Kevin Scott on Homeland Security


Border security and homeland security are one in the same

On illegal immigration: Right now, the current immigration crisis is putting our nation in peril. A nation without borders is not a sovereign nation. We must close and protect our borders before this problem worsens. Since these illegal immigrants are undocumented, it is impossible to know whether these immigrants are the next Mother Theresa or the next Osama bin Laden. The security of our borders and effective homeland security policy are one in the same. If we close and protect our borders, we further decrease the chances of another attack like 9/11 ever occurring. Blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants ignores the rule of law. Any path to citizenship for people who are in the U.S. illegally would require a written confession that they entered the country illegally, and require thousands of hours of community service. The law that allows "anchor babies" should be removed immediately.
Source: Press Kit, "On the Issues" Jun 5, 2006

Eliminate WMDs in US and Russia, to limit terrorist supply

We must continue what Reagan and Gorbachev began over 20 years ago, and move toward global reduction of weapons of mass destruction. Naturally, Russia still plays an essential role in any serious WMD reduction talks, and it is my hope that having attended diplomatic events in Russia and the U.S., combined with my Russian language skills, I would be able to once again get the U.S. and Russia working together in the war on terror. If the world multi-laterally eliminated 90% of WMDs, far fewer materials would be available to terrorist organizations. Quite simply, you can't use what doesn't exist and by eliminating the majority of these arsenals, we make our world a safer place. Re-initiating the ABM Treaty and improving relations with Russia would greatly improve stability in the Middle East, since the US would have far greater leverage to stop Russia from providing nuclear materials to Iran and other rogue states, which would benefit all Middle Eastern states, especially Israel.
Source: Press Kit, "On the Issues" Jun 5, 2006

Aggressively monitor terrorists but not US citizens

During a time of war, it is completely necessary to aggressively monitor terrorists, but we need to make absolutely sure that the same aggressiveness is not used on legal American citizens not suspected of terrorism.
Source: Email-interview with OnTheIssues.org Jan 1, 2006

Immediately deport all illegal immigrants

The flood of illegal immigrants not only poses a threat to national security but to the rule of law itself. The Department of Homeland Security must continue its recent policy of immediately deporting any illegal immigrant caught in the U.S. But recognizing that there are millions of illegal immigrants living and working in the U.S. who do indeed make a positive contribution to society, these immigrants should be given the opportunity to earn legal status.
Source: Campaign website, www.MassForScott.com, "Issues" Dec 31, 2005

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