Russell Feingold on Energy & Oil

Democratic Jr Senator (WI)


Climate change is real and we need to address it

Q: Do you believe the role of the U.S. government should be assisting in the transition to clean renewable energy?

Russ Feingold: Climate change is real and we need to address it. I am dedicated to protecting our air, water, and public lands, and to supporting efforts to address the reality of climate change. Wisconsin's tradition of conservation is not just about protecting our environment, it's also about protecting the health and well-being of current and future generations. This work will require our state to be an active partner with the federal government to make this a plan that truly serves the people of Wisconsin.

Source: LWV's Vote411.org on 2016 Wisconsin Senate Race , Sep 19, 2016

2003 "4P": use Clean Air Act to reduce coal plant pollutants

Ron Johnson does not accept the science of climate change. His Senate website states, "Man-made global warming remains unsettled science," despite the fact that 975 of scientists agree that recent warming is very likely due to human activities. Johnson claimed sunspots are the cause of global warming.

By comparison, Feingold accepts the science and has consistently voted and spoken out for action. Feingold has said, "Climate change is real and we need to address it." In 2003 Feingold sponsored so-called "4P" legislation, which would have used the Clean Air Act to reduce four pollutants at coal-fired power plants, including carbon. Feingold opposed efforts that would have undone the EPA's endangerment finding and stopped efforts to address carbon pollution, explaining that "would have stalled our march toward energy independence through more efficient vehicles, alternative fuels and renewable energy, all of which can spur new American jobs."

Source: Huffington Post coverage of 2016 Wisconsin Senate race , May 28, 2015

Voted YES on protecting middle-income taxpayers from a national energy tax.