Green Party on Welfare & Poverty

Party Platform


Homeless Bill of Rights to address affordable housing crisis

One housing official in Silicon Valley, where five homeless people froze to death in December, reported that homelessness there is "the worst I have ever seen." The 1300-resident CCNV shelter in Washington DC is slated to close its doors in 2016. And hundreds of the homeless took to the streets in twelve cities on January 17 to protest for a "Homeless Bill of Rights", since Democrats and Republicans have refused to even talk about ending America's affordable housing crisis.
Source: Green Party response to 2014 State of the Union , Jan 30, 2014

Citizen Dividend: universal basic guaranteed income

Source: Green Party Platform adopted, July 12-15 2012 in Baltimore , Jul 15, 2012

End faith-based initiatives and charitable choice programs

We call for ending faith-based initiatives and charitable choice programs, using public funds.
Source: 2008 Green Party Platform from 2008 Chicago Convention , Jul 13, 2008

Negative income tax to keep all adults above poverty line

We call for a graduated supplemental income, or negative income tax, that would maintain all individual adult incomes above the poverty level, regardless of employment or marital status.
Source: Green Party Platform, at 2000 National Convention , Jun 25, 2000

Workfare is slave labor

Forcing welfare recipients to accept jobs that pay wages below a livable income (“a living wage”) drives wages down and exploits workers for private profit at public expense. We reject “workfare” as a form a slave labor.
Source: Green Party Platform, at 2000 National Convention , Jun 25, 2000

Restore federally funded welfare entitlement program

Source: Green Party Platform, at 2000 National Convention , Jun 25, 2000

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