Thomas Kean Jr. on Immigration


Illegal migration is a significant national security concern

In the wake of 9/11, Tom Kean believes that illegal migration is a significant national security concern. While the majority of illegal migrants crossing our borders are coming for economic purposes, the threat of a terrorist entering the United States through our northern or southern borders necessitates immediate action. Tom Kean believes that legal immigration is important for the future of our nation and we must encourage it. However, illegal migration that is left uncontrolled and unchecked threatens both our national and economic security. Tom believes that we can pass legislation through the congress that would respect both our immigrant heritage as well as our legal values that have stood as the framework of our national history. Tom Kean strongly disagrees with President Bush's immigration plan and would have voted against the bill recently passed by the United States Senate that granted amnesty for those who have broken our laws and entered our country illegally.
Source: New York Times Election Profiles Oct 8, 2006

Menendez' soft voting record on immigration is dangerous

Q: Should illegal immigrants be forcibly deported?

MENENDEZ: An enforcement-only approach-which Kean now supports-has not worked. But last spring, Kean called for a path towards legal status for illegal immigrants if they paid a fine-similar to the bi-partisan bill I voted for. However, just two weeks later, Kean said the legislation should include deporting all undocumented immigrants. Making a felon of anyone undocumented would bring about the most massive roundup and deportation in the history of the world.

KEAN: Menendez voted against hiring 10,000 new border agents; voted against a security fence across the US-Mexico border; and voted against enhancing sentences for illegal aliens convicted of a violent crime. That's a dangerous voting record. My immigration stance can be summed up in two sentences:

Source: Hall Institute N.J. Senate Virtual Debate (X-ref Menendez) Sep 24, 2006

Stronger borders, no amnesty for illegals

Tom Kean Jr. called on Congress to tighten security at America's borders, establish a national registry of legal immigrant workers and require 11 million-plus illegal immigrants to pay a $2,000 fine, back taxes and "go to the back of the line" to be considered for a work visa. Kean said, "I do not support a blanket amnesty for any individual who has broken our laws." Kean said the most critical piece of his immigration reform is securing the borders.
Source: Deborah Howlett, Newark Star-Ledger May 1, 2006

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