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Same-day voter registration promotes chaos & fraud

HR1, the For the People Act, federalizes and micromanages the election process administered by the states, imposing unnecessary and unwise mandates on the states and reversing the decentralization of the American election process. What HR1 Would Do:
Source: Heritage Action "The Facts About HR1" voting recommendation , Feb 1, 2019

Only incumbents and special interests oppose term limits

The only serious opponents of term limits are incumbent politicians and the special interests--particularly labor unions--that support them. The specter of term limits creates powerful emotional reactions in opponents, at least two elected legislators having publicly compared the term limits movement to Nazism. Such overheated rhetoric indicates both the threat that term limits poses to established special interests and the urgency of the battle for them.

Special interests oppose term limits because they do not want to lose their valuable investments in incumbent legislators. Many are organized to extract programs, subsidies, and regulations from the federal government--to use the law, in other words, as a lever to benefit their own constituencies or harm their rivals. Lobbyists will be decimated by term limits that force them to relearn the priorities of new Members and make arguments on the merits, not on the strength of personal connections.

Source: Heritage Action 2017 voting recommendation on Term Limits , Jan 26, 2017

Tort liability costs almost $1,000 for every US citizen

According to the Heritage Foundation, "Over the past 50 years, tort liability has increased more than a hundredfold, while the GDP has increased by a factor of only 37." "The total estimated cost for 2007 was $252 billion--almost $1,000 for every person in the country." But that is not the only cost. "Tort risks are the 2nd most important factor when a company decides where to relocate or expand operations or build a new plant or introduce a new product." That means: for almost every item that you and your family buy, "built into every price is a component to pay for liability insurance and lawsuit defense." That costs each American approximately $2,000 per year in hidden fees.

But there is yet another cost: that of stifled innovation, due to fear of punitive class-action lawsuits.

Source: Tea Party Patriots, by M.Meckler & J.B.Martin, p.163 , Feb 14, 2012

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