
    Ron Paul: Socialized medicine won't work; nor managed care.
    Rudy Giuliani: Medicare and Medicaid need a private solution.
    Tom Tancredo: Greater individual opportunity for health savings accounts.
Homeland Security
    Adam Putnam: Make Florida the most military friendly & vet friendly state.
    Adam Putnam: Use conservation money to protect military bases.
    Al Franken: 2005: Coleman should've held hearings on post-war corruption.
    Al Lawson: Ensure that veteran benefits are protected.
    Alan Grayson: Opposed $607 billion national defense bill.
    Andrew Gillum: Opposes expanding the military.
    Ann Kirkpatrick: Voted with GOP for DoD bill that Obama vetoed.
    Annette Taddeo: Opposes DeSantis plan to have state military force.
    Augustus Invictus: Non-interventionism & no unconditional support to Israel.
    Bernard DeCastro: Reduce deployed nuclear weapons of both the US and Russia.
    Betty Castor: Support the all volunteer military, not a military draft.
    Brian Mast: Treat every veteran as the most important vet ever.
    Brian Mast: Maintain world's most prepared strongest military.
    Brian Mast: Don't cut defense to balance budget.
    Brian Moore: Oppose expanding the military.
    Charlie Crist: Led effort to ensure veterans had access to COVID vaccine.
    Charlie Crist: Military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy has worked.
    Connie Mack IV: Budget sequestration guts our military.
    Deb Haaland: Close child care gaps for military families.
    Edward Janowski: Expand military to provide jobs and education.
    Francis Rooney: Voice for American strength, so our enemies know to fear us.
    Gwen Graham: Encourage military to private sector transitions.
    Jeb Bush: Threat from 9/11 is unprecedented for our generation.
    Jeb Bush: $17M for new programs for terrorism response.
    Jeb Bush: Make Florida the most military-friendly state in the nation.
    John McCain: Consult lawyers on war decisions; no half-cocked war basis.
    John McCain: Waterboarding is torture; we're not going to torture people.
    John Rutherford: We must return to a peace-through-strength military.
    Marco Rubio: No evidence to change policy of don't ask, don't tell.
    Marco Rubio: Shouldn't rely on China for our prescription drugs.
    Matt Gaetz: $3 million to fund "Building Homes for Heroes.
    Matt Gaetz: Oppose any automatic cuts to defense spending.
    Mel Martinez: Volunteers for military service make a draft unnecessary.
    Michael Waltz: Top priority is to increase service to country without draft.
    Michael Waltz: Close child care gaps for military families.
    Mitt Romney: Lawyers are the last people to ask about war decisions.
    Mitt Romney: Not wise for us to describe our interrogation techniques.
    Mitt Romney: Add 100,000 to the military without a draft.
    Neal Dunn: Help veterans with housing and health care issues.
    Pam Keith: My military service exposed me to issues that we face.
    Patrick Murphy: Voted with GOP for DoD bill that Obama vetoed.
    Philip Levine: Military veterans should receive the benefits they deserve.
    Rick Scott: Florida has one of country's largest veteran populations.
    Rick Scott: $6 million for counterterrorism and police equipment.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Address broken VA hospital system.
    Ron DeSantis: $3.4 million in state spending to support military.
    Ronald Reagan: No nuclear freeze due to danger from the "evil empire".
    Rudy Giuliani: Remain on offense against Islamic terrorism.
    Adam Putnam: Opposed anti-immigrant laws that might affect workers.
    Adam Putnam: Muslim ban is offensive to American values.
    Adam Putnam: Don't let illegal aliens vote for anything.
    Alan Grayson: Allow administrative amnesty to some illegal aliens.
    Alexander Snitker: Legal immigrants ok; no pathway for illegal immigrants.
    Andrew Gillum: Protect Dreamers from end of DACA.
    Andrew Gillum: Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.
    Andrew Gillum: Protect borders without criminalizing undocumented people.
    Andrew Gillum: DACA is unconstitutional; opposes any path to citizenship.
    Andy Martin: Support official English; decrease immigration numbers.
    Annette Taddeo: Documented & undocumented immigrants contribute.
    Augustus Invictus: Screen immigrants for status and ISIS connections.
    Bernard DeCastro: Increase family reunification visas.
    Bernard DeCastro: Supports a strong immigration policy.
    Betty Castor: Expedite citizenship for legal immigrants on active duty.
    Bill Nelson: Path to citizenship with fines & English proficiency.
