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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Fire and Fury,
by Michael Wolff (2018)
Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Antoine Pierce: Protect women's rights & autonomy.
    John Bel Edwards: Member of Democrats for Life, anti-choice group.
    Eddie Rispone: Pro-life, pro-God, pro-family.
    John Bel Edwards: Favored fetal heartbeat bill banning early abortions.
    Lance Harris: Favored fetal heartbeat bill banning early abortions.
    Karen Carter Peterson: Opposed fetal heartbeat bill banning early abortions.
    Troy Carter: Opposed fetal heartbeat bill banning early abortions.
    Anthony Kennedy: Disallow obstacles to medical services for abortion.
    Brett Kavanaugh: See if anti-abortion rules are burdensome before banning.
    Clarence Thomas: Ok for states to require hospital nearby abortion service.
    Elena Kagan: Don't require admitting privileges for abortionists.
    John Roberts: Unconstitutional to require hospital nearby abortion service.
    Neil Gorsuch: Ok for states to require hospital nearby abortion service.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Don't require admitting privileges for abortionists.
    Samuel Alito: Ok for states to require hospital nearby abortion service.
    Sonia Sotomayor: Don't require admitting privileges for abortionists.
    Stephen Breyer: Don't require admitting privileges for abortionists.
    John Bel Edwards: Signed one of country's most restrictive anti-abortion laws.
    Bill Cassidy: Religion plays vital role; this includes protecting unborn.
    Clay Higgins: 96 million children have been murdered in the womb.
    Thomas Clements: Supreme Court has ruled on abortion.
    David Vitter: I'm endorsed by pro-life groups; my rivals not 100% pro-life.
    David Vitter: No exceptions for rape or incest victims.
    Jay Dardenne: Sweeping ban on human cloning would harm medical research.
    Jay Dardenne: Exceptions for rape & incest victims are ok.
    John Bel Edwards: Provide alternatives to Planned Parenthood before blocking.
    David Vitter: Supported by anti-abortion group Louisiana Right to Life.
    David Vitter: Promote a positive culture of life.
    Ralph Abraham: A child's life begins at conception.
    Garret Graves: Human life begins at conception.
    Ralph Abraham: Human life begins at conception.
    Bobby Jindal: Abortion doctors must have hospital admitting privileges.
    John Bel Edwards: Abortion doctors must have hospital admitting privileges.
    Lance Harris: Abortion doctors must have hospital admitting privileges.
    Buddy Roemer: Tight limits on abortion are unconstitutionally restrictive.
    Jeff Landry: Life is a gift from God; encourage adoption.
Budget & Economy
    Bill Cassidy: Eliminate blatant waste, fraud & abuse that plagues country.
    Bill Cassidy: Supports bipartisan proposal for $500 billion in state aid.
    Eddie Rispone: Balance budgets, and build up reserves.
    John Bel Edwards: We paid off billions of deficit; and we shouldn't go back.
    Eddie Rispone: No specifics on budget cuts; try to control spending.
    Clay Higgins: Insidious lust for power and money drives deficit spending.
    Mike Johnson: Balance the budget; reduce licensing requirements.
    John Neely Kennedy: Balanced budget amendment to restore fiscal responsibility.
    John Bel Edwards: Blind allegiance to Grover Norquist cripples our economy.
    Bill Cassidy: Stop out-of-control spending & end earmarks.
    Garret Graves: Free enterprise instead of assuring livable income.
    Ralph Abraham: Free enterprise instead of assuring livable income.
    Charles Melancon: Stimulus package will avoid God-awful recession like 1980s.
    Charles Melancon: TARP package will avoid depression from doing nothing.
    David Vitter: Stimulus package won't lead to significant job creation.
    David Vitter: TARP package will expand power & role of federal government.
    Bill Cassidy: Stimulus bill includes extraneous items.
    Bill Cassidy: Stimulus package opposed; will hurt economy.
    John Neely Kennedy: Be concerned about economy, but not scared.
    Mary Landrieu: Opposed $700 billion bailout; not enough taxpayer safeguards.
Civil Rights
    Adrian Perkins: Racism is one of the heaviest issues in our community.
    John Bel Edwards: Vetoed requiring only "biological females" in women's sports.
    Lance Harris: Require only "biological females" in women's sports.
    Troy Carter: Oppose requiring only "biological females" in women's sports.
    John Bel Edwards: Pandemic highlighted inequities in our communities.
