Natural Law Party on Crime

Party Platform


A long-term focus on education will reduce crime

Support systematic, scientifically proven programs to reduce stress -- thus eliminating the root cause of crime. Target individuals who are at highest risk for crime -- the current prison inmate population -- through rehabilitation. Implement community policing. Revitalize our overcrowded urban centers. Introduce programs to reduce drug dependency. Support educational programs to keep children in school. The Natural Law Party’s strong educational focus is the true, long-term solution to crime.
Source: Natural Law Party’s “50-point Action Plan” , Nov 7, 2000

Meditation can help reduce stress, which causes crime

Current crime prevention programs overlook the devastation wrought by traumatic stress. To reduce crime, stress must be reduced in at-risk individuals. Scientific studies have shown that practicing Transcendental Meditation reduces stress and violence.
Source: Natural Law Party Platform 2000 , Nov 7, 2000

Death penalty is not an effective deterrent

Experience shows that capital punishment neither deters crime nor saves money. Although we support a strong penal code, especially for violent crimes, the current effort to extend the death penalty to include a wide range of crimes is a desperate reaction arising from deep frustration. We believe the national mood will shift away from an outcry for the harshest possible punishment and towards more compassionate solutions.
Source: Natural Law Party Platform 2000 , Nov 7, 2000

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