Heidi Heitkamp on Energy & Oil



Tax incentives for renewables, particularly wind power

Q: Consider climate change a serious threat?

Kevin Cramer (R): No. Considered prominent skeptic. Has called climate change a religious belief.

Heidi Heitkamp (D): Yes. Voted for the amendment saying climate change was real & serious.

Q: Limit or tax production of greenhouse gases? Support US participation in Paris Climate Accord despite President Trump's withdrawal?

Cramer: No. Roll back automotive fuel standards. Called EPA greenhouse gas regulations "arbitrary & capricious." Paris Accord was a terrible agreement.

Heitkamp: Mixed. Criticized Obama Clean Power Act, pushed for carbon sequestration research so could keep using coal & gas. Supported Paris Accord participation.

Q: Renewable Energy: Support government subsidies for renewable energy?

Cramer: No. Incentivize US fuel production. Let green energy tax credits & deductions lapse.

Heitkamp: Advocates an all-of-the-above approach that includes tax incentives for renewables, particularly wind power.

Source: 2018 CampusElect.org Issue Guide on North Dakota Senate race , Oct 9, 2018

Right thing for country is to permit Keystone pipeline

Heitkamp stressed the importance for a long term policy that uses all resources and addressed the need for energy transmission. She said she believes President Obama has not done the right thing for the country by denying a permit for the Keystone pipeline and argued that she would stand up to him if elected.

Her opponent Rick Berg claims the problem lies in the senate and says he would work with both chambers of congress if elected to bring checks and balances to the EPA.

Source: KFYR-TV-5 Bismarck on 2012 N.D. Senate debates , Oct 11, 2012

Permit Keystone pipeline; "drill, baby, drill"

Heitkamp has pretty much disowned the Obama administration. She's been critical of the health care law, though she has said she wouldn't vote to repeal it. She's lambasted the president's decision not to permit the Keystone pipeline. She's been outspoken in her support of coal and oil development, even using the phrase "drill, baby, drill" in the single campaign debate so far.
Source: Grand Forks Herald on 2012 N.D. Senate debate , Sep 30, 2012

Use all our rich energy resources wisely

Today, as a director of the Dakota Gasification synfuels plant, she's a champion for North Dakota's energy industry. Heidi believes we need to use all of North Dakota's rich energy resources wisely, creating and keeping high-paying jobs right here.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website in AARP Senate Voter Guide , Aug 24, 2012

Director of Dakota Gas since 2001

Dakota Gas director since 2001; North Dakota Attorney General 1993-2000; North Dakota Tax Commissioner 1986-92; attorney, Office of the North Dakota State Tax Commissioner 1981-86, attorney, Environmental Protection Agency 1980-81; B.A. University of North Dakota, Grand Forks; J.D., Lewis and Clark Law School, Portland, OR.
Source: Corporate website, www.dakotagas.com, "Biographies" , Dec 1, 2011

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