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    This page contains bill sponsorships in the Senate and House. Bill sponsorships indicate the topics that legislators are most interested in, and spend the most time on.

15_H631 on Jan 30, 2015

Bill Sponsorship: H.R.631 & S.352
Source: EACH Act
Congressional Summary: To provide an additional religious exemption from the individual health coverage mandate. This Act may be cited as the 'Equitable Access to Care and Health Act' or the 'EACH Act'. The 'Religious Conscience Exemption' exempts individuals who are members of a recognized religious sect which relies solely on a religious method of healing, and for whom the acceptance of medical health services would be inconsistent with their religious beliefs.

Supporters reasons for voting YEA: (TheHill.com weblog, April 29, 2013): "We believe the EACH Act balances a respect for religious diversity against the need to prevent fraud and abuse," wrote Reps. Aaron Schock (R-IL) and William Keating (D-MA). "It is imperative we expand the religious conscience exemption now as the Administration is verifying the various exemptions to the individual mandate," they wrote. Religious exemption from ObamaCare has come up before, including contraception. The EACH Act, however, deals only with exemptions from the insurance mandate.

Opponents reasons for voting NAY: (CHILD, Inc. "Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty", Dec. 2014): The Christian Science church is pushing hard to get another religious exemption through Congress. The EACH Act exempts everyone with "sincerely held religious beliefs" from the mandate to buy health insurance. We are particularly concerned about uninsured children: hundreds of American children have died because of their family's religious objections to medical care. The EACH Act increases the risk to children in faith-healing sects and the cost to the state if the children do get medical care. Some complain that their church members should not have to pay for health care that they won't use. But insurance works on the assumption that many in the pool of policyholders will not draw from it. Most people with fire insurance don't have their homes burn, for example. Also see equivalent Senate bill S.352

Updated with H.R.1201 - EACH Act (115th Congress, 2017-2018)

    Participating counts on VoteMatch question 5. Question 5: Expand ObamaCare Scores: -2=Strongly oppose; -1=Oppose; 0=neutral; 1=Support; 2=Strongly support.
  • Topic: Health Care
  • Headline: Religious exemption from ObamaCare individual mandate (Score: -2)
  • Headline 2: Religious exemption from ObamaCare individual mandate (Score: -2)

    Participating counts on AmericansElect question 3.
  • Headline: Religious exemption from ObamaCare individual mandate (Answer: D)
  • Headline 2: Religious exemption from ObamaCare individual mandate (Answer: D)
  • AmericansElect Quiz Question 3 on Healthcare: When you think about healthcare reform in the United States, which of the following solutions is closest to your opinion?
    • A: The Government should be the sole provider of healthcare insurance
    • B: The Government should have a major role in providing healthcare insurance
    • C: The Government should have a limited role in providing healthcare insurance
    • D: Only private companies should provide healthcare insurance
    • E: Unsure

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  • Surveys: '+' supports; '-' opposes.

Democrats participating in 15_H631

Ami Bera s1oCalifornia DemocratMar 4, 2015
Cheri Bustos s1oIllinois DemocratMar 4, 2015
Matt Cartwright s1oPennsylvania DemocratJan 30, 2015
Peter Defazio s1oOregon DemocratJan 30, 2015
Suzan DelBene s1oWashington DemocratJan 30, 2015
Elizabeth Esty s1oConnecticut DemocratFeb 26, 2015
Bill Foster s1oIllinois DemocratMar 4, 2015
Lois Frankel s1oFlorida DemocratMar 4, 2015
Jim Himes s1oConnecticut DemocratJan 30, 2015
Mike Honda s1oCalifornia DemocratJan 30, 2015
Bill Keating s1oMassachusetts DemocratFeb 17, 2017
Derek Kilmer s1oWashington DemocratMar 4, 2015
James Langevin s1oRhode Island DemocratFeb 26, 2015
Barbara Lee s1oCalifornia DemocratMar 16, 2015
Dan Lipinski s1oIllinois DemocratJan 30, 2015
Zoe Lofgren s1oCalifornia DemocratFeb 26, 2015
Jerry McNerney s1oCalifornia DemocratMar 4, 2015
Richard Neal s1oMassachusetts DemocratMar 16, 2015
Collin Peterson s1oMinnesota Democrat/Farmer/LaborJan 30, 2015
Chellie Pingree s1oMaine DemocratJan 30, 2015
Mark Pocan s1oWisconsin DemocratJan 30, 2015
Jared Polis s1oCO Democratic candidate for Colorado GovernorJan 30, 2015
Raul Ruiz s1oCalifornia DemocratNov 28, 2017
Bobby Rush s1oIllinois DemocratFeb 26, 2015
Louise Slaughter s1oNew York DemocratMar 4, 2015
Dina Titus s1oNevada DemocratJan 30, 2015
Niki Tsongas s1oMassachusetts DemocratJan 30, 2015

