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Kevin Scott on War & Peace


Opposed war until war started; then supported troops

On the war in Iraq: Prior to the Iraq War in 2003, I aggressively lobbied both Ted Kennedy and John Kerry to voice my opposition to the war. Once the war was initiated, I chose to support our troops, since the time for debate had passed, and in a time of war it is necessary to support our military. My emphatic warnings at the time were that the U.S. had not built the alliances necessary to go to war, and that without such alliances the decision to go to war was ill conceived. I got a letter from John Kerry supporting the war, and ignoring my pleas. Our 41st President built a strong coalition with other nations before going to war, our 43rd President should have followed his example.

We need to enable the Iraqi military so Iraq can govern itself, and then initiate the process of bringing our troops home, much of the training of Iraqi military and Police can be done by flying the Iraqi personnel to training facilities outside of Iraq, thus exposing U.S. troops to a greatly lessened level of danger

Source: Press Kit, "On the Issues" Jun 5, 2006

Insure against terrorists getting nuclear materials

We need to work harder to insure that terrorists cannot obtain WMD's, especially the materials in America and Russia.
Source: Email-interview with Jan 1, 2006

Partner with Europe & Russia in war on terror

We need partners to win the war on terror, and it is in the best interest of the U.S., Europe, Russia, and the Middle East that we work together to defeat terrorism.
Source: Email-interview with Jan 1, 2006

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