    Brian Mast: We need a high wall with a wide gate.
    Brian Moore: Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.
    Carlos Curbelo: US has duty to secure its borders; with guest worker program.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: FactCheck: Supports E-Verify, but not racial profiling.
    Charlie Crist: Seal borders; enforce laws; send illegals to back of line.
    Connie Mack IV: No amnesty for illegal immigrants.
    Darren Soto: DREAMers pay in-state tuition & have pathway to citizenship.
    Edward Janowski: Pathway to citizenship for some, to work thru quagmire.
    Francis Rooney: Controls our borders, immediately.
    Fred Thompson: Voted for law to abolish sanctuary cities.
    Fred Thompson: Pledges to veto any immigration bill that involves amnesty.
    John McCain: Illegal immigrants are God's children as well.
    John Rutherford: First and foremost, strengthen wall along southern border.
    Marco Rubio: Don't count illegal immigrants in the 2010 census.
    Marco Rubio: AZ law may unreasonably single out some citizens.
    Marco Rubio: Allow children of illegals to pay in-state college tuition.
    Marco Rubio: No amnesty in any form, not even back-of-the-line.
    Marco Rubio: GOP DREAM Act: visas for going to college or military.
    Matt Gaetz: Secure the border and enforce our laws.
    Mel Martinez: Strongly oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.
    Mitt Romney: Illegal immigrants shouldn't get tuition break in schools.
    Mitt Romney: Enforce employment laws; illegal immigrants will self-deport.
    Mitt Romney: English should be the official language of the US.
    Neal Dunn: Stop debating; stop amnesty; stop illegal immigration.
    Newt Gingrich: Use American Express & Visa to verify immigration laws.
    Newt Gingrich: Romney's "self-deportation" is an Obama-level fantasy.
    Newt Gingrich: Not speaking English traps people into not getting jobs.
    Nikki Fried: Fought against Florida ban on "sanctuary cities".
    Philip Levine: Fully supports a pathway to citizenship for immigrants.
    Rick Santorum: We need immigration; but we need respect of the law.
    Rick Scott: In-state tuition for illegals, as part of tuition cap deal.
    Rocky De La Fuente: We have a rich history of embracing immigrants.
    Ron DeSantis: Supports E-Verify; opposes sanctuary cities.
    Ron DeSantis: DACA is unconstitutional; opposes any path to citizenship.
    Ron DeSantis: No sanctuary cities in Florida.
    Ron DeSantis: End catch and release, finish the border wall.
    Ron DeSantis: Pull over drivers suspected of transporting immigrants.
    Rudy Giuliani: Sanctuary city policy helped make NYC most legal city in US.
    Rudy Giuliani: BorderStat & virtual fence: just stop people from coming in.
    Rudy Giuliani: A special policy for Cuban immigrants fleeing Castro.
    Rudy Giuliani: Support tamper-proof ID card and path to citizenship.
    Ted Yoho: First, secure the borders; then a path to citizenship.
    Tom Tancredo: I'm not going to aid any more immigration.
    Val Demings: Supports Kate's Law: harsher sentences on deported migrants.
    Andrew Gillum: Supports state $15 minimum wage.
    Al Franken: 2005: Fined $25,000 for failing to insure workers.
    Andrew Gillum: Legally require hiring more women & minorities.
    Brian Moore: Legally require hiring more women/minorities.
    Charlie Crist: Minimum wage increase good; living wage better.
    Edward Janowski: No affirmative action; no quotas.
    Gwen Graham: Raise the minimum wage; ensure paid sick time.
    Jeb Bush: Operation Paycheck: stimulus for 33,000 construction jobs.
    Jeb Bush: Job growth during Bush terms, but very low wage jobs.
    Jeff Greene: We have a jobs crisis, not a job problem.
    Philip Levine: For raising minimum wage; let local communities decide rate.
    Rick Scott: High unemployment compensation deters job creation.
    Rick Scott: FactCheck: Yes, unemployment up; but stimulus has helped.
    Rick Scott: Opposed increasing the minimum wage.
    Rick Scott: State should support early-stage businesses to create jobs.
    Rick Scott: Designed unemployment system with maximum $275/week benefit.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Create more jobs, and create higher paying jobs.
    Ron DeSantis: No depressed wages for Floridians due to cheap foreign labor.
    Ron DeSantis: Oversaw unemployment system with maximum $275/week benefit.
    Rudy Giuliani: FactCheck: Cut unemployment substantially, but not in half.