Republicans participating in 15_H631

Mark Amodei s1oNevada RepublicanMar 16, 2015
Lou Barletta s1oPA Former Republican candidate for Pennsylvania GovernorJan 30, 2015
Marsha Blackburn s1oTennessee RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Kevin Brady s1oTexas RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Mo Brooks s1oAlabama RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Michael Burgess s1oTexas RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Mike Coffman s1oColorado RepublicanJul 10, 2018
Paul Cook s1oCalifornia RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Ander Crenshaw s1oFlorida RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Rodney Davis s1oIllinois RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Blake Farenthold s1oTexas RepublicanJan 30, 2015
John Faso s1oNew York RepublicanJul 16, 2018
Bob Goodlatte s1oVirginia RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Kay Granger s1oTexas RepublicanMar 18, 2015
Glenn Grothman s1oWisconsin Republican House MemberMar 18, 2015
Brett Guthrie s1oKentucky RepublicanFeb 26, 2015
Jeb Hensarling s1oTexas RepublicanFeb 10, 2015
Jaime Herrera s1oWashington RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Bill Huizenga s1oMichigan RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Randy Hultgren s1oIllinois RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Lynn Jenkins s1oKansas RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Bill Johnson s1oOhio RepublicanFeb 26, 2015
Dave Joyce s1oOhio RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Mike Kelly s1oPennsylvania RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Adam Kinzinger s1oIllinois RepublicanJul 23, 2018
Doug LaMalfa s1oCalifornia RepublicanMar 4, 2015
Michael McCaul s1oTexas RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Patrick Meehan s1oPennsylvania RepublicanMar 16, 2015
Markwayne Mullin s1oOklahoma RepublicanFeb 26, 2015
Pete Olson s1oTexas RepublicanFeb 4, 2015
Erik Paulsen s1oMinnesota RepublicanMar 4, 2015
Reid Ribble s1oWisconsin RepublicanFeb 26, 2015
Martha Roby s1oAlabama RepublicanFeb 4, 2015
Phil Roe s1oTennessee RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Dana Rohrabacher s1oCalifornia RepublicanMay 17, 2018
Todd Rokita s1oIN Republican candidate for Indiana U.S. SenatorJan 30, 2015
Keith Rothfus s1oPennsylvania RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Aaron Schock s2pIllinois Republican (resigned 2015)
David Schweikert s1oArizona RepublicanJul 18, 2018
James Sensenbrenner s1oWisconsin RepublicanJun 1, 2018
Pete Sessions s1oTexas RepublicanJan 30, 2015
John Shimkus s1oIllinois RepublicanJul 16, 2018
Mike Simpson s1oIdaho RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Lamar Smith s1oTexas RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Chris Stewart s1oUtah RepublicanMar 16, 2015
Steve Stivers s1oOhio RepublicanMar 4, 2015
Glenn Thompson s1oPennsylvania RepublicanMar 18, 2015
Pat Tiberi s1oOhio RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Scott Tipton s1oColorado RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Mike Turner s1oOhio RepublicanMar 16, 2015
Ann Wagner s1oMissouri RepublicanMar 16, 2015
Rob Wittman s1oVA Republican 2017 Gubernatorial candidateJan 30, 2015
Steve Womack s1oArkansas RepublicanJan 30, 2015
Don Young s1oAlaska RepublicanFeb 26, 2015

Independents participating in 15_H631

Mick Mulvaney s1oSC Budget DirectorJan 30, 2015

Total recorded by OnTheIssues:

Democrats: 27
Republicans: 54
Independents: 1

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