    Bill Cassidy: Racism has no place in American life.
    Adrian Perkins: Supported welcoming environment for LGBTQ West Point cadets.
    Adrian Perkins: Business district must demonstrate black lives do matter.
    Antoine Pierce: Protests on race & police: risk lives to save lives.
    Antoine Pierce: End voter suppression policies & Citizens United.
    Antoine Pierce: Supports ratification of Equal Rights Amendment.
    John Bel Edwards: Vetoed state policy on free expression at colleges.
    Karen Carter Peterson: Opposed state policy on free expression at colleges.
    Troy Carter: Establish state policy on free expression at colleges.
    Lance Harris: Establish state policy on free expression at colleges.
    Clay Higgins: FactCheck: Biblical marriage includes polygamy and chattel.
    Clay Higgins: I define marriage Biblically: one man and one woman.
    Foster Campbell: Oppose same-sex marriage, but respect Supreme Court ruling.
    Thomas Clements: Support Equal Rights Amendment.
    Thomas Clements: Get government out of marriage business.
    John Bel Edwards: Supreme Court decided: issue same-sex marriage licenses.
    Bill Cassidy: Feds should not get involved in state action on religion.
    Bill Cassidy: Laws preventing religious discrimination are "intimidation".
    Garret Graves: Marriage is a union of one man and one woman.
    Ralph Abraham: Marriage is a union of one man and one woman.
    Jeff Landry: Keep traditional marriage as one man and one woman.
    Charles Melancon: Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act fights women's discrimination.
    David Vitter: Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was a trial lawyer bonanza.
    Jay Dardenne: OpEd: Mixed record on gender identity issues.
    John Bel Edwards: Provide regulatory relief for small business.
    John Bel Edwards: 80% of C-corps pay no state tax; that's just not right.
    Thomas Clements: Eliminate corporate tax to create jobs & avoid more debt.
    Charles Melancon: Supported $30 billion small-business lending fund.
    David Vitter: Small Business Tax and Lending Bill is a government bailout.
    Bill Cassidy: Opposed Obama stimulus; supported Bush's bank bailout.
    John Neely Kennedy: Disallow bank getting so big that its failure wrecks economy.
    Adrian Perkins: Police should have guard-in mindset, not military mindset.
    John Bel Edwards: Create an Office of Human Trafficking Prevention.
    Antoine Pierce: End qualified immunity for police; redirect funding.
    Antoine Pierce: Pass criminal justice reform.
    Eddie Rispone: Modernize criminal justice system; make it more efficient.
    Adrian Perkins: Repealed "saggy pants" law targeting people of color.
    Eddie Rispone: Religious objection to death penalty, and not a deterrent.
    Ralph Abraham: I favor the death penalty & I'm also favor enforcing it.
    John Bel Edwards: Reduce highest incarceration rate in the nation.
    John Bel Edwards: No executions until better lethal drugs found.
    Ralph Abraham: Violent committed new crimes after release.
    Lance Harris: Require unanimous jury verdicts in noncapital felony cases.
    Karen Carter Peterson: Require unanimous jury verdicts in noncapital felony cases.
    Troy Carter: Require unanimous jury verdicts in noncapital felony cases.
    John Bel Edwards: Reduce incarceration rate of non-violent offenders.
    Clay Higgins: Resounding voice for the Thin Blue Line.
    Clay Higgins: Penitentiaries should be for PENITENCE, not punishment.
    Foster Campbell: Death penalty yes; alternatives yes; mandatory minimums no.
    Thomas Clements: Unconstitutionally strict punishment is˙a problem.
    John Bel Edwards: Blue Lives Matter: targeting police officer is a hate crime.
    John Bel Edwards: End tax giveaways but keep funding for first responders.
    David Vitter: More community crime tips; more DNA testing; more options.
    David Vitter: Keep state police presence in New Orleans' French Quarter.
    Jay Dardenne: Let New Orleans police itself; remove state police sometime.
    John Bel Edwards: Let New Orleans police itself; remove state police soon.
    Bobby Jindal: Crack down on the horrific crime of human sex trafficking.
    Antoine Pierce: Favors recreational & medical marijuana legalization.
    Ralph Abraham: Opioids are less dangerous and more effective than marijuana.
    Eddie Rispone: Against legalizing marijuana; need info about medical use.
    John Bel Edwards: Expand medical marijuana, but no recreational usage.