    Val Demings: Retain good-paying jobs offering livable wages.
    Val Demings: Look at hiring standards, police should reflect diversity.
Principles & Values
    Al Franken: Recount: What do we want? Patience! When do we want it? Now!
    Al Franken: Spent $20M on campaign; more for Great Minnesota Recount.
    Al Franken: OpEd: Franken should have beaten Coleman easily in blue MN.
    Al Franken: 2005: Formed progressive Midwest Values PAC.
    Al Franken: Decided to take on Coleman when he berated Paul Wellstone.
    Al Franken: Response to attack ad "Angry Al":why isn't Coleman outraged?
    Al Gore: Offer to Bush: Hand count, then meet to show unity.
    Al Gore: 2000: Urged to recount all FL; focused on just 4 counties.
    Andrew Gillum: Religious-political dialogue good.
    Andrew Gillum: Served a decade on City Commission and as Tallahassee mayor.
    Andrew Gillum: Keep God in the public sphere.
    Annette Taddeo: Father was kidnapped by a Marxist terrorist group.
    Augustus Invictus: Libertarians are the party of peace & party of principle.
    Bob Smith: Only one in this race with real-world experience.
    Brian Moore: Keep God out of the public sphere.
    Charlie Crist: We need to stop the division and hate; bring state together.
    Charlie Crist: In Rubio's $600,000 slush fund only $4000 went to candidates.
    Charlie Crist: Problem solving requires consensus, and sometimes concession.
    Charlie Crist: I would have left GOP anyway; they're too extreme.
    Charlie Crist: We need open-mindedness in a Senator, not ideology.
    Charlie Crist: I stand for fairness and trying to treat people right.
    Charlie Crist: This is a moment for inclusion rather than exclusion.
    Christine Gregoire: 2004 recount battle determined by absentee ballots.
    Connie Mack IV: Son of Senator; husband of Congresswoman.
    Connie Mack IV: GOP debates only help Democrats.
    Edward Janowski: Keep "God" on public buildings, as done historically.
    Francis Rooney: I will do all I can to defend Christian values.
    Francis Rooney: Man's greed & corruption necessitate separation of powers.
    Fred Thompson: Giuliani sides with Hillary on abortion, guns. & immigration.
    Fred Thompson: Consistent since reading "Conscience of a Conservative".
    Fred Thompson: Free markets, free people, free enterprise.
    George LeMieux: Kept his promise not run for re-election after appointment.
    George W. Bush: Declares victory; names transition team.
    George W. Bush: Election principles: be fair, accurate, & conclusive.
    Jeb Bush: Priorities: public education & public safety.
    Jeb Bush: Bush family name is a detriment that limits career choices.
    Jeff Greene: Ran as Republican for Congress in California in 1982.
    John McCain: I didn't manage for profit, I led for patriotism.
    John McCain: Romney is conning people about conservatism of his record.
    John McCain: FactCheck: Won NH & SC via independents, but lost GOP vote.
    Joseph Lieberman: If every vote counts, then count every vote.
    Marco Rubio: God does not love America more than Belgium.
    Marco Rubio: Without America, the world would be a worse place.
    Marco Rubio: $600,000 fund was not taxpayer money, & is fully accounted.
    Marco Rubio: Fundraised via "Floridians for Conservative Leadership".
    Marco Rubio: Repaid Florida GOP for overspending on party credit card.
    Marco Rubio: Home purchases funded by very GOP-friendly bank boards.
    Marco Rubio: As Speaker, passed 57 of "100 Innovative Ideas".
    Marco Rubio: Attended 15-20 Tea Party events; but not formally vetted.
    Marco Rubio: Are Floridians better off than they were four years ago? No!
    Mary Landrieu: 1996-97: ten-month investigation over voting irregularities.
    Matt Gaetz: America is unique because we know our rights come from God.
    Matt Gaetz: Bible is instructions from God; we are to follow faithfully.
    Mel Martinez: Call to public service strong, but call to family stronger.
    Mike Huckabee: Jesus was too smart to ever run for public office.
    Mike Huckabee: I believe the Bible is the word of revelation.
    Mike Huckabee: Ought to be able to respect people who don't have any faith.
    Mike Huckabee: People should deal with the use of faith in my campaign.
    Mitt Romney: Acting like Hillary won't keep Hillary out of White House.
    Mitt Romney: Proud of his accomplishments in fighting the Liberal Lion.
