Mike Liffrig on Civil Rights

No experiments with marriage, our most precious institution

Today many of the foundations of our civilization are being attacked-marriage, family and the rule of law. If we fail to rise to the occasion, then our children will not inherit a functioning constitutional government. Their families and their relationships will flounder in confusion. And their marriage licenses will carry the spiritual significance of a building permit.

As we work our way through these crises, every point of view should be heard and represented in Washington. People from Massachusetts and San Francisco should send representatives who want to experiment with our most precious institutions, who believe that the best thing to do with laws they don't like is to ignore them. That is their right.

And people from places like North Dakota should send representatives who will fight in every possible way to strengthen traditional marriage & families, and who will work to get the government back within the bounds of the Constitution. That is our right

Source: DemocracyNet Issue Statements Aug 17, 2004

Discontinue affirmative action programs

Source: 2004 Congressional National Political Awareness Test Aug 15, 2004

Homosexual love can never be fruitful

In theory homosexual love could be total. It could be free. It could even be faithful. But what homosexual love can never be is fruitful. This is not arguable. We shouldn't turn our most precious institution upside down in order to meet the demands of a tiny group of radical homosexual leaders. Marriage as an institution is primarily about children. It is not a form of therapy. It is not a tool to be used for wringing more benefits out of the government.
Source: Campaign website, MikeLiffrig.com Jan 7, 2004

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