Rush Limbaugh on War & Peace

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Claimed WMDs in Iraq even after Bush admitted no WMDs

After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Limbaugh trumpeted Iraq's nonexistent weapons of mass destruction: "We're discovering WMDs all over Iraq."

Long after the Bush administration had admitted that there were no WMDs in Iraq, Limbaugh in 2006 announced his plan to "get out the truth on weapons of mass destruction," blaming "the obdurate stubbornness and blindness of the Democrats and the drive-by media" for the failure to promote what Limbaugh claimed was "the discovered news of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq." He said, "We've had a 3-year propaganda program and 'no weapons of mass destruction, none have been found.' The facts are coming out, and there's probably a lot more to be unclassified if somebody will just do it." The facts did come out, and Limbaugh was wrong once again. By 2009 he eventually admitted the truth when it no longer mattered: "No weapons of mass destruction of significance were found."

Source: The Most Dangerous Man in America, by J.K.Wilson, p.161-162 , Mar 1, 2011

Democrats want war in Iraq to fail

Did the Democrats want the war on Iraq to fail? They certainly did. They not only wanted the war in Iraq to fail, they proclaimed it a failure. There's Dingy Harry Reid waved a white flag. They called General Petraeus a liar before he even testified. Mrs. Clinton said she had to willingly suspend disbelief in order to listen to Patraeus. We're in the process of winning the war. The last thing they wanted was to win. They hoped George Bush failed.
Source: Speech to 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference , Feb 28, 2009

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