    Mitt Romney: Bible is the word of God; I don't disagree with Bible.
    Mitt Romney: Don't think religion figuring into this race.
    Neal Dunn: Describes himself as a very conservative Catholic.
    Nikki Fried: We can build a state that gives power back to you.
    Nikki Fried: We've got to learn again how to respect one another.
    Norm Coleman: If I were 725 votes down, I'd say 'We need to heal'.
    Norm Coleman: 2002: Hand-picked by Vice President Dick Cheney.
    Norm Coleman: I'm a 99% improvement over Paul Wellstone.
    Norm Coleman: Attack ad: evaded questions about $75K donation through wife.
    Patrick Murphy: OpEd: Angry black women should oppose party-choice Murphy.
    Patrick Murphy: Former Republican; FL's most conservative House Democrat.
    Paul Wellstone: Died 12 days before likely re-election.
    Rick Scott: As newlyweds, opened a donut shop with wife and their moms.
    Rick Scott: FanGate: Refused to debate if opponent allowed to use a fan.
    Ron DeSantis: Florida sun a beacon of light for those yearning for freedom.
    Ron DeSantis: Compels schools to have moment of silence for prayer.
    Ron Paul: The Republicans don't act like Republicans anymore.
    Rudy Giuliani: Bible is greatest book ever written, but it's allegorical.
    Val Demings: Would be first Black woman elected as FL Governor or Senator.
    Val Demings: Seeing VP Harris sworn in demonstrated American promise.
    Val Demings: Being unified nation doesn't mean giving up beliefs.
Social Security
    Al Gore: Won’t break Social Security promises to seniors.
    Al Lawson: Strengthen & secure Social Security.
    Andrew Gillum: Fight any attempt to privatize Social Security.
    Andy Martin: Allow individual investment of payroll tax.
    Betty Castor: Oppose investing Social Security in the stock market.
    Betty Castor: Privatizing Social Security will reduce benefits.
    Betty Castor: Oppose privatizing Social Security and retirement age change.
    Brian Mast: Update system to protect future generations.
    Brian Moore: Don't privatize Social Security.
    Carlos Curbelo: Trust Fund runs out in 2021; Medicare runs out in 2026.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: Preserve and protect Social Security and Medicare.
    Charlie Crist: Focus on waste & fraud, not retirement age & COLA.
    Charlie Crist: Reducing COLA is unfair to seniors living on fixed income.
    Charlie Crist: Don't raise retirement age; don't adjust COLA.
    Darren Soto: Strengthen and expand Social Security; don't cut it.
    David Jolly: FactCheck: Discuss private accounts & other options too.
    Duncan Hunter: Address entitlement programs with trade policy.
    Edward Janowski: Privatizing is idiotic; it puts profits before people.
    Fred Thompson: Present mandatory spending cycle is unsustainable.
    George W. Bush: Set aside $2.4T for seniors as well as younger workers.
    Gwen Graham: I refuse to support any budget with plans like privatization.
    Jeb Bush: Privatization became administration's fundamental philosophy.
    Jeb Bush: Social service benefits via private & faith-based companies.
    Jeff Greene: Maintain current retirement age.
    John McCain: We need personal savings accounts.
    Marco Rubio: Tough choices include raising retirement age & reducing COLA.
    Marco Rubio: Raise retirement age for those now under 55.
    Marco Rubio: Hard choices for people under 40, to avoid runaway growth.
    Marco Rubio: Keep raising the retirement age on the table.
    Marco Rubio: Keep cost-of-living adjustment on the table.
    Matt Gaetz: Keep our promises but pass reforms for long-term solvency.
    Mel Martinez: Allow people to invest in a private account.
    Mel Martinez: Social Security is a sacred promise but plan future solvency.
    Mike Huckabee: Personalization of retirement funds, not privatization.
    Mike Huckabee: Will try to fix Social Security with FairTax.
    Mitt Romney: Private accounts work better than extending retirement age.
    Mitt Romney: Will try to fix Social Security without raising taxes.
    Rocky De La Fuente: Social Security is broke.
    Ron Paul: Allow young people to get out of the system.
    Ron Paul: Abolish Social Security, but not overnight.
    Ron Paul: Let people get out of Social Security; it's a failure.
    Ross Spano: Keep Promise to our seniors; don't change benefits.
    Rudy Giuliani: Get a consensus behind private accounts.
    Ted Yoho: Option of 100% privatization.
    Tom Tancredo: Give people the ability to control their own money.
