Steve Bullock on Environment



MT economy depends on hunting & fishing; let's fund LWCF

For the first time in its fifty year history, Congress failed to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund. LWCF funds have a significant impact on Montana's economy. Active outdoor recreation contributes more than $6.0 billion each year to the state's economy and supports 64,000 jobs. It's estimated that over 950,000 people hunt, fish, or watch wildlife in Montana each year, opportunities made possible in part by funding from the LWCF.
Source: State of the State speech to 2015 Montana legislature , Jan 28, 2015

Tackle the threat of invasive species

Governor Steve Bullock was joined by sportsmen, conservationists, and land managers as he signed an executive order improving and streamlining Montana's efforts to tackle the threat of invasive species in the state. The order establishes the Montana Invasive Species Council (MISC) to serve as the overarching council to combat invasive species in the state--both aquatic and terrestrial.

"Montanans cherish our outdoor recreation and spaces, and those spaces play a crucial role in our state's vibrant economy. It is imperative that we do everything we can to protect Montana from the threat of invasive species that disrupt our land, water, and native species," Bullock said. "None of us want another knapweed spreading across Montana."