Green Party on Civil Rights

Party Platform


Support International Bill of Rights for Women

The Green Party makes a strong and urgent call for U.S. passage of CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, which was adopted in 1979 by the UN General Assembly and ratified by 173 countries. It is also known as the Women's Convention, the Women's Bill of Rights, and an International Bill of Rights for Women. The United States is one of a very few countries and the only industrialized nation that has not ratified it.

We call for equal representation of women in Congress instead of the current 17% in 2012. We support the inclusion of an equal number of women and men in peace talks and negotiations, not only because these efforts directly affect their lives and those of their husbands, children and families, but also because when women are involved, the negotiations are more successful.

Source: Green Party Platform at 2020 Green National Convention , Jul 9, 2020

Recognize gay marriages & civil unions from abroad in visas

Source: Green Party Platform adopted by National Committee Jul. 2014 , Jul 31, 2014

Enact anti-hate crimes; repeal DADT