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    This page contains bill sponsorships in the Senate and House. Bill sponsorships indicate the topics that legislators are most interested in, and spend the most time on.

13-S0084 on Jan 23, 2013

Bill Sponsorship: Paycheck Fairness Act
Source: S.84&H.R.377
    Congress finds the following:
  1. Women have entered the workforce in record numbers over the past 50 years.
  2. Despite the enactment of the Equal Pay Act in 1963, many women continue to earn significantly lower pay than men for equal work. These pay disparities exist in both the private and governmental sectors. In many instances, the pay disparities can only be due to continued intentional discrimination or the lingering effects of past discrimination.
  3. The existence of such pay disparities depresses the wages of working families who rely on the wages of all members of the family to make ends meet; and undermines women's retirement security.
  4. Artificial barriers to the elimination of discrimination in the payment of wages on the basis of sex continue to exist decades after the enactment of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. These barriers have resulted because the Equal Pay Act has not worked as Congress originally intended.
  5. The Department of Labor and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have important and unique responsibilities to help ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work.
  6. The Department of Labor is responsible for investigating and prosecuting equal pay violations, especially systemic violations, and in enforcing all of its mandates.
  7. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the primary enforcement agency for claims made under the Equal Pay Act.
  8. With a stronger commitment [to enforcement], increased information on wage data and more effective remedies, women will be better able to recognize and enforce their rights.
  9. Certain employers have already made great strides in eradicating unfair pay disparities in the workplace and their achievements should be recognized.

Also see the related House of Representatives bills H.R.377 and 2009 S.182.

    Participating counts on VoteMatch question 2. Question 2: Legally require hiring women & minorities Scores: -2=Strongly oppose; -1=Oppose; 0=neutral; 1=Support; 2=Strongly support.
  • Topic: Civil Rights
  • Headline: Enforce against wage discrimination based on gender (Score: 2)
  • Headline 2: Sponsored enforcing against gender-based wage discrimination (Score: 2)

  • Key for participation codes:
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  • Surveys: '+' supports; '-' opposes.

Democrats participating in 13-S0084

Tammy Baldwin s1oWI Democratic ChallengerJan 30, 2013
Max Baucus s1oMT Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014)Apr 10, 2013
Mark Begich s1oAK Democratic Jr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Michael Bennet s1oCO Democratic Jr SenatorFeb 7, 2013
Richard Blumenthal s1oCT Democratic Sr SenatorFeb 7, 2013
Cory Booker s1oNJ Democratic ChallengerMar 27, 2014
Barbara Boxer s1oCA Democratic Jr Senator (retiring 2016)Jan 23, 2013
Sherrod Brown s1oOH Democratic Sr SenatorJan 24, 2013
Maria Cantwell s1oWA Democratic Jr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Benjamin Cardin s1oMaryland DemocratJan 23, 2013
Bob Casey s1oPA Democratic Sr Senator; previously state treasurerJan 30, 2013
Chris Coons s1oDE Democratic Jr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Mo Cowan s1oMA Democratic AppointeeFeb 12, 2013
Joe Donnelly s1oIN Democratic ChallengerApr 15, 2013
Richard Durbin s1oIL Democratic Sr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Dianne Feinstein s1oCA Democratic Sr SenatorFeb 12, 2013
Al Franken s1oMN Democrat/DFL Jr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Kirsten Gillibrand s1oNew York DemocratJan 23, 2013
Kay Hagan s1oNC Democratic Jr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Tom Harkin s1oIA Democratic Jr Senator (retiring 2014)Jan 23, 2013
Martin Heinrich s1oNew Mexico Democrat (Senate run 2012)Jan 23, 2013
Heidi Heitkamp s1oND Democratic ChallengerFeb 12, 2013
Mazie Hirono s1oHawaii Democrat (Senate run 2012)Jan 23, 2013
Tim Johnson s1oSD Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014)Jan 30, 2014
Tim Kaine s1oVA Democratic ChallengerMar 7, 2013
Amy Klobuchar s1oMN Democrat/DFL Sr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Mary Landrieu s1oLA Democratic Sr SenatorFeb 4, 2013
Frank Lautenberg s1oNJ Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014)Jan 23, 2013
Patrick Leahy s1oVT Democratic Sr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Carl Levin s1oMI Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014)Jan 23, 2013
Joe Manchin III s1oWV Democratic SenatorJan 31, 2013
Claire McCaskill s1oMO Democratic Sr Senator; previously state AuditorJan 23, 2013
Robert Menendez s1oNew Jersey DemocratJan 29, 2013
Jeff Merkley s1oOR Democratic Jr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Barbara Mikulski s2pMD Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring 2016)Jan 23, 2013
Chris Murphy s1oConnecticut Democrat (Senate run 2012)Jan 29, 2013
Patty Murray s1oWA Democratic Sr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Bill Nelson s1oFL Democratic Sr SenatorMar 31, 2014
Mark Pryor s1oAR Democratic Sr SenatorMar 25, 2014
Jack Reed s1oRI Democratic Sr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Harry Reid s1oNV Democratic Sr Senator (Retiring 2016)Mar 14, 2013
Bernie Sanders s1oPOTUS Democratic Presidential candidateJan 23, 2013
Brian Schatz s1oHI Democratic Jr Senator AppointeeSep 11, 2013
Charles Schumer s1oNY Democratic Sr SenatorFeb 4, 2013
Jeanne Shaheen s1oNH Democratic Sr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Debbie Stabenow s1oMI Democratic Jr SenatorJan 23, 2013
Jon Tester s1oMT Democratic Jr SenatorApr 11, 2013
Mark Udall s1oCO Democratic Sr Senator; previously RepresentativeJan 23, 2013
Tom Udall s1oNew Mexico Democrat (Senate 2008)Jan 23, 2013
John Walsh s1oMT Democratic Senate ChallengerJul 15, 2014
Mark Warner s1oVA Democratic Sr Senator; previously GovernorJul 15, 2013
Elizabeth Warren s1oMA Democratic ChallengerJan 29, 2013
Sheldon Whitehouse s1oRI Democratic Jr Senator, previously attorney generalJan 23, 2013
Ron Wyden s1oOR Democratic Sr SenatorJan 23, 2013

Republicans participating in 13-S0084

Independents participating in 13-S0084

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