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NATO serves no US defense purpose; we should withdraw

The United States is committed by treaty to defend foreign nations in all parts of the world, and by agreements other than treaties to defend more. We call upon the President, and Congress, to immediately commence a systematic withdrawal from these treaties and agreements, each of which holds the potential to plunge America into war in some far-flung corner of the earth. NATO serves no defensive purpose for the United States, and this country should withdraw from it.
Source: Constitution Party Platform at 2020 Convention , May 2, 2020

Restore U.S. sovereignty over Panama Canal Zone

Under no circumstances should we have unilaterally surrendered our military base rights in Panama. We propose that the government of the United States restore and protect its sovereign right and exclusive jurisdiction of the Canal Zone in perpetuity and renegotiate the treaties with Panama by which the ownership of the canal was surrendered to Panama. It should be a priority goal of the President and Congress to insist on enforcement of that portion of the 1978 Panama Canal Neutrality Treaty which prohibits control of the entrances to the Panama Canal by any entity not part of the Republic of Panama or the United States of America. Similarly, Congress and the President should take advantage of Panama Canal treaty provisions to negotiate the return of a U.S. military presence at the Isthmus of Panama. At a time when the U.S. Navy is one-third its former size, it is essential that rapid transit of U.S. military vessels between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans be assured.
Source: 2012-2016 Constitution Party national platform , Nov 1, 2012

End international giveaways including IMF & foreign aid

Since World War II, the United States has engaged in the greatest international giveaway program ever conceived by man and is now spending billions of dollars each year to aid foreign nations. There is no constitutional basis for foreign aid. These expenditures have won us no friends and constitute a major drain on the resources of our taxpayers. Therefore, we demand that:
Source: 2012-2016 Constitution Party national platform , Nov 1, 2012

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