    Val Demings: Protect Medicare and Social Security for our seniors.
Tax Reform
    Adam Putnam: Opposes a "kayak tax" on non-motorized boats.
    Adam Putnam: Amend constitution to make tax hikes harder.
    Andrew Gillum: Economy should works for all, not just those at the top.
    Andrew Gillum: Trump tax cuts put billions into richest coffers.
    Betty Castor: Tax cuts must reward people who work hard for a living.
    Brian Mast: Lower the tax burden & stimulate the economy.
    Brian Moore: Higher taxes on the wealthy.
    Carlos Curbelo: Lower marginal tax rates for all Americans & corporations.
    Charlie Crist: Extend the $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers.
    Charlie Crist: Reduce the tax brackets to let private enterprise flourish.
    Charlie Crist: 2006: Pledged no taxes; 2009: $2.2B in fees on 16M people.
    Charlie Crist: Best to extend all tax cuts; but compromise and push later.
    Charlie Crist: 2009: temporary $25 average car fee increase.
    Connie Mack IV: Litmus test: Voting for higher taxes means it's time to go.
    Duncan Hunter: Would be wrong to pledge never to raise taxes.
    Edward Janowski: Remove loopholes and establish a flat tax.
    Jeb Bush: Don't broaden county & city taxing authority.
    Jeb Bush: Remove Intangibles Tax on stocks, bonds & dividends.
    Jeff Greene: Repeal Bush tax cuts, exempting small business.
    John McCain: We need a simpler, fairer tax code, but not FairTax.
    John McCain: FactCheck: Against Bush tax cuts in 2003; for them in 2006.
    John McCain: Romney raising fees a quarter-billion dollars is a tax hike.
    John McCain: Opposed to the Bush tax cuts as spending got out of control.
    John Rutherford: Keep the government off our backs & out of our wallets.
    Kendrick Meek: Bush tax cuts killed surpluses; no more trickle-down.
    Marco Rubio: Supermajority vote for any tax increases.
    Marco Rubio: Extend Bush tax cuts, even for high earners.
    Marco Rubio: 2000: $4 surcharge to cruise tickets to fund Marlins stadium.
    Marco Rubio: Proposed to replace property taxes with state sales tax.
    Marco Rubio: Pledged to never raise taxes as state rep.
    Marco Rubio: No one should pay higher taxes in recession, not even top 2%.
    Matt Gaetz: Voted to repeal 4,000 regulations and to cut taxes 50 times.
    Mel Martinez: Make Bush's tax cuts permanent for strong economic growth.
    Mike Huckabee: FactCheck: To be revenue-neutral, FairTax raises some taxes.
    Mike Huckabee: FactCheck: FairTax does not bring underground into economy.
    Mike Huckabee: FairTax will tax the average American much less.
    Mike Huckabee: FairTax and its prebate untax the poor and the elderly.
    Mitt Romney: I support the Bush tax cuts.
    Philip Levine: Level the playing field; rich will pay their fair share.
    Rick Scott: $500 million in automobile fee & tax relief.
    Rick Scott: End sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment.
    Rick Scott: Supermajority for any tax increase.
    Rick Scott: Saved business more than $2.3 billion in unemployment taxes.
    Ron DeSantis: Keep Florida a low-tax state; super-majority to raise taxes.
    Ron DeSantis: Must remain a low-tax state with no income tax.
    Ron DeSantis: Tax cuts help US companies compete with foreign businesses.
    Ron Paul: I have never voted for a tax increase; and never will.
    Rudy Giuliani: Reduce the capital gains tax, permanently.
    Tom Tancredo: Promise to oppose any efforts to raise taxes.
    Adam Putnam: Get Fed money for infrastructure for roads.
    Al Franken: 21st-century communication methods helped win recount.
    Al Lawson: Investing in infrastructure is investing in America's future.
    Andrew Gillum: Digital Harmony Project: computers & internet for schoolkids.
    Andrew Gillum: Greater emphasis on light rail and mass transit.
    Andrew Gillum: Net neutrality protected FL communities & residents.
    Augustus Invictus: Subsidies to ISPs are the internet's real problem.
    Brian Mast: 100% against All Aboard Florida: no more trains.
    Hillary Clinton: Train teachers to use technology in classrooms.
    Jeb Bush: $24M for X-ray truck inspection & bioterrorism labs.
    Jeb Bush: $100M for Florida Technology Development Initiative.
