Inez Tenenbaum on Tax Reform

Proposed a 2-cent sales tax increase to help with education

In 2003, the senators in South Carolina were looking at laying off teachers, doing away with summer school, doing away with our program to reduce class size, and one of the proposals was a temporary sales tax so that we could have the funds for education It didn't pass. But at the same time, DeMint proposed the highest property taxes in Greenville County's history to help the schools in Greenville County. So we both have gone on record as saying that schools need more resources.
Source: SC Senate debate on Meet The Press Oct 17, 2004

Flat income taxes mean raising taxes

Q: DeMint is eliminating the personal income tax. How are you so sure it would mean a tax increase?

A: HR 25, which DeMint co-sponsored, would put in place a 23 percent national sales tax. People would have to pay 23 percent on virtually everything they buy - clothing, food, prescription drugs, new cars, new houses, trips to the doctor, college room and board, tax on gasoline, on movie tickets, and the list is quite exhaustive. Now, he will give everyone a rebate and you really won't have to pay more taxes. But economists who've looked at this have said he will raise taxes on 95% of the people in South Carolina. He also will require under this bill state, local and federal governments to pay a 23% tax on everything the governments buy. So you'd have local and state taxes going up to pay for purchases. It also puts a 23% sales tax on the proceeds that go into our lottery. Right now our lottery pays for college scholarships as well as other educational funds.

Source: SC Senate debate on Meet The Press Oct 17, 2004

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