    Ralph Abraham: Medical marijuana OK as-is, but no recreational usage.
    Thomas Clements: Marijuana is a benefit to people's health.
    Charles Boustany: Consistently votes against marijuana reform.
    John Fleming: OpEd: One of few remaining "reefer madness" legislators.
    Jay Dardenne: Opposes legalizing marijuana.
    John Bel Edwards: Opposes legalizing marijuana.
    David Vitter: Strengthen penalties against meth and heroin dealers.
    John Bel Edwards: Increase in teacher pay isn't enough, hope to do more.
    John Bel Edwards: Invest in higher education for student success in workplace.
    Bill Cassidy: College Transparency Act: address why so much student debt.
    Antoine Pierce: College graduates should not have to drown in debt.
    Antoine Pierce: Support universal pre-K.
    Eddie Rispone: Work with schools & businesses to align education with jobs.
    Eddie Rispone: Expand school choice options to empower parents.
    Eddie Rispone: OpEd: Rispone supports vouchers to get his own tax break.
    Eddie Rispone: Allow use of tax dollars for Christian schools.
    Eddie Rispone: Let local boards give raises to individual teachers.
    John Bel Edwards: $47 million increase for higher education.
    Ralph Abraham: Invest in distance learning.
    Clay Higgins: Dismantle Common Core; dismantle Education Department.
    Clay Higgins: College education has become more of burden than benefit.
    Foster Campbell: Fight for public schools with $1 billion Excellence Fund.
    Thomas Clements: Supports homeschooling and vouchers.
    Jay Dardenne: Common Core's high standards move LA in the right direction.
    Jay Dardenne: TOPS cannot be sustained without capping costs.
    David Vitter: Get Louisiana out of Common Core.
    John Bel Edwards: Replace Common Core with more K-12 school funding.
    David Vitter: No federal incentives to get states to adopt Common Core.
    Garret Graves: Oppose nationwide standards like Common Core.
    Ralph Abraham: Oppose nationwide standards like Common Core.
    Bobby Jindal: $141M more to train students for the jobs of the future.
    Jeff Landry: Empower parents with home school, charters, & church schools.
Energy & Oil
    John Bel Edwards: Reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.
    John Bel Edwards: Work with--not against--oil & gas companies on solutions.
    Antoine Pierce: Subsidize renewable energy sources.
    Ralph Abraham: End the war on our oil and gas industry.
    Clay Higgins: Do more in DC to help the oil & gas industry.
    Mike Johnson: Further expand our domestic oil and natural gas production.
    Mike Johnson: CAFE standards add $3,800 to price of every new vehicle.
    Foster Campbell: Build Keystone pipeline; no farcking regulation for now.
    Foster Campbell: Regulate greenhouse gases; incentivize reducing emissions.
    Thomas Clements: No cap and trade; no taxing carbon emissions.
    Garret Graves: No federal subsidies for wind & solar.
    Ralph Abraham: No federal subsidies for wind & solar.
    Bill Cassidy: Don't pick winners & losers in energy market.
    Buddy Roemer: Railed against ethanol subsidies in Iowa.
    Jeff Landry: Drill here, drill now; not cap-and-trade.
    Charles Melancon: Congressional trip to Antarctica to study global warming.
    Charles Melancon: Funnel BP oil-leak penalties into coastal restoration.
    Mary Landrieu: Proud of expanding oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
    John Neely Kennedy: Incentives for non-petroleum automobiles are a tax increase.
    John Neely Kennedy: More domestic drilling, including in Gulf of Mexico & ANWR.
    Mary Landrieu: Member of bipartisan “Gang of 10” for comprehensive oil plan.
    Mary Landrieu: Voted against allowing exploration in oil shale in Colorado.
    Foster Campbell: Charge 6.25% oil refining tax and wipe out income tax.
    Foster Campbell: 3% tax on hydrocarbon processing facilities.
    Adrian Perkins: Renegotiate EPA consent decree that nearly tripled in cost.
    Eddie Rispone: Supports Coastal Master Plan as essential.
    Eddie Rispone: Environmental lawsuit abuse is killing thousands of jobs.
    Clay Higgins: Pipe system to replenish river silt & fight coastal erosion.
    Mike Johnson: National Environmental Policy is needless red tape.
    Thomas Clements: States should deal with water quality not federal EPA.
