Larry Stafford on Social Security

Libertarian challenger

Social Security system as designed is fundamentally flawed

Q: Do you support Social Security Reform or Privatization?

A: There are two things that are absolutely certain about Social Security:

One is that the US government has pledged to provide for our nation’s senior citizens that have paid into the system all of their working lives and are relying on the benefits they were promised to maintain their standard of living. This is a debt that can not and must not be repudiated.

The other is that the Social Security system as designed is fundamentally flawed economically unsound, and completely irreparable. In spite of several past bail-outs and reductions of benefits, it is projected to be insolvent again by approx. 2029.

The Democrats pledge to “fix” Social Security and keep it in place as it now exists --in spite of the past failed efforts to repair the system. Republicans offer token proposals to “privatize” a small percentage of Social Security contributions which ignore the greater problem of ongoing insolvency.

Source: Senior Citizens League Guide to the 2008 US Senate Campaigns Oct 10, 2008

Sell SSA assets and replace system with private annuities

The Libertarian solution to the Social Security problem not only assures that benefits will continue without reduction, but also addresses the concerns of younger workers today: That Social Security will not be there when they reach retirement age.

The plan calls for the sale of all of the assets of the Social Security Administration: Buildings and real estate--thousand of buildings and properties across the country, as well as office equipment & vehicles--as well as pooling any remaining “cash” assets of the SSA. There would be an immediate savings of millions of dollars annually that is currently paid in the form of salaries to government bureaucrats employed by the SSA.

These assets would then be used to purchase annuities for all current Social Security recipients as well as those soon to retire. Unlike current Social Security payments--that can be reduced at ANY time by act of congress--these annuities would be underwritten by companies that deliver on their contracts.

Source: Senior Citizens League Guide to the 2008 US Senate Campaigns Oct 10, 2008

Privatize: control & operate your own plan

Q: Do you agree with the VoteMatch topic, “Privatize Social Security”?

A: Agree. Citizens that are “trapped” need to be “bought out,” and have private funds established on their behalf. All others need to be able to participate in an independently operated plan that they control & own.

Source: Email interview on 2008 Senate race with OnTheIssues.org Mar 13, 2008

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