George Bush Sr. on Jobs

President of the U.S., 1989-1993; Former Republican Rep. (TX)


Just a scare tactic that jobs move south due to lower wages

PEROT: I asked [economic experts about NAFTA], "Why won't everybody go south?" They say, "It would be disruptive." I said, "For how long?" They said 12 to 15 years, until their jobs come up from $1 an hour to $6 an hour, and ours go down to $6 an hour. But in the meantime, you've wrecked the country.

BUSH: The thing that saved us in this global economic slowdown has been our exports, and what I'm trying to do is increase our exports. If, indeed, all the jobs were going to move south because of lower wages, there are lower wages now, and they haven't done that. I have just negotiated with the President of Mexico the North American free trade agreement, and the Prime Minister of Canada, I might add. I want to have more of these free trade agreements because export jobs are increasing far faster than any jobs that may have moved overseas. That's a scare tactic, because it's not that many. We want to have more jobs here, and the way to do that is to increase our exports.

Source: The Second Clinton-Bush-Perot Presidential Debate , Oct 15, 1992

Agenda for American Renewal: jobs program fro small business

Q: How would you get more people back into good jobs?

PEROT: Step 1: Clean up the small business problem. Second, you've got your big companies that are in trouble, including the defense industries. Have a third task force on new industries of the future.

CLINTON: This country desperately needs a jobs program. And my first priority would be to pass a jobs program, to introduce it on the first day I was inaugurated.

BUSH: Well, we've got a plan announced for what we can do for small business. I've already put forward things that will get this country working fast, some of which have been echoed here tonight: investment tax allowance, capital gains reduction, more on research and development, a tax credit for first-time homebuyers. As Ross said, we've got plans all over Washington. And I have put ours together in something called the Agenda for American Renewal. And it makes sense. It's sensible. It creates jobs. It gets to the base of the kind of jobs we need.

Source: The First Clinton-Bush-Perot Presidential Debate , Oct 11, 1992

20M jobs via tax cuts; R&D credits; & enterprise zones

Let's put these times in perspective. Together, since 1981, we've created almost 20 million jobs, cut inflation in half, and cut interest rates in half. We will get this recession behind us and return to growth soon.

Now, let's do more. My budget again includes tax-free family savings accounts; penalty-free withdrawals from IRA's for first-time home buyers; and to increase jobs and growth, a reduced tax for long-term capital gains.

We've prepared a detailed series of proposals that include: a budget that promotes investment in America's future--in children, education, infrastructure, space, & high technology; and a permanent tax credit to strengthen private R&D and to create jobs.

The budget also includes a plan of action right here at home to put more power and opportunity in the hands of the individual. And that means new incentives to create jobs in our inner cities by encouraging investment through enterprise zones.

Source: Pres. Bush's 1991 State of the Union message to Congress , Jan 29, 1991

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