    Jeb Bush: Increased transportation budget by 96% over 8 years.
    Kendrick Meek: Build high-speed rail to solve transportation problems.
    Marco Rubio: E-budget website for detailed, issue-level budget.
    Marco Rubio: Protect against identity theft with privacy opt-in.
    Mike Huckabee: $150B for highway infrastructure is better stimulus package.
    Mitt Romney: Focus manned space program on commercial products.
    Newt Gingrich: Get an American on the moon before the Chinese get there.
    Newt Gingrich: 6 or 7 private launches every day; permanent moon base.
    Nikki Fried: Protect children from unsafe products, such as social media.
    Norm Coleman: Paper pads to fight Franken's 21st-century communications.
    Philip Levine: Infrastructure must be modernized to meet 21st century needs.
    Rick Santorum: NASA programs sound good, but we need to cut programs.
    Ron DeSantis: FCC requirement for net neutrality was a massive power grab.
    Ron DeSantis: Net neutrality was an FEC massive power grab.
    Ron DeSantis: Floridians have a right to control their personal data.
    Ron Paul: Exploring the Moon and Mars are great, if done privately.
War & Peace
    Al Franken: Consistently opposed to Iraq War.
    Andrew Gillum: America should be world's human rights champion.
    Augustus Invictus: Our foreign policies are interventionist.
    Betty Castor: Finish the job in Iraq, repair relations with other nations.
    Betty Castor: Would have let Bush use force in Iraq with given information.
    Brian Mast: Defeat global jihadists who threaten our very way of life.
    Brian Mast: Renew Iranian sanctions after Obama's Iran Deal.
    Brian Mast: ISIS is simply evil; such people need to be erased.
    Brian Moore: Avoid foreign entanglements & regime change abroad.
    Carlos Curbelo: Russia & Mideast: Peace is only achieved through strength.
    Carlos Lopez-Cantera: No nuclear deal with Iran; support preemptive strike.
    David Jolly: Cancel Obama's Iran agreement and keep sanctions.
    Edward Janowski: Support UN action on disputes, instead of CIA decisions.
    Greg Steube: Congressional approval slows action on Iran.
    Jeb Bush: God grants liberty only to ready to defend it.
    John McCain: I would much rather lose a campaign than lose a war.
    John McCain: Help Maliki government move forward as rapidly as possible.
    John McCain: The Iraq war was worth the price in blood and treasure.
    Kendrick Meek: Get troops out of Iraq to pay for tax cuts.
    Marco Rubio: Imminent, credible threat obliges president to act.
    Matt Gaetz: Meet force with force against ISIS.
    Mel Martinez: Iraq was the right decision with or without WMD.
    Mel Martinez: The decision to use force in Iraq was necessary.
    Mike Huckabee: Failing to find the WMDs doesn't mean they weren't there.
    Mitt Romney: It was the right decision to go into Iraq.
    Neal Dunn: Terrorism must be confronted in the Middle East.
    Patrick Murphy: Air strikes against ISIS but no ground troops.
    Rick Scott: $1M for Homes for Heroes; $102M for active military & vets.
    Ron Paul: The Iraq war was not worth the price in blood and treasure.
    Rudy Giuliani: The Iraq war was worth the price in blood and treasure.
    Ted Yoho: Support a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan.
    Ted Yoho: Defend if Iran attacks us, but no military prevention.
    Marco Rubio: There is no U.S. combat role in Ukraine; use sanctions.
    Marco Rubio: A no-fly zone in Ukraine means World War III.
Welfare & Poverty
    Adam Putnam: Weeding out fraudulent charities.
    Andrew Gillum: Public/private program gets youth on right track.
    Andrew Gillum: Address income inequality; remake an innovation economy.
    Bernard DeCastro: Served on Governor's Statewide Faith-Based Advisory Board.
    Betty Castor: Raising minimum wage will help.
    Jeb Bush: Limit welfare benefits; supports welfare-to-work.
    Jeb Bush: Help welfare recipients into workforce.
    Jeb Bush: Welcome community and faith based organizations as partners.
    Jeb Bush: Proposed refusing federal money for welfare.
    Jeb Bush: Created Governor's Faith-Based Advisory Board.
    Mel Martinez: A buck an hour is not going to bring someone out of poverty.
    Lois Frankel: Training, transport, and childcare for welfare recipients.
    Rick Scott: Require drug testing for receiving welfare.
    Rick Scott: People don't want handouts; they want their shot at success.

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