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Keep Bush tax cuts during recession

Q: [To Conway] I want to ask about a change in your position on the Bush tax cuts. You told the Louisville Courier-Journal in April, "I would favor letting expire the majority of the Bush tax cuts." Now you want to extend all of them.

CONWAY: I was talking about the special interest provisions that allow companies to shift our jobs overseas. That's what I was focused on in that particular interview. We shouldn't be raising taxes in a time of recession, with 10% unemployment, with capital frozen on the sidelines. In 2002, when I was running for the US Congress, I was for the Bush tax cuts then. I was one of the few Democrats for them. And I think now we just ought to extend them.

PAUL: Well, you were for them before you were against them. At the Farm Bureau debate just a couple of months ago, you said you were bringing back the death tax.

CONWAY: No, I didn't.

PAUL: You specifically said you wouldn't take a 55% tax on estates. You said 45% with some exemptions.

CONWAY: I never said that.

Source: Fox News Sunday, 2010 Kentucky Senate debate , Oct 3, 2010

Every child born owes $38,000 of national debt

Every child in America starts his or her life owing over $38,000 of the national debt. Jack has a plan to save $430 Billion over the next ten years, without raising taxes. Jack's record as Attorney General demonstrates that he is the candidate voters can trust to get results when it comes saving taxpayers' money. Jack has saved Kentucky taxpayers over $200 million by taking on big drug and oil companies.
Source: 2010 Senate campaign website jackconway.org, "On The Issues" , Aug 31, 2010

Extend Bush tax cuts for 5 to 10 more years

President Obama has pushed for an extension of the Bush tax cuts for those making below $200,000. With some exceptions, this position has been echoed by Democrats on the Hill, who argue that the budget would take a major blow if the tax cuts for the wealthy are extended. On the campaign trail, it appears, the argument is a bit harder to make. Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has said that he favors keeping the current rates for "five, eight, maybe ten" additional years.
Source: Huffington Post, "Wants Bush Tax Cuts Extended For Wealthy" , Aug 19, 2010

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