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OpEd: New norm: refuse to concede--even in landslides

An election in South Florida this week may serve as a marker for where the Republican Party stands in 2022. The Democratic winner, Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick won 79% of the vote and Republican Jason Mariner trails by over 32,000 votes. But Mariner said he will file a lawsuit.

This week's episode shows the Republican Party could be drifting toward a new norm of refusing to concede--even in landslides. In Washington state, the Republican candidate for governor refused to concede, even though results showed he lost by over 500,000 votes. Of course, Trump reiterated this week in an interview with NPR that he still wants to talk about how he believes the 2020 election was stolen from him.

These questions are some of the reasons why elections for Secretary of State, the official that typically administers elections in states, are among the most high-profile of the mid-term election year.

Source: Boston Globe on 2022 FL-20 House race , Jan 13, 2022

2021: it was an assault, 2022: it was not an insurrection

On January 7, 2021, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board was unequivocal:

This was an assault on the constitutional process of transferring power after an election. It was also an assault on the legislature from an executive sworn to uphold the laws of the United States.

By January 6, 2022, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board had adjusted its tune:

One lesson is that on all the available evidence Jan. 6 was not an "insurrection," in any meaningful sense of that word. It was not an attempted coup. The Justice Department and the House Select Committee have looked high and low for a conspiracy to overthrow the government, and maybe they will find it. So far they haven't.

[OnTheIssues note: WSJ's editorial opinion is representative of many Republican politicians on this issue].

Source: Esquire FactCheck on anniversary of Jan. 6 Riot , Jan 6, 2022

The media misleads against Trump and for Obama/Biden

Source: Republican Party Platform adopted at 2020 Convention , Aug 24, 2020

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