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Oppose ethanol subsidy as a matter of conservative principle

Mourdock leveled the provocative charge that Lugar's ethanol policies are driving up prices at the pump, now at $3.85 a gallon in the state. "Most of us, especially as Republicans, object to mandates from the federal government," Mourdock said. "And yet suddenly we saw more ethanol being mandated into our gasoline."

Just a few years ago, Mourdock's stance would have been heresy for a candidate in a farm state. Even though the state actually farms more acres of soybeans these days, corn has long been integral to Indiana's self-image. Gov. Mitch Daniels and the candidates for governor are generally supportive of ethanol. Lugar, himself a farmer, has long taken the stance that what's good for corn is good for the state. But that argument has less and less support from Republicans these days. The industry, meanwhile, believes it is finally becoming competitive on its own terms. Mourdock, who has been endorsed by the Tea Party Express, outlines his stance as a matter of conservative principle.

Source: Huffington Post on 2012 Indiana Senate debate , Apr 12, 2012

FactCheck: No, ethanol additive lowers gasoline price

Mourdock claimed that Lugar's pro-ethanol policies are driving up gas prices at the pump. Is that claim true?

Mourdock may be influenced by his work as a coal geologist in the oil and coal industries. The Lugar campaign has attacked him for holding up to $350,000 in stock in another alternative energy source, coal gas.

A 2011 PolitiFact report on whether ethanol reduces the price of gas, found that it depends on how high the price of oil is. With high gas prices today, ethanol producers have a better argument than usual that their product actually keeps the price of gas down. But at the same time, ethanol may also drive up the prices of many food products by creating more demand for corn, and have untold environmental costs.

The director of the Indiana Ethanol Producers Association quickly jumped on Mourdock's claims about ethanol. "I've never seen ethanol really go much above $3 a gallon, and right now, it's trading at $2.25. It's a low cost additive to gasoline," he said.

Source: PolitiFact.com 2012 Senate FactCheck: Indiana debate , Apr 12, 2012

Ethanol mandates lead to high gas prices

Mourdock was strong and focused when it came to economic issues. He criticized the Obama administration on several occasions. Federal regulations, including one mandating the use of corn-based ethanol, he said, have led to high gas prices, he said. He also advocated for more domestic oil drilling. Lugar countered that the ethanol requirement helps state corn farmers, and said that gas prices are decreasing thanks to a relative calming of Middle East tensions.
Source: RealClearPoitics.com coverage of 2012 Indiana Senate debates , Apr 12, 2012

High gas prices come from federal mandates like ethanol

When Mourdock blamed high gas prices on government regulation and an ethanol mandate that Lugar supported, the Senator fired back. "Ethanol makes the overall prices go down and furthermore, it's a Hoosier product with Hoosier's producing it on farms that meant higher values for corn and higher land values for this state," said Lugar.
Source: 14 News WFIE Evansville on 2012 Indiana Senate debate , Apr 11, 2012

No subsidies for alternative energy

Q: What is your view on the statement, "Replace coal & oil with alternatives"?

A: No alternative energy source is truly an alternative if it must be subsidized by the federal government to be economically viable. I support the development of additional domestic energy resources.

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues on 2012 Senate race , Sep 1, 2011

Cap-and-trade has no impact on global temperatures.

Mourdock signed the Contract From America

The Contract from America, clause 2. Reject Cap & Trade:

Stop costly new regulations that would increase unemployment, raise consumer prices, and weaken the nation's global competitiveness with virtually no impact on global temperatures.

Source: The Contract From America 10-CFA02 on Jul 8, 2010

Explore proven energy reserves & keep energy prices low.

Mourdock signed the Contract From America

The Contract from America, clause 8. Pass an 'All-of-the-Above' Energy Policy:

Authorize the exploration of proven energy reserves to reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources from unstable countries and reduce regulatory barriers to all other fo

Source: The Contract From America 10-CFA08 on Jul 8, 2010

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