    David Vitter: Coastal restoration with private funding.
    Jay Dardenne: Coastal restoration with federal funding.
    John Bel Edwards: Mississippi River diversion: backbone to coastal restoration.
    David Vitter: Drafted hurricane protection & flood control bill.
    Bill Cassidy: Top priority is coastal restoration.
    Rob Maness: Reject Katrina aid bill if pork-laden with other projects.
    David Vitter: Introduced bill to extend National Flood Insurance Program.
    John Neely Kennedy: Wetlands will wash away before 2017 coastal protection.
    Foster Campbell: Ban possession of dogfighting paraphernalia.
    Murphy Foster: Ban possession of dogfighting paraphernalia.
Families & Children
    John Bel Edwards: Reasonable accommodations for health of mom and baby.
    Eddie Rispone: Warning on flavored e-cigarettes, like regular cigarettes.
    Eddie Rispone: Talk to your kids to discourage e-cigarette use.
    John Bel Edwards: Ban flavorings in e-cigarettes that target teens.
    John Bel Edwards: People believe e-cigarettes are safer, but they're not.
    Ralph Abraham: I don't recommend vaping, but it's a personal choice.
    Ralph Abraham: Show kids pictures of e-cigarette-affected lungs.
    John Bel Edwards: Family Services placed 735 kids in foster homes despite cuts.
    John Bel Edwards: Catholic upbringing shapes commitments to community & family.
    David Vitter: Prostitute was "serious sin" but made me a better family man.
Foreign Policy
    Clay Higgins: Russia is a Christian ally to be handled with caution.
    Clay Higgins: The United Nations compromises our sovereignty.
    Foster Campbell: Keep allies involved, but heed advice of military experts.
    Foster Campbell: U.S. should remain in the United Nations.
    John Neely Kennedy: Radical Islamic fundamentalists despise our core values.
    Thomas Clements: Foreign aid spending only to protect US interests.
    John Fleming: Defund the Syrian refugee influx.
Free Trade
    John Bel Edwards: China tariffs hurt local economy.
    Ralph Abraham: Long-term benefit of China tariffs outweigh short-term pain.
    Clay Higgins: TPP is massive transfer of American wealth to Pacific Rim.
    Charles Boustany: 2013: Supported TPP; 2016: too many concessions.
    Foster Campbell: TPP is skewed to the advantage of big business.
    John Fleming: TPP means open season on American jobs.
    John Neely Kennedy: TPP lacks safeguards against currency manipulation.
    Joseph Cao: No trade deal with Vietnam due to human rights abuses.
    Rob Maness: Criticized TPP for its closed-door negotiations.
    Thomas Clements: No restrictions on trade, but no corporatism.
    Charles Boustany: Yes to Ex-im bank; Yes to fast-track.
    John Fleming: No to Ex-im bank; No to fast-track.
Government Reform
    John Bel Edwards: Favored sweeping tort reform making it harder to sue.
    Troy Carter: Opposed sweeping tort reform making it harder to sue.
    Lance Harris: Favored sweeping tort reform making it harder to sue.
    Eddie Rispone: Need to change process of funding infrastructure repair.
    John Bel Edwards: Require voter ID; require proof of citizenship.
    Foster Campbell: 10 year ban on lobbying for ex-members of congress.
    Thomas Clements: Term limits for Congress; but voter ID too.
    Jay Dardenne: Tighten disclosure rules for lobbyists, to limit influence.
    David Vitter: Led and won the fight for state term limits.
    David Vitter: Term limits instead of automatic pay raises for Congress.
    Jay Dardenne: Don't bring dysfunctional Washington politics to Louisiana.
    Ralph Abraham: Term limits for Congress, plus no salary.
    Garret Graves: Require photo ID for voting.
    Ralph Abraham: Require photo ID for voting.
    Buddy Roemer: Won Governor & House seat with voluntary contribution limit.
    John Neely Kennedy: No pay-for-play; campaign contributions notwithstanding.
    Mary Landrieu: I have delivered for Louisiana; send me back for more.
    Foster Campbell: Bar election officials from campaigning for candidates.
    Foster Campbell: Increase legislator limit from 5 bills to 15 per session.
Gun Control
    Bill Cassidy: Right to bear arms should not be infringed.
    Adrian Perkins: Urge Senate to act on gun safety legislation.
    Adrian Perkins: Focus on reducing number of illegal guns in city.
