Richard Tarrant on Homeland Security


We must remain ever vigilant to end terrorism

Q: What do you think about America's war on terrorism?

A: A worldwide network of sophisticated terrorist operators exists. We must remain ever vigilant and continue to allocate resources to intelligence and counter-terrorism efforts in order to bring an end to terrorism. We need to restore funds taken from human intelligence agencies immediately prior to 9-11, as well as develop new technological devices for early detection and immediate retribution to those who would harm us.

Source: Campaign website, www.tarrant06.com, "Issues" Jun 24, 2006

We must sacrifice some rights & privacy in times of war

Tarrant says Americans must be willing to give up some of their liberties in times of war if the country is to remain strong. Tarrant says, "I think in general the Patriot Act and now the phone issue - keep in mind that this happens in just about every war we have a Congress and the President at odds about power. And I think in general, over time, we find that Americans are willing to give up some of their privacy for protection, knowing they can get that privacy back at the end of the war."

Tarrant says the security of the country has to be one of the highest priorities in a time of war. Tarrant says, "I think it's a matter of balance. I don't want to lose all rights but I'd be willing to sacrifice some rights for security. Two aspects of the Constitution that are seemingly at odds. It's a good thing to publicly debate that." Tarrant admits that the war on terrorism is different from previous conflicts and he says it may be difficult to know exactly when the war has been won.

Source: Bob Kinzel series of interviews on Vermont Public Radio Jun 5, 2006

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