Harry S Truman on Government Reform



As judge, rejected patronage jobs & business

After being elected judge, Truman bought new seat covers for his car. The man from whom he bought them offered to install the covers for free if he'd send him some county work. "I don't do business that way," said Truman curtly as he paid his bill.

When Jackson County voters passed a road-building bond issue, Judge Truman insisted that contracts go to low bidders. A group of road contractors who were used to getting road work as patronage protested. Truman [as a] newly elected judge wouldn't budge on his sealed-bid policy.

A new road built while Truman was in office trimmed a piece off his mother's farm. He refused to have Jackson County compensate her. "I'd have gotten $11,000 if my boy wasn't county judge," she told a reporter. Martha Truman never stopped griping about her son's ethical fastidiousness in this instance.

Source: The Wit & Wisdom of Harry Truman, by Ralph Keyes, p. 77 , Oct 12, 1999

Nation-wide presidential primaries favor wealthy candidates

"A national presidential primary would force a candidate to raise a huge sum of money in order to tour the country and make his good points known. No poor man or even one fairly well fixed could finance a national campaign. The money would have to be raised and contributed by the wealthy and the special interests. The nominee would become obligated to contributors, and that would not be good for the country."
Source: The Wit & Wisdom of Harry Truman, by Ralph Keyes, p. 37 , Jan 15, 1953

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