    John Bel Edwards: Allow concealed carry in houses of worship.
    Troy Carter: Opposed concealed carry in houses of worship.
    Lance Harris: Allow concealed carry in houses of worship.
    Eddie Rispone: Opposes radical Left and their gun grabbing agenda.
    John Bel Edwards: We need to do a better job with our background checks.
    Clay Higgins: We already have reasonable limits on 2nd Amendment rights.
    Foster Campbell: Enforce the gun laws we already have on the books.
    Foster Campbell: Generally opposes additional gun control measures.
    Thomas Clements: Second Amendment is the law of the land.
    John Fleming: Perennial A rating from the NRA.
    John Bel Edwards: I support gun rights, unlike national Democrats.
    Ralph Abraham: We must protect our right to bear arms.
    Bill Cassidy: Our 2nd Amendment freedom is in danger.
    Garret Graves: Additional restrictive gun control laws are unneeded.
    Ralph Abraham: Additional restrictive gun control laws are unneeded.
    Jeff Landry: Fight to preserve and protect the Second Amendment rights.
    Murphy Foster: Youth deer hunting season prior to regular season.
    Foster Campbell: Youth deer hunting season prior to regular season.
Health Care
    John Bel Edwards: COVID: Relying on doctors and scientists and epidemiologists.
    John Bel Edwards: Medicaid expansion saved lives.
    Adrian Perkins: COVID19: Mandatory mask order, penalties for non-compliance.
    Antoine Pierce: Need to address the structural racism in healthcare system.
    Bill Cassidy: Coronavirus racial disparity not result of systemic racism.
    Antoine Pierce: Supports Medicare for All.
    Antoine Pierce: For universal coverage; no limits on preexisting conditions.
    Eddie Rispone: Problems with Medicaid expansion including fraud, abuse.
    Eddie Rispone: Medicaid expansion "bungled," and is unsustainable.
    Antoine Pierce: Supports Medicare-for-All with option for private insurance.
    Eddie Rispone: Temporarily freeze Medicaid enrollment in Louisiana.
    John Bel Edwards: Pro-life includes helping the poor get access to health care.
    John Bel Edwards: Medicaid expansion addresses opioid crisis.
    John Bel Edwards: Medicaid expansion reduced uninsured by 43% & saved $200M.
    Clay Higgins: Repeal ObamaCare's 2800 pages of unintelligible psychobabble.
    Mike Johnson: Replace ObamaCare with patient-centered, market-based plan.
    Thomas Clements: Cost is the only thing that has expanded under ObamaCare.
    Jay Dardenne: I would accept Medicaid expansion, under certain conditions.
    David Vitter: Fight to repeal the fatally flawed ObamaCare.
    Jay Dardenne: Don't leave LA at the mercy of Washington bureaucrats.
    Jay Dardenne: Don't accept Medicaid expansion as-is; get LA waiver.
    John Bel Edwards: Don't delay Medicaid expansion; that ties up LA tax dollars.
    John Fleming: If Supreme Court bans ObamaCare subsidies, let them die.
    Ralph Abraham: Repeal ObamaCare; don't expand Medicaid.
    Ralph Abraham: ObamaCare a daily dangerous debacle for working physicians.
    Ralph Abraham: No expansion of Medicaid, even if I make money on it.
    Mary Landrieu: Mandatory quarantine for returning Ebola healthcare workers.
    Garret Graves: Repeal ObamaCare.
    Ralph Abraham: Repeal ObamaCare.
    Bobby Jindal: No medical school needed for optometrist eye surgeries.
    John Bel Edwards: No medical school needed for optometrist eye surgeries.
    Lance Harris: Require medical school for optometrist eye surgeries.
    Rob Maness: ObamaCare is hurting the folks it's trying to help.
    Mary Landrieu: AdWatch: Promised wrongly that all can keep insurance.
    Mary Landrieu: AdWatch: Targeted by RNC robocalls for support of ObamaCare.
    Bill Cassidy: AdWatch: propose ObamaCare-lite plan in state legislature.
    Mary Landrieu: Let consumers keep health plans, but only if told options.
    Jeff Landry: Nationalized care reduces quality and increases costs.
    Charles Melancon: Supports kids on parents' insurance policies until age 26.
    David Vitter: Introduced legislation to repeal ObamaCare.
    Charles Melancon: Opposed healthcare bill because it didn't work for America.
    David Vitter: I fought ObamaCare & I'm still fighting it.
    Charles Melancon: ObamaCare costs too much & does too little for middle-class.
    David Vitter: ObamaCare injects government into private decisions.
    David Vitter: Pushed to allow re-importation of Rx drugs from Canada.
    David Vitter: Opposes SCHIP; it subsidizes wealthy states.
Homeland Security
    John Bel Edwards: West Point grad; served 8 years in US Army.
    John Neely Kennedy: We don't need a military parade to show off American power.
    Clay Higgins: I have no problem with FISA: not a secretive rubber-stamp.
    Mike Johnson: No cheap talk: grow our local defense establishments.
    John Neely Kennedy: Increase size of the military; increase spending for defense.
    Thomas Clements: Why do we need military bases in the Phillipines?
    David Vitter: Help defense budget, but follow the sequester.
    Ralph Abraham: Never forget our veterans: we owe them.
    Garret Graves: Maintain a numerically superior nuclear arsenal.
    Ralph Abraham: Maintain a numerically superior nuclear arsenal.
    Jeff Landry: End the war on terrorism by winning the war.
    Clay Higgins: Forgive passive visa overstays; deport aggressive illegals.
    Mike Johnson: Strengthen the border with drones, cameras and sensors.
    Foster Campbell: No pathway to citizenship without exiting US first.
    Foster Campbell: Grant citizenship to children of illegal immigrants.
    Thomas Clements: Annex Mexico economically to avoid immigration issues.
    David Vitter: Led Senate's Border Security and Enforcement First caucus.
    David Vitter: Block federal funds going to sanctuary cities.
    Ralph Abraham: No amnesty; seal the borders.
    Rob Maness: Send unaccompanied minors back to their country of origin.
    Garret Graves: Protect the border and prevent illegal entry.
    Ralph Abraham: Protect the border and prevent illegal entry.
    Jeff Landry: Enforce existing laws to close our borders.
    Charles Melancon: I have been a staunch hawk on immigration.
    Charles Melancon: Supports SCHIP, despite insuring illegal immigrant kids.
    David Vitter: TV ad: Melancon puts out a welcome sign for illegal aliens.
    Jay Dardenne: Don't increase enforcement against employers of illegals.
    John Bel Edwards: Pass a minimum wage bill, get it on my desk, I'll sign it.
    Antoine Pierce: Higher minimum wage; strengthen unions.
    Antoine Pierce: Raise the minimum wage.
    Antoine Pierce: Repeal Right to Work.
    Eddie Rispone: Raising minimum wage would hurt economy, contract jobs.
    Eddie Rispone: Lawsuit abuse is killing jobs because of insurance costs.
    Ralph Abraham: Increasing minimum wage hurts US economy.
    John Bel Edwards: Equal pay for women; enact minimum wage.
    John Bel Edwards: Close gender wage gap by ending corporate "pay secrecy".
    John Bel Edwards: Meaningful increase to the minimum wage.
    Foster Campbell: Raise the federal minimum wage.
    Ralph Abraham: Women deserve equal pay.
    Bobby Jindal: Equal Pay for Women, but only for state employees.
    John Bel Edwards: Equal Pay for Women, but only for state employees.
    Lance Harris: Against Equal Pay for Women Act for state employees.
Local Issues
    David Vitter: Create and fund coastal restoration master plan.
Principles & Values
    Adrian Perkins: Welcomes pastors praying during protest over police violence.
    Bill Cassidy: Despite church-vs-state, religious beliefs guide convictions.
    Adrian Perkins: Family taught me faith and hard work leads to accomplishment.
    Adrian Perkins: Bring Louisiana values of service, honesty, courage to DC.
    Adrian Perkins: Awarded Sam Cooke apology; posthumous Key to the City.
    Adrian Perkins: Hosted online interfaith prayer service.
    Antoine Pierce: Running because I have a heart for humanity.
    Antoine Pierce: Community organizer who understands real challenges.
    Adrian Perkins: Launched run for mayor while at Harvard Law School.
    John Bel Edwards: Faith plays a central role in his life and work.
    John Bel Edwards: Only Democratic governor in the Deep South.
    Clay Higgins: Freedom OF religion, not the freedom FROM religion.
    John Neely Kennedy: Belief in Jesus informs every decision I make.
    Thomas Clements: Why not keep God in the public sphere?
    Joseph Cao: First Vietnamese-American to serve in Congress.
    Rob Maness: Call out those who don't have interests of US & her citizens.
    John Neely Kennedy: I speak my mind, & some politicians call me a troublemaker.
    John Fleming: Passionate conservative: Obama doesn't share our values.
    John Bel Edwards: Four generations of sheriffs in family lineage.
    Bill Cassidy: Agrees to one runoff debate; more if Obama visits.
    Bill Cassidy: No-show at Senate debate.
    Garret Graves: Judeo-Christian framework is moral.
    Ralph Abraham: Judeo-Christian framework is moral; Shariah is a threat.
    Bill Cassidy: AdWatch: Receives ad money from billionaire Koch brothers.
    Rob Maness: Support Tea Party challenger for Senate Majority Leader.
    Buddy Roemer: Placed third in 1991 re-election bid.
    Buddy Roemer: Publicly described himself as "a church-going Methodist boy".
    David Vitter: OpEd: robo-response to "Did you break the law" with DC Madam.
    Charles Melancon: OpEd: Vitter broke the law, and lied about it, with DC Madam.
    Charles Melancon: Ran based on Vitter's integrity issue from call-girl scandal.
    John Neely Kennedy: Ran for US Senate in 2004 as Democrat; & endorsed John Kerry.
Social Security
    Bill Cassidy: Strengthen the trust fund and preserve it for the future.
    Foster Campbell: I do not support privatization of Social Security.
    Thomas Clements: Privatize Social Security at birth for newborns today.
    Jay Dardenne: Merge Elderly Affairs & Veterans Affairs into one department.
    John Neely Kennedy: Endorses voluntary private retirement savings accounts.
    Mary Landrieu: Credit immigrants for FICA paid while status was illegal.
Tax Reform
    John Bel Edwards: We can make tax reforms but they must be revenue neutral.
    Antoine Pierce: Tax cuts for poor & middle class.
    Ralph Abraham: Taxes kill jobs and sales tax killed Louisiana's economy.
    Bill Cassidy: Co-sponsored tax simplification for Gold Star families.
    Eddie Rispone: Yes on historic federal tax cuts; no on raising state taxes.
    John Bel Edwards: Reform tax structure or face $1.3B fiscal cliff in 2018.
    John Bel Edwards: Reduce sales tax; eliminate federal income tax deductibility.
    Clay Higgins: Eliminate the IRS; introduce 15% federal sales tax.
    Mike Johnson: Simpler, flatter and fairer tax code will spark new growth.
    Foster Campbell: Make sure the super-rich pay their fair share.
    Thomas Clements: Flat rate tax with across-the-board reduction.
    Bobby Jindal: Approved educational tax credit to offset tax increases.
    John Bel Edwards: Opposed empty tax credit to offset tax increases.
    Lance Harris: Approved educational tax credit to offset tax increases.
    Ralph Abraham: America has been taxed to the point of bankruptcy.
    Ralph Abraham: Tax code is outdated and it's leaking billions.
    Charles Melancon: Tax increase on wealthiest taxpayers but not middle-class.
    David Vitter: Permanent extension of all Bush tax cuts.
    John Neely Kennedy: Cut taxes & stop deficit-spending, to fight economic crisis.
    John Bel Edwards: Fund high speed, afford broadband for everyone in Louisiana.
    Adrian Perkins: Test technology innovations in smaller cities.
    John Bel Edwards: Gas tax to pay for transportation and coastal infrastructure.
    John Bel Edwards: Cut $7B in tax giveaways which cause unsafe roads & bridges.
War & Peace
    Bill Cassidy: Work with partners like Israel to combat terrorist threats.
    Clay Higgins: Iran is our enemy; revoke the Iran Deal.
    Clay Higgins: ISIS must be hunted, identified, and killed.
    Mike Johnson: Radical Islamic terrorism MUST be stopped.
    Foster Campbell: No American intervention in Iraq & Syria beyond air support.
    Thomas Clements: Help prevent genocide abroad, but not with U.S. lives.
    David Vitter: Iran advances their nuclear program while playing the US.
    David Vitter: Iran nuclear deal is non-binding and can be revoked.
    David Vitter: Military force against ISIS if Arab ground troops involved.
Welfare & Poverty
    Adrian Perkins: Supports UBI as "Mayors for a Guaranteed Income".
    Antoine Pierce: Advocate for universal basic income.

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