Tim Michels on Civil Rights

2004 former Republican Senate Challenger

No civil liberty violations via the Patriot Act

FEINGOLD: I found some things in [the PATRIOT Act] that were deeply troubling, opportunities for people to monitor your computer usage, to get into your home & your library records without any demonstration of a connection to terrorism.

MICHELS: We can talk about all these boogie men. There have been no civil liberty violations via the Patriot Act. There hasn't been a terrorist attack in this country in over 3 years and 8 al Qaeda cells have been broken up because of the Patriot Act.

Source: [Xref Feingold] WI Senate Debate, in Journal Sentinel Oct 20, 2004

Supports the Patriot Act and therefore against Feingold

"All of Congress came together to pass the Patriot Act except for Sen. Feingold," Michels said. Feingold has said he opposed the measure because it went too far in eroding civil liberties. Michels said that wasn't an acceptable position in a time of terrorism. "He voted no and that's really all that counts in the end," Michels said. Feingold responded, "Anybody who thinks that Patriot Act vote was a bad vote isn't listening to the people of Wisconsin, they're listening to consultants," he said.
Source: Associated Press in Fond du Lac Reporter Sep 15, 2004

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