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Consumer safety laws from market fraud to radiation safety

When we act to advance the consumer's cause, I think we help every American. We enacted the Wholesome Meat Act, the Flammable Fabrics Act, the Product Safety Commission, and a law to improve clinical laboratories. The Senate has already passed the truth-in-lending bill, the fire safety bill, and the pipeline safety laws. I also urge final action on a measure that is already passed by the House to guard against fraud and manipulation in the Nation's commodity exchange market. And I think we must do more. I propose:
Source: Pres. Johnson's 1968 State of the Union message to Congress , Jan 17, 1968

1954: Increase penalties for anti-trust violations

Interest rates were reduced on farm loans and programs were instituted to cushion the shock to agriculture of natural disasters. The penalties were increased for anti-trust violations and greater protections against market manipulations were enacted for the commodity exchanges.
Source: The Lyndon Johnson Story, by Booth Mooney, p. 124 , Jun 1, 1964

Republican Party is single interest: business

To put it simply, I am a Democrat by conviction. The Democratic Party has more to offer the successive generation of this nation than has the other party.

The other party has always been the party of a single interest, This single interest, by which I mean Business, is a legitimate interest, and it is one which has contributed mightily to the growth of the US. It has a right to and deserves national representation. And there is room for it, or part of it, in the Democratic Party. But it can be only one of many interests. There its rights and privileges, and its duties, are considered alongside those of the farmer and rancher, the working man and the various rights and aspirations of the different sections of the country.

Source: Johnson article in The Johnson Story, by B.Mooney,p.xxi-xxii , Jun 1, 1958

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