Mike McGavick on Abortion


No partial-birth; no taxpayer funding; yes parental consent

Q: What's your position on abortion?

GUTHRIE: I believe you have the right to medical freedom. You get to choose the procedures that you undergo, not politicians. Your individual right translates into a woman's right for reproductive freedom. I'm pro-choice.

McGAVICK: I'm in the middle of the two extremes on this issue. I don't believe that partial birth abortion should be used as a loophole to allow abortion at any time. I do not believe that the taxpayers should be forced to pay for abortion. With underage pregnancies, parents have a right to be involved with that decision. Within these boundaries, I believe choice should exist. My opponent is of a more extreme view, that women and children and taxpayers should all be involved.

CANTWELL: I support Roe v. Wade. It has been the law of the land for 30 years. More importantly, it has been voted on, by initiative, ad adopted by the people of this state.

Source: Washington Senate Debate hosted by KING-5 Oct 17, 2006

No constitutional ban; but numerous other restrictions

I believe that the choice should exist and therefore do not support a constitutional ban on the practice. However,[we should] work to change the hearts and minds of those who would seek an abortion - to show them that there are other options available. I support parental notifications, a ban on partial birth abortion, and a restriction on federal spending for abortion related services. The fact remains that this deeply personal issue needs to remain personal and the choice should exist."
Source: Email from campaign reported on abortionstate.blogspot.com Mar 23, 2006

Parental notification yes; partial birth abortion no

Q: Is McGavick pro-choice?

A: Mike would not support a constitutional amendment banning abortion as he doesn't see it doing anything productive in his mind. He does support parental notification and a ban on partial birth abortion.

Q: Your answer appears to be somewhat of a dodge.

A: I can understand how his response may seem like a dodge. I assure you though, it is not. Yes, it is an uncommon response because it does not place him directly on one side or the other of the issue. Hence, the reason he does not like to label himself with either side's title - pro-life or pro-choice. He honestly believes in the restrictions I mentioned. However, he does not honestly believe a constitutional amendment banning the practice is right. In holding these three opinions many people call him pro-choice because he doesn't support the ban. But, many people call him pro-life because he supports many restrictions. I wish I could give you a simplistic answer but the issue for us is complicated.

Source: Email from campaign reported on abortionstate.blogspot.com Mar 23, 2006

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