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Claims Paul would end federal faith-based initiatives

Q: You say [with your TV ad claiming that Paul worshiped Aqua Buddha] you're not attacking his faith. You're just attacking his actions. But your commercial has a series of questions, and the only link between them is faith, saying his group mocked Christianity, made someone bow before a false idol, that he wants to end federal faith-based initiatives and deductions for religious charities. The only link between them is religion. That's not a coincidence.

CONWAY: Well, values matter. I don't think you should ever mock faith in any way at any age. And Rand Paul has said that the federal government doesn't need to be involved in faith-based initiatives. He's come for a 23% national sales tax that would do away with charitable deductions.

Q: The sales tax has nothing to do with faith. The issues in your ad all do.

CONWAY: I take him at his word on his faith.

Q: You believe he is a Christian?

CONWAY: Sure. I'm not questioning his faith. I'm questioning his actions.

Source: CNN "360 Degrees" coverage: 2010 Kentucky Senate debate , Oct 19, 2010

Faith-based programs instead of federal money

Paul praised the Teen Challenge program, which boasts a very high success rate among participants nationally who are able to hold down jobs and avoid relapsing after leaving the program. Paul said he liked the faith-based aspect of the program, which does not use federal money and gets most of its funding from donations and fundraising.
Source: Associated Press coverage of 2010 Kentucky Senate debate , Aug 23, 2010

Faith-based program funding competing with secular programs

Source: Congressional 2002 National Political Awareness Test , Nov 1, 2002

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