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End the Occupation of Iraq

It is not in America's best interest to wait until "Iraqis stand up" before our troops leave. It is not in America's interest to support one group of Iraqis over other groups. If our troops leave, the Iraqi people will find their own leaders. They may not choose as we would, but they have the same right to self-determination as we do.

Having defeated Saddam & destroyed his army, it is time to declare victory and bring our troops home. Any delay must be solely to assure the safety of American troops.

Source: Campaign website, www.bruceguthrie.com, "Issues" Oct 26, 2006

Iraq is in civil war; bring the troops home

Q: What's your definition for an acceptable resolution in Iraq?

McGAVICK: We have got to win the war against radical Islamic terrorism. To suddenly withdraw from Iraq would give our enemy heart, and would give them a staging ground for terrorism against us.

GUTHRIE: Currently in Iraq we have a civil war. The Sunnis and the Shiites are battling each other in a blood feud. Saddam's dictatorship prevented that before. The only thing we can do to prevent that civil war from continuing is to set up a repressive regime that's almost as bad as the one we took out. The Iraqis want to control their own country. Our brave soldiers are doing their best, but we need to bring them home as quickly as is consistent with their safety.

CANTWELL: We do need to change the course in Iraq. To say that we're going to stay there as long as it takes, or even indicate that we're going to have permanent bases, is the wrong message to the Iraqi government.

Source: Washington Senate Debate hosted by KING-5 & Seattle Times Oct